PS, V1, Chapter 3: MC-727

“A gun would be really helpful… But I’ve never used a gun before, so I’ll probably just die even if I did have one. My mom is bleeding pretty bad and my face is fucked. If I had some kinda magical healing card… And someone to come save us.”

Matthew obviously ignored the rat eating the baby, since it seemed like the absolute worst choice. Almost all of the others were far too ambiguous, except one. He stared at it for a few moments, before breathing a sigh and whispering “Michael’s Disasters”.

[Are you certain?]

He grimaced, murmuring “I could really use an angel about now.” Then all the other packs disappeared, leaving that singular one alone. The wrapper vanished on its own and four of the nine cards flew into his blood-soaked left hand. Then time returned to normal and there were three more gunshots, followed by a deep voice shouting “What the hell are you doing! We gotta go, now!”

A huge masked man was running down from the stairs in the living room, carrying a box of jewelry in his left hand and a fireproof lockbox in his right. The masked gunman yelled “We can’t leave any witnesses! Give me a fuckin sec!”

He started cautiously walking around the table, while holding the pistol sideways in his left hand, with a duffle bag of ‘loot’ in his right. At the same time, Matthew was frantically trying to wipe the blood off of the cards and see what they actually did. In the end, he growled “Fuck it! Go!”

Picking one at random, he threw it under the table. When it landed behind the gunman, he yelled “What the fuck?! Where’d this naked cracker come from?!”

“Huh?” Matt was startled when he saw the pale-skinned, completely nude man appear out of thin air. He was a whole head shorter than the gunman, but his muscles were surprisingly well developed.

“How the fuck’d you get into my house?!” The naked man roared, then grabbed a dirty butcher knife out of the sink to his right. Before the masked giant could pull the trigger, the short nudist ripped the gun from his hand and slashed open his carotid artery. Then he proceeded to stab him in the gut three times, shoot the man in his left knee, then shove the barrel into his mouth as he fell down. He snickered as the blood sprayed all over the kitchen and complained “God damn it! This is gonna be such a pain in the ass to clean up! Are you fucking happy?! Huh?!”

When the nudist pulled the trigger, brains, blood and bone fragments sprayed all against the pure-white wall and then fell down into the trash can. The naked man turned around and asked “Where the hell do you think you’re going, Fatty?! Get the fuck over here! Now!” He fired a warning shot, which destroyed the old television in the living room. The man was trembling, as he dropped the two boxes onto the ground and put his hands into the air.

“Come here! Now!”

The heavy-set man nervously walked into the kitchen as the strange lunatic commanded. When he looked down, he muttered “Oh God, oh God, please… Please don’t kill me… I-I-I don’t wanna die…”

Hearing that, the nudist smiled at him and then threw the bloody knife back into the sink. He glanced up at the ceiling, which was being brightly lit by a fluorescent light and asked “What happened? Since when does electricity work again? And those two idiots… Are they your friends or something? Hmmm, no, you and that dead dumbass must have been trying to kill them earlier… Some kinda disagreement between scavengers? Why the fuck are you people in my house?”

Matthew stared blankly at the crazy naked man that he just summoned. He was roughly five and a half feet tall, with short black hair, a scruffy beard and a relatively rounded face. His chest and back were covered in plenty of scars, most of which were from acne, while others seemed to be from bullets, knives, teeth or claws. His body was relatively hairy, which stood out dramatically against his deathly-pale skin.

The overweight giant stuttered “I-I, we, no, it wasn’t supposed… It was just a, just a small job… Nobody was supposed to be home!”


That giant slumped down onto the ground. The bullet had passed through his left eye, but didn’t leave his skull. Thus preventing any blood or brains from spraying against the white and ceiling tiles. Matt flinched and murmured “Oh my God. I summoned a psychopath… Can he kill me? Isn’t he supposed to listen to my commands?”

An illusory card suddenly popped up in front of his face, answering his question.

[Creature: Michael Cinagra
ID Code: MC-727
Type: Hero
Rarity: Rare
Mana Cost: 1
Description: Summons a human infected by Rapture-727 Delta nanites. Michael Cinagra was an author and shut-in on Earth for many years. However, when the cataclysm occurred and the world was being overrun by zombies, he managed to survive. He is significantly stronger than the average human, with advanced regenerative abilities and survival instincts. Unfortunately, he is also extremely volatile and dangerous. Responds positively to females, not necessarily human females, but females in general. If he feels threatened or annoyed, he usually kills without hesitation. He can be summoned with Equipment Cards, but will otherwise be completely nude. Of course, he can also utilize a great variety of Old Earth weapons and tools in the field.]

“Michael, wait! I summoned you here! Don’t shoot me!” Matthew quickly stood up, holding up the bloody cards in his hand in order to explain away the situation.

“Do you seriously expect me to believe that?” Michael looked at the holographic card that was floating in front of Matt’s face and grumbled “Oh god damn it! What is this, some kinda VR simulation?! Wait, or is this magic? I’m probably just dreaming of crazy shit again. Whatever…”

The picture on Michael’s card was him naked, ripping a zombie’s head off with his bare hands. He sighed, then placed the pistol on the wooden table, before walking over to the sink and washing his face off with warm, soapy water. After a few seconds he yelled “Holy fuck! There’s running water! I’m gonna go take a shower… So just like, I don’t know, clean up this mess somehow. You’re my ‘Summoner’, right? Oh, and if you don’t want that woman to bleed to death, I’d suggest that you put some kinda pressure on it. At least that’s what they always say in movies and TV shows.”

After the naked man went upstairs, Matt shoved the bloody cards into his left pocket and then pulled out the cell phone from his right. He dialed ‘911’ and said “I need an ambulance! My mother’s been shot… I’ve been shot too. There were these two men who broke into my house… Yes, okay… I’m at… I can hear police sirens outside! Please tell them not to shoot me! The two men who tried to murder us are dead… Well, it’s the Baltimore police, what do you expect? They’re almost as dangerous as the thugs that were just trying to kill me! I have to go now, send an ambulance to-”

Before he could give an address, several officers with their pistols unholstered rushed into his living room from the front door. Since the door was left open, they didn’t need to waste any time knocking. With all the gunshots earlier, it was obvious that the neighbors had already called them quite a while ago.

“Freeze! Holy shit!” A young African-American officer in her early twenties nearly threw up when she saw and smelled the corpses. She used her arm to cover her face and looked away. Meanwhile, there was a middle-aged cop who was nearly two meters tall. He had pale skin, a red beard and a chubby build.

When he saw the situation, he grabbed the radio on his shoulder and called for an ambulance. Then he walked over to Matthew and asked “What happened? This is your house? Is there anyone else home?”

A third policeman was walking up the stairs, while a fourth was holding his pistol and waiting behind in the living room. Matthew hurriedly explained “I came home and my mom was already like this… Oh God, don’t go upstairs! That crazy naked white guy who killed those thugs is up there!”


*Bang, Bang! Bang-Bang-Bang!*

Gunshots and screams rang out, followed by Michael roaring “Piece of shit! You think a few bullets are gonna kill me?!”

The policewoman had already taken out a first aid kit and was trying to save Matthew’s mother, so the tall, balding, red-haired man was the only one left to protect them. He was still holding his pistol the whole time, so he was able to start shooting at Michael’s back, as he sprinted out towards the front door.

That giant man rushed over to his fallen friend, but it was already too late. His brains were already splattered over the formerly beige couch on the other side of the room. The officer who went upstairs was in a far worse condition, as his head had been smashed open by a twenty-pound dumbbell.

A policewoman and man had been shot to death outside as well, before their vehicle was stolen by the naked man. It all happened so quickly, that even Matt was horrified. When he saw those dead men and women, he kept telling himself “It’s not real… They aren’t real. This isn’t your fault. It’s just a Virtual Reality… They’re just programs…”


*Author’s Note*


Yep, that’s Michael Cinagra from “Observing the End” alright lol. I said it in the synopsis but yeah, expect to see MC’s and even side characters from most of my stories in Private Server.

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