PS V1, Chapter 11: Luck

“Let me guess… Fusing two cards that are similar to each other, makes another card that’s slightly better?” Matthew put the Titanium Dildo into the deck and pulled out the two Qi Crystal cards.

[Your assumption is correct. Fusing two cards that are similar to each other, creates a more powerful card of the same class.]

“Then if I fuse these two Trash crystals together, it’ll make a Common crystal card?” Matthew pressed the two cards together and thought about fusing them. After shining brightly for a moment, they transformed into a singular card.

[Item: Water Qi Crystals
Type: Consumables
Rarity: Common
Mana Cost: 2
Description: Summons 10 Water Qi Crystals. These blue gemstones are similar in appearance to uncut aquamarine. They are extremely fragile and can be shattered rather easily, releasing the trapped Qi from within, rendering them nothing more than normal gems. There are methods to transform them into usable Mana. Ten Qi Crystals can be sacrificed by the Summoner in order to create 1 Mana. One Water Qi Crystal can be transformed into 1 gallon of purified water.]

“Oh nice! It’s the same quality, but twice the quantity.” He grabbed three more Trash cards and asked “Is it possible to fuse more than two at a time?”

[Fusing more than 2 cards will increase the probability of success. For every added card of the same rarity, the original probability will be boosted by half of the original percentage. These are some examples of 3 card fusions at different rarities.]

[Trash to Common: 150% chance.
Common to Uncommon: 112.5% chance.
Uncommon to Rare: 75% chance.
Rare to Epic: 37.5% chance.
Epic to Legendary: 15% chance.
Legendary to Divine: 7.5% chance.]

[In this example, there is a 50% chance that 2 Common cards will be created from the fusion of 3 Trash cards. Of course, if you decided to simply fuse 4 Trash cards, you would be guaranteed to receive 2 Common cards. However, if you wish to create an improved version of a certain card, you might not possess 4 cards of that exact same type, rarity and number.]

“That makes sense… In that case, I might as well take the gamble. Not like I’d ever get around to using Startled Pigeons, Wasp Swarm or Skeletal Mice anyway. They’ll just eat up space in my deck. Actually, since they’re all Aces of Hearts, then once I make it to Rank-G I probably won’t use them at all.” The three cards glowed brightly in his left hand for a moment, before transforming into a single card.

[Creature: Angry Pigeons
Type: Critters
Rarity: Common
Mana Cost: 1
Description: Summons five to ten frenzied pigeons. The pigeons may carry diseases that are harmful to humans and birds. They will attack anyone or anything that appears threatening. Their corpses will persist through death.]

“Okay, I’m starting to think that maybe I don’t have the best luck. From now on, I should just stick to safe bets. Maybe I inherited my gambling problems from my mother? Not that she has a gambling problem…” Matthew sighed and looked at his remaining cards for a few moments, He took a deep breath, then whispered “Natives, jugs of water and a dildo… I have no idea what I’ll get outta this gamble, but at least it’ll definitely be Uncommon.”

[Creature: Xian Dao Natives
Type: Unit
Rarity: Uncommon
Mana Cost: 2
Description: Summons 4 to 10 humans from an undeveloped tribe of Xian Dao. Their basic equipment includes leather or fur kilts. They might be muscular and tall, short and feeble or even sickly elders. Although they have the chance to be Summoned along with primitive weapons, tools and armor, the odds are relatively low. Their corpses and items will persist through death.]

“Phew~! Holy shit…” He smiled wryly and complained “I was expecting a golden dildo or ten gallons of water. At least this is slightly more useful. If some of them are warriors and I give them some weapons, then this might actually be pretty good. Then again, Iris can mind control people and Michael literally killed a grizzly bear with a dildo.”

[Although Michael and Iris are indeed capable of massacring dozens of Xian Dao Natives, do not underestimate the survival skills of those who have spent generations in the wildernesses of Xian Dao. Even the children of those tribes must learn how to discern poisonous or edible plant life, protect themselves from wild animals and they are also easy for you to control.]

“On the other hand, Mike and ‘Iris’ might end up controlling or killing me. I get it. Not that I’m expecting to go on any camping trips in the near future though. Right now I’d be happy if I can just live a peaceful and quiet life with my mom for a while.” As he was talking, Matthew closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he could feel a horrible throbbing pain all across his face and head.

“I guess I can’t sleep any longer…” His bladder and bowels were full, thus he decided to utilize the bathroom down the hall. It was nighttime, but the hospital was already pretty busy.

As he walked over to the desk in the middle of the wide and open room, he whispered “Excuse me miss… Umm, my name’s Matt Leblanc, I’m looking for my mother. Can you tell me what room she’s in?”

The middle-aged, chubby red-headed woman behind the counter lifted up her glasses and looked at him for a moment. Then she asked “Any ID? What room were you in? I can’t just give out patient information-”

“Matthew! Matthew I’m in here!” A loud and high-pitched voice rang out through the noisy hospital, causing quite a few people to turn towards the room that it was coming from. Matthew wanted to run over there quickly, but he had to drag the IV-stand along with him.

“Mom! I’m so glad you’re okay!” Even though half his face was covered in bandages, his mother still managed to recognize him from a distance. The door to her room was open because a doctor and nurse were leaving after checking on her for a bit.

“Oh my goodness Matty, what happened to your face?!” She was in her late forties and had short curly hair, while her skin-tone was extremely dark. Overall her body was in rather good shape, considering that she was recovering from major abdominal surgery.

Matthew sighed, sitting down on the cushioned chair next to her bed and grumbling “That bastard shot me… The same one who got you Mom. Don’t worry though. He got what he deserved.”

She started crying and said “I saw it on the news… Some crazy white boy saved us? But then he killed some innocent policemen? I don’t get it… I’m just happy you’re okay. We’re alive! Thank you Jesus!”

“Yeah, we’re alive… Our house is trashed and now we gotta pay who the hell knows how much in hospital bills, but at least we made it.” He smiled at her, exposing his impressively straight and white teeth, then reached out and gave her a light hug. Fortunately he managed to avoid tangling their IV tubes in the process.

His mother chuckled, patting his back and whispering “Silly boy… You’re worried ‘bout material things again. So long as we’re alive and well, nothing else matters.” When the separated again, she continued “I told you this many times before, but back in Africa, my town was so poor that it made Baltimore look like Heaven. Well, it was also safer in Baltimore when I first moved here with your father. It wasn’t so dangerous back then.”

“I know Mom, I know…” Matthew breathed out a long sigh, then told her “We’re going to sell the house. We’ll use some of the money to pay off the hospital bills and the rest to buy a new place… Anywhere else but here.”


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