PS, V1, Chapter 6: Chaotica’s Coliseum

“I suddenly feel as if I’m about to make a horrible mistake…”

In order to start playing Chaotica’s Coliseum 3, he first needed to sign an excessively long contract. Although he ignored most of it, a certain part of the terms and conditions included “By signing this agreement, the Player accepts that they may be mentally and/or physically tortured. They will likely experience many extremely painful and agonizing deaths. The Player will also be expected to kill, maim and brutally murder many humanoids, beasts and even plants or mechanical lifeforms.”

[Although I do not know much about your personal inclinations yet, I assumed that you would prefer to avoid the Arenas of Lust… Which require you to sexually conquer your opponents.]

Matthew sighed, grumbling “I’m really not a fighter. I mean, do I look like a warrior? I might be tall, but I only weigh a hundred-fifty pounds. There were a couple times in High School when I got bullied and picked on, but I never really fought back. I’ve never shot a gun. At most, I tried to learn how to box when I was younger, but I broke my right hand and gave up. I don’t even lift weights.”

[Your physical fitness and appearance on Earth are irrelevant. Before you start playing Chaotica’s Coliseum 3, you will need to design an Avatar. You can make it look like you do on Earth, or completely different. It is not even necessary to choose Human as your Race.]

“That sounds like a lot of work.” When he reached the character creation screen, he just picked his default Old Earth Online Avatar. However, after a few seconds, it was altered to fit the starting conditions of the game…

“Oh my God, and people always called me skinny before. I look like a fucking mummy. Even my face is all cracked and scarred.” Matthew’s bone structure and overall appearance remained the same, except that he appeared to have starved nearly to death. His shaved head was covered with grey, fluffy hair, while his normally clean-shaven face was also lightly bearded.

[The setting of Chaotica’s Coliseum is the Asura System. Seven planets, named after the Seven Deadly Sins. The Players are people who have died and gone to Hell, to be reborn again. However, in order to survive, they must fight endlessly. The main Currency is Souls. You gain Souls by defeating opponents and lose them by dying. You can also bet on others, but only once you reach a certain Rank and Level. Your Summoner Rank and Level are synchronized with your Rank and Level in the game. This is a feature that only those with Mods can unlock.]

“So what you’re saying is that I’m literally going to Hell. And people play this as a ‘game’, for fun? What kinda psychotic assholes…” As he was grumbling, he suddenly thought of that crazy naked guy he summoned and shook his head.

[There are no rules against using Mods. It is also impossible to deal any significant damage to any of the Arenas, regardless of how powerful you become. Death is also not the end in Chaotica’s Coliseum 3 for Players. Of course, in order to simulate realistic scenarios, most of the NPCs will be recycled after death. It would not be very fair if a NPC had thousands of years of combat experience, but was supposed to be a Level 1, Rankless opponent.]

“Somehow that makes me feel even worse. Even if I kill them, it’s not like I’ll be putting them out of their misery. They’ll just get a memory wipe and have to fight again, and again, for eternity.”

[If it makes you feel more comfortable, most of their personalities are based off of serial killers, rapists, mass murderers and villains in various stories.]

“That actually doesn’t make me feel better at all. Now I know why there’s that torture warning…” Matthew started watching the introduction scene for the game, “Holy hell, holy shit! Oh God! This is like a horror movie! No, worse.”

They weren’t ‘graphics’ like in a video game or CGI effects that he was familiar with on Earth. It appeared as if he was actually watching people fight to the death in a filthy arena. There were demons, angels, cat-girls, even robots. He didn’t feel much empathy for the deathbots, but watching them crush helpless animals and humans to death was making him nauseous.

[Would you like to start with the Tutorial? It may improve your chances of success during the Ranked Matches.]

Matt murmured “I feel like I’m going to regret this, but yeah, sure.”


“Welcome demons and devils, to another fun episode of ‘Beat the Meat’! Our contestants today are Carbock the Crushinator and Hellman Johnson!” An excited feminine voice shouted through the speakers at the ceiling of the huge, dark and empty cave. There were no stands or spectators, just a sandy circular area, surrounded by sheer cliffs.

In the arena, there were two colossal men glaring at each other. Each of them was extremely muscular, had huge bull-like horns coming out of their temples and were practically naked. Their only clothing was an armored groin protector.

Carbock had pitch-black skin, with many knife-scars all over his chest and back. Each time he breathed, flames spewed out of the fresher wounds and the scars started glowing bright-red. In his hands was a massive silver warhammer, which had huge spikes on the back off its head.

Across from him was Hellman, who had crimson flesh. There were no scars on his body at all and he used two spiked maces for weapons. He smirked at the furious enemy that was across from him and taunted “I don’t know why you even bother to compete with me anymore. You’re way past your prime old man.”

The demonic obsidian giant growled “I’m gonna pound you into the sand… Just like your mother, hehehehe~!”

Of course, their voices were so deep and low that the thousands of scrawny people scattered around near their feet couldn’t understand anything they were saying. From Matthew’s perspective, it felt like his body would collapse at any moment from only the sounds alone. The other bony men and women in rags were also struggling just to move around in the sandy wasteland. Some of them looked up and saw the giants but only thought that they were statues. They were more worried about the other people who were in their midst.

Before long, a huge brawl broke out. “No! Why me?!” Matt shouted as he tried to run away from a group of ten men and five women, who were all trying to murder him. Each of them had light brown skin, but it was ashen and dried, while their hair was grey or white.

“Kill that half-breed bastard!” One of the men shouted, before lunging at Matt and grabbing onto his left foot. They both rolled on the ground for a bit, but then the rest of the group arrived and started stomping and kicking him.

“Agh~! Ugh, ah~! What the hell?! Ah!” Eventually, one of the smaller women bit down onto his throat and ripped open his carotid artery. Then a few of the others used their bony fingers to tear and rend his abdomen, eventually one of them reached inside of his skin and grabbed hold of Matthew’s small intestine. One of the men broke Matt’s left arm, before ripping it off at the elbow.

However, before he had the chance to bleed to death, a gigantic foot stomped down and crushed all of them into meat-paste. Hence the name of the game, “Beat the Meat”. Those two giants were competing to see who could crush the most humans, while also trying to bludgeon each other to death.


Matt opened his eyes and screamed in terror, writhing around on the bed so much that it took both the nurse and the doctor to restrain him. Of course, given his pathetic physical strength and the fact that both the nurse and doctor were very ‘large’, he wasn’t able to hurt either of them.

“What, ah, I’m so sorry! I’m sorry! I… I was just having a nightmare… Phew~…” He was frowning, but most of his face was covered by bloody bandages.

“It’s okay, it’s fine… You’ve been through a lot. Anyone would be freaking out in your position. Don’t worry, you’re safe now.” The chubby doctor with light-brown skin smiled gently at the injured patient, then explained “We just needed to change your bandages. Oh, and we wanted to tell you that your mother is stable now. She was really lucky, if any of those bullets would’ve hit just a little to the left… Well, it’s fine now. Although she’s still out cold, she should be awake in a few hours if you want to see her…”



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