PS, V1, Chapter 9: New Cards

I’m seriously considering trying to publish this book on Kindle once I finish editing it completely. The main annoying problem is that it takes forever for me to find an artist and for them to make a decent cover photo lol. Regardless, when I’m going through and editing these chapters, I barely have to ‘fix’ anything at all. It would be rather simple to put it into a document and then turn that into something to publish :).

Anyway, for those who were guessing what card he would get from the achievement…


[Creature: Iris Angelica Healy
ID Code: Anael-CC1
Type: Hero
Rarity: Rare
Mana Cost: 2
Description: Summon a human who died and was resurrected in Hell. Iris was once a young and naive girl on Earth, but when her sister was kidnapped, kept as a sex slave and eventually burned to death… Something inside of her snapped. She became obsessed with revenge and hunted down many of the people involved in her sister’s death, torturing and murdering them. Eventually, she was burned to death in a fire, along with many of the men who raped and tortured her sister Alicia. After dying, her Soul was captured and taken to Wrath, the sixth planet in the Asura System. Once she finally earned her freedom, she returned to Earth to continue the hunt… Iris has the Power to control the minds of those weaker than herself. She is also a vicious killer and can utilize many types of conventional weaponry. Although she can be Summoned with Equipment Cards, she does possess some basic leather clothing and a blank white mask. Be careful that you don’t fall under her Compulsion Power. Every time she uses her Compulsion, her body becomes weaker. Unless healed, she will die within 2 days of being played.]

The picture was of a woman wearing a tight black leather jacket with a hood. Although her face was covered by an eerie blank white mask, it was possible to see her bright-green irises and long, wavy orange hair.

“Wow… First I get a crazy nudist bastard, now I got a psychotic bitch with mind-control powers. Definitely not gonna make the mistake of Summoning her on Earth.” Matthew signed, then asked “Do I really have to go back to reality in order to get my level-two card-pack?”

[Not necessarily. You must have a stable internet connection and be synchronized with a Public Server.]

“If I gotta do that, then what’s the difference between just going back to reality?” He muttered, then realized “Oh yeah, I’m sleeping right now. Huh, okay then, synchronize?”

[Synchronizing now… Synchronization complete.]

Instead of a still picture of him laying on the hospital bed, Matthew could see that he was breathing normally. After he exited out of that window, he saw nine card packs pop up on the screen. He looked at them for a moment and then asked “Is there any way I can get a description of what kinda cards might be inside?”

[Very well.]

[Old Earth History: Contains people, places and things from Earth’s historical records.]

[Old Earth Nature: Contains animals, plants and places from Earth’s historical records of nature.]

[Arcana’s Games: Contains magical artifacts and spells, often related to luck or games of chance.]

[Michael’s Disasters: Contains Creatures, Items, Spells and Structures from the various misadventures of Michael Cinagra and his Companions.]

[Kitsune Tales: Contains many helpful cards for survival and evolution.]

[Uriel’s Creations: Contains various magical and non-magical advanced biological organisms, including many pathogens and cures for diseases. Great for those who enjoy genetic modifications.]

[Azrael’s Workshop: Contains all sorts of technologies, mostly non-magical. Includes Steam-Punk robots and extremely advanced androids.]

[Dao of Genesis: Contains magical cultivation techniques and weaponry, along with various advanced magical lifeforms and cultivators. Includes mystical herbs, potions, spacial treasures and other fantastic artifacts.]

[Chaotica’s Toybox: Contains nightmarish Creatures, Spells, Items and Structures. Not recommended for the faint of heart.]

[There are many other types of card packs, but these are your nine choices for the time being. Others will be unlocked in the future.]

“So Old Earth History and Nature are probably useless then?” Matthew murmured, “Chaotica’s Toybox sounds just as bad as I expected. I’m kinda surprised about Uriel’s Creations though. I didn’t think it would be so dangerous. Azrael’s Workshop sounds pretty cool…”

[Old Earth Creatures tend to be relatively weak on average, but on Old Earth Servers, they can be quite lucrative. Especially when you consider that most Critters and Monsters have persistent corpses. Which means that if you kill them or they die, you can harvest materials from the corpse or sell the corpse to others. Ivory sale might be illegal in the Millennial Age, but there are still channels that you can utilize to accumulate currency.]

“I’m not gonna try to be an exotic animal trader.” He immediately refuted.

[Old Earth History includes many types of Consumable Items, such as precious gems and metals. Often times Items that were worthless in previous eras, would become much more valuable in the later eras. While other Items that are worthless in the Millennial Age, were priceless before the Industrial Era.]

“Oh, yeah, that might actually be amazing. I don’t have any Spells yet though, so maybe I should go with Arcana’s Games? I’m afraid to get a bunch of dildos and crazy white people if I pick Michael’s Disasters again. Honestly, I’m really tempted to try my luck with Old Earth History but…” He hovered his cursor over Azrael’s Workshop for a moment, then moved down and picked the green dragon instead.

[You have selected the Dao of Genesis Pack… Are you certain?]

“Yep, I got a good feeling about it. Not sure why. Probably just because the cover looks cool. And I need some weapons to use in Chaotica’s Coliseum… Or more like, I need to get some gear for my Summons to use, since I don’t plan on actually fighting at all.”

[That is wise. Summoners are not known for their personal combat abilities. However, it would be best to keep in mind that if you die, your Summoned Creatures and Items will be sent to the graveyard. Thus, you will be unable to win a battle in Chaotica’s Coliseum 3 if you perish before your opponents, even if your Creatures are powerful enough to win on their own.]

Matt muttered “I get it, okay. Can I open my pack of cards now?” The other packs disappeared from the screen, as a pack of cards physically appeared in his hands. He looked at it in shock for a moment, but quickly ripped open the plastic wrapper and spread out the nine cards on his desk.

[Item: Copper Coins
Type: Consumables
Rarity: Trash
Mana Cost: 2
Description: Summons 50 to 100 copper coins from the Qing Republic. 100 copper coins are equivalent in value to 1 silver coin on the planet Genesis. Although the seal of the Qing Republic is placed on these particular coins, they can still be used throughout the entire Continent of Xian Dao. Made from pure copper, without any enchantments or magical seals.]

“Oh wow… Those are Trash cards? Holy shit, pure copper? Maybe I could try selling them online for a few bucks a piece? The ‘seal’ looks pretty neat too. People would probably buy them.”

On the Qing Republic coin, there was a Chinese longsword at the center on the front, while the back was a glaive. On the sword side, the words “Qing Republic” were written English at the top and Chinese at the bottom. On the back was written “Xian Dao” in English, while the bottom had the same word written in Chinese as well.

[Item: Water Qi Crystals
Type: Consumables
Rarity: Trash
Mana Cost: 2
Description: Summons five Water Qi Crystals. These blue gemstones are similar in appearance to uncut aquamarine. They are extremely fragile and can be shattered rather easily, releasing the trapped Qi from within, rendering them nothing more than normal gems. There are methods to transform them into usable Mana. Ten Qi Crystals can be sacrificed by the Summoner in order to create 1 Mana. One Water Qi Crystal can be transformed into 1 gallon of purified water.]

[Item: Fire Qi Crystals
Type: Consumables
Rarity: Trash
Mana Cost: 2
Description: Summons five Fire Qi Crystals. These red gemstones are similar in appearance to uncut rubies. They are extremely fragile and can be shattered rather easily, releasing the trapped Qi from within, rendering them nothing more than normal gems. There are methods to transform them into usable Mana. Ten Qi Crystals can be sacrificed by the Summoner in order to create 1 Mana. Fire Qi Crystals are flammable and can be burned as fuel, similar to clean coal.]

“How are magical gems considered ‘Trash’? Also, can’t I have a bunch of these saved up and then sacrifice them to gain mana quickly. They can even be turned into water or used as fuel…” Matt couldn’t help grumbling “How are they on the same level as dildos?”

[Obviously the higher the Mana cost, the more powerful the card. In the future, when you have reached Rank-G, all card packs you open will have much more variety. For the first ten levels however, you will only receive cards from your current maximum Mana bracket. Hence why all of the cards you obtained will cost you two Mana to play.]

“I guess that makes sense.” He smirked as he started looking at the other cards.


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