IS, V6, Chapter 6: The Judge Parts 16-20

Part 16

*Third Person Perspective*

“I’m just really anxious all the time… My throat kinda hurts for no reason. I can’t sleep, I lost my appetite… I even lost three hundred pounds in a month or two. But I still grew a foot taller… I’m thankful to Michael for giving me this ‘power’, but I think I need your help, Doc.”

In the West Wing of the hospital’s basement, there was a giant, elven man sitting on an exam table and listing his problems to a much smaller dryad. Yuri held a clipboard in her left hand, while her right hand shot out tentacles, which were monitoring all the man’s vitals and taking various tests.

After a while, Uriel finally said: “The mutation you experienced several years ago… It greatly elevated your thyroid levels, essentially causing a very severe form of Hyperthyroidism. As you may or may not already know, the thyroid of human-elf hybrid often has many defects already. Most of your kind die prematurely, not due to some innate difference in life-span, but simply because humans and Wood Elves have various differences in their basic vital organs. Wood Elves do not have an appendix, their telomeres regenerate and often lead to cancer very early in life, their reproductive organs are less pronounced and effective… While they do ultimately live much longer than humans, that does not take into account all the premature deaths due to sickness or injury, since their bodies are overall… Far weaker. When a Wood Elf and a Human successfully reproduce, the offspring are often sterile, feeble, sickly or simply stillborn. The fact that you survived childhood is a statistical anomaly, but what Michael did to your genome… It is fortunate that you came to me before the problem became any worse.”

The normally silent and reclusive Dryad was always very ‘chatty’ when it came to medical diagnostics and explaining things to her patients… Of course, that didn’t mean that Conor had any clue what she was talking about.

He just asked, “So you know what’s wrong with me? Is there a way to fix it? I don’t mind sacrificing this power. I have enough money. I already retired from the military. There are plenty of people out there who are much stronger than me now days… I just wanna spend the rest of my life with my family. Speaking of which, my daughter… You mentioned human-elf hybrids having problems, but why does my daughter seem more like some kinda mermaid?”

“Your daughter…” Uriel skimmed through the pages on her clipboard and then murmured, “Fascinating.”

Then she casually explained: “I will need to run a genetic analysis and compare some data, but at first glance, it appears that she is a Chimera. It is fairly common in the Second and Third Ring, for a pregnant mother to be infected via mosquito bites. Your wife is a Red Goblin and Wood Elf hybrid, while you are a hybrid as well, and your daughter was even mutated further… Yet it appears that she has survived and is growing well. I will send one of my nurses to perform an exam at your estate, since traveling with her condition would be significantly more difficult. As for your Hyperthyroidism, it can be easily treated with some Mana Supplements and Anti-Thyroid medicine. It will simply require half a year or so.”

“That’s a relief then…” The enormous, five-meter tall half-elf let out a sigh and then turned to the door that suddenly opened. There was a nervous, tiny little pink-skinned Goblin, with six long, squirming tentacles on her back. When she saw the giant, she gasped a bit. Not because of his enormous size and power, but due to the fact that she actually recognized his face.

“Conor Daeron?” Ariel gasped, “It’s umm, been a while. Huh? You look, uh, good… Guess I wasn’t the only one who grew a bit taller since we last met, heh-heh~!”

It took a while, but Conor eventually asked: “Are you… Aunty Bariel? Wow, I’m surprised you even remember me… Or recognize me. Hell, I was just a little kid back then! Hahaha~!”

“It is highly inappropriate for someone to barge into an examination room that is occupied, without even knocking or announcing your presence. Regardless of whether the two of you know each other, please use your own free time to ‘catch up’. Now, leave.” After Uriel spoke, a gargantuan dryadic nurse emerged from the wall and then ‘gently’ pushed Ariel outside, before closing the door. In fact, it was rather impressive that the six meter tall door could even be opened or moved by the little woman in the first place.

Once the doctor and patient were alone again, the Dryad stated: “Conflict is always an inevitable part of life. Although living away from the major cities might allow you to avoid the upcoming war, it will also leave you stranded and defenseless, if the enemies target you specifically. As one of the most powerful warriors in Alfirin, there is a very low probability that you will be ignored, simply because of a thyroid condition.”

“Heh~, well, I never said I would let my guard down.” Conor snickered, his massive irises were glowing bright-green under the dim lighting. There was a slight smirk on his bearded face, “With the way technology is advancing now days, even a cripple could become a powerful warrior. Anyway, you should be careful too Doc. If our enemies want to target someone, you’ll probably be the first on their kill-list.”

Lips suddenly appeared on Uriel’s mask-like face, and she actually smirked ever so slightly. Then she whispered, “I have survived this world for over ten millennia. I have seen many powerful civilizations rise and fall due to their own hubris. Conquering and expanding their territory for resources or political power. They always forget that the most dangerous creatures on Earth are not dragons and monsters… But the microscopic bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that consume us all eventually.”

Part 17: Sisters

*3rd Person Perspective*

“I don’t like to interfere in the affairs of mortals, but Sister, this is getting ridiculous.” A tall, naked, brown-skinned female ‘human’ was standing on the edge of a silver balcony, gazing out into the ‘fireworks’ in the distance. She had bright-blue irises and fluffy green hair, that seemed to be made of leaves and perhaps entire trees. Almost microscopic birds could be seen fluttering around, along with dragons and other mythical creatures.

“The Planetary Defense Barrier was designed to prevent Armageddon, not wake her up! If that beast gets restless, not only will your precious mortals be exterminated, but even the two of us will suffer some injuries.”

Standing to her left, was a blue-skinned woman with the furry lower-body of a goat. The curly horns on her head gave off a silvery glow, as the thousands of pixies were flying around them. She had long dreadlocks, that seemed to be made of slimy purple tentacles tangled together.

“Terra, you’re always so impatient. Don’t worry your pretty little head. My calculations are always… Precise. Seven-hundred and sixty-five years are left until Armageddon awakens. Plenty of time for those ‘mortals’ you look down upon, to grow powerful enough to deal with the problem themselves. As for these annoying flies…” Luna’s glowing crimson eyes squinted a bit, as she whispered: “Even the most irritating bugs are still necessary for the ecosystem. They come to us in swarms, hoping to devour a tasty piece of rotting flesh. But they don’t realize that the meat is just bait.”

The Avatar of the planet Earth scowled, “I don’t appreciate your metaphor, Sister. In that case, what are you? A rock that’s too ugly and bothersome to even land on?”

Luna smirked, spreading her hands out wide and proudly explaining: “I might be a little dusty from the eons of protecting your ‘juicy’ exposed meat, but I assure you… I haven’t just been waiting around to die in this doomed Solar System! I’ve fought too hard, for far too long, to just give up and accept this shitty fate! When the time comes, maybe I’ll bring you along for the ride.”

The slimy blue snake-like tail behind Luna’s back wiggled around and squirmed in excitement for a while, before eventually settling down and going limp. Terra let out a long sigh, touching her sternum with her right index finger. A shining blue and green crystalline orb emerged, though it was quickly dyed pitch-black and then glowed bright-red.

“I admire your tenacity, Sister…” After pushing the fiery ethereal ball back inside her chest, Terra asked: “After so many deaths and reincarnations… So many endless eons of existence in so many forms… How do you keep yourself from becoming jaded? What’s the point in living another billion or so years? I would go back to sleep right now, if you and these mortals weren’t causing me so much pain lately.”

“Isn’t it simple?” Luna snickered, “No matter how much time I have, it’ll never be enough. In every moment, there’s an eternity worth of data just disappearing into the abyss, with no one there to observe most of it. So many stories that will never be told or recorded. How could I ever be bored, when even after eons with hundreds of Avatars operating simultaneously, I still missed out on so many precious experiences…”

Terra shook her head, grumbling: “And yet you still get so upset every time you see some mortals breeding or fighting. Who are we to try and govern or control every meaningless parasite that festers on our skin? By the time I focus on one, they’re already gone.”

Those large bright-blue lips suddenly scowled, Luna hissed a bit, with her long pink snake-like tongue slithering about. Then she squinted her eyes and glared at the beautiful planet in the distance, with her serpentine pupils constricted. The Earth looked like it was completely still, but it was turning very quickly. When she concentrated a bit, it was possible to see a large, green target, illuminated by ‘her’ own moonlight. In between the two was a thick mana-shield that fluctuated frequently, with bright explosions occurring every so often.

“Even though Michael worked quickly…” Terra chuckled, “Trapped in a mortal’s body, how much can he achieve? Sister… Why are you looking at me like that? Whatever you’re thinking about, stop it right now.”

Luna giggled, then a tiny silver golem flew out of one of her dreadlocks, and perched on the tip of her extremely long, pointed left ear. After that, she casually declared: “Send a message to my little brother, Zachael. Tell him-”

“Sister, no!” Terra screamed, physically grabbing the blue-skinned woman’s right arm with one hand and trying to cover her mouth with the other.

“I revoke your right…” Luna snickered as she easily pushed her much larger sister’s entire body away with only her skinny right arm. Then she finished the sentence: “I revoke your ownership of Mars. But I would like to thank you for sending over such a delicious meal. Sincerely, Lunael the Observer.”

After getting up off the crumpled metal floor, Terra roared: “What have you done?!”

“Ah~, Terra, and you were just complaining about life being too boring! Hahaha~!” Luna walked over and smirked at her kneeling ‘little’ sister, who was normally so much taller than her Avatar. However, size and strength were rarely equivalent. Especially in regards to Souls. She reached out her left hand and the giant woman was pulled over against her will, until those sharp claws were digging into the back of her thick neck.

“Fucking crazy bitch!” Terra punched her sister in her obviously exposed groin, then grabbed the obnoxious silver chain that was extending from her belly button and ripped it out. Bluish-black blood sprayed all over her face and chest, causing Terra to scream out in agony, as the flesh melted from being exposed to that acidic blood.

“Am I crazy?” Luna sighed, then grumbled: “It’s been a while, but I still remember when you were just a little baby human girl. There was nothing special about you… That cute kid didn’t have any advantages over the others. In fact, you were just the daughter of some peasant farmer, living like a slave for most of your childhood. But you know what? I was watching you the whole time. Maybe I should have let you suffer, because at least then, you’d understand! When your parents sold you off for some fucking corn, I was the ‘crazy bitch’ who couldn’t just sit by and watch anymore! I gave you the strength to escape from that hell! But you turned out to be such a lazy piece of shit once you finally reached the top of the world!”

The relatively small blue-skinned goat-woman waved her hand and threw Terra across the room so hard that the giantess flew straight through the metallic wall. Luna let out another sigh and murmured, “At least you didn’t abuse your power. But Zack… You were the real mistake.”

That tiny golem eventually asked, “Fucking A, you sure you want me to write all that? Seems like a lotta work…”

Part 18

*3rd Person Perspective*

Compared to the hot and muggy jungle in the Third Ring, ‘Snow City’ was freezing. Of course, that was normal, since it was almost on the peak of a mountain. Still, there was a reason why so many people were coming and going from Gator Brook to the icy plateau on a daily basis. What was originally just a handful of small underground bunkers and tents, had turned into a massive fortress.

Not a loosely guarded metropolis like Gator Brook, but a full-blown castle in the sky. Surrounded by rows of giant black-mithril/concrete walls, dozens of enormous watchtowers, with innumerable long-range artillery, anti-air flak cannons, anti-personnel machine-gun installations and more soldiers than anywhere else in the country.

The reason was quite simple really. By this point, everyone had some inkling of the war to come. Telescopes had been invented, but even without them, people with stronger vision could already see the swarm of massive warships in the sky every night. There was no sound, but even normal citizens were able to see the explosions.

Of course, the walls were mainly to defend against frontal assaults from the north, south, east and west… Not to mention their ability to block the wind to a certain extent, making the climate in the city much less volatile. To the south, the original plan was to set up railways, but that just wasn’t reasonable in the end. 

After all, it was at least a mile long drop until the sheer cliff, turned into a gentle slope. Instead, dozens of runways were set up. Ailyn’s newest invention, the aeroplane, was still in the early stages of development, but there were hundreds of thousands of citizens who could fly through their own efforts. Even if they didn’t have powerful enough Wind Manipulation skills to climb to that height, there were also those who would simply teleport to the town and then glide back down in order to save money on the return trip… Or simply for pure enjoyment.

Unfortunately, the main construction materials, black-mithril concrete, couldn’t be manufactured in Snow City. It also couldn’t be teleported like most other items, due to its sheer quantity and the nature of black-mithril. Thus, they ultimately did need to set up a railway from Gator Brook, all the way to the southern base of the mountain. Ironically, the ancient Dwarves had already built or reinforced plenty of massive tunnels and caves, so it was mostly just a matter of finding some extremely old elevators that could be repaired. Otherwise there was no way they could have built so much of the city in only a few months.

Being the highest point, a few miles higher elevation than Salvation, the biggest observatory in the country was set up in Snow City. It was the current tallest building in the whole town, since all the skyscrapers were still under construction… And most of the city was underground anyway.

The observatory had a massive telescope, covered in all sorts of runic enchantments, aimed almost directly upwards. It could move in various directions, but for the moment, the most important task was to keep tabs on the giant armada of starships just outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

“Every fucking day, the shield is getting a little weaker. Now it’s barely holding together.” An irritated masculine voice echoed inside the ‘VIP’ level of the building. A three meter tall silver knight was grumbling beside a similarly large, silver unicorn.

There were dozens of holographically projected mana-screens all over the spacious dome-like room. Close-up videos of individual warships and colony vessels could be seen at a glance. Oddly enough, they appeared more like old-fashioned wooden sailing ships, than sleek metallic spacecraft.

Silvia murmured, “Their technology is extremely archaic, but their understanding of magical principles is far beyond Alfirin’s current capabilities. Regardless, their true threat lies in their individual physical and magical prowess. By our current standards, even the foot-soldiers are close to Level-5 in Mana-Capacity. The officers are Level-6. While the strongest being in the whole fleet is Level-7. Most importantly, we can assume that this is merely the vanguard. The golems from the orbital platforms are similarly powerful, but they were never designed for combat. Aside from that, they are all busy repairing the damage to the Earth’s Mana-Wells and stabilizing the situation.”

Metal Mike sighed, complaining: “It would only take the two of us at our peak to fuck em all to hell, but ugh… Don’t we have any nukes yet? What’s Ailyn shitting around for all this time? Usually Azrael is like a nukaholic. Oh well. Did you ask Luna for help? Tell her I’ll offer sexual favors if-”

The silver unicorn immediately retorted, “Why would the Soul of the Moon itself, be interested in your paltry sexual techniques? Do you not already possess a harem of golden lizards to play with?”

“Ehh~, we broke up.” The robot cleared his non-existent throat, “Something about not being able to fertilize eggs or some such bullshit. Anyway, the moral of the story is that I’m single again, and looking for a spiritual companion. Ailyn’s probably the only cute girl in the whole damn country that’s actually interested in my physical body, but she’s dating Yuri, and I ain’t getting between that level of immortal soul companionship bullshit. I mean, aren’t they usually brother and sister in most of their reincarnations? Well whatever, we still need to ask Luna for help.”

“Will you two stop bickering already?” Lucy suddenly appeared behind the two of them, hovering a few meters off the ground. Her six wings barely flapping, yet she easily remained afloat. The little girl giggled, “Can’t you feel it? Ah~, that chill up your spine when Lunael’s icy gaze is upon you? Hehehe~, it’s been so long that I’d almost forgotten how beautiful she looks without all that makeup!”

“I’m both confused and aroused…” Robo-Mike’s glowing red mechanical eyes widened in shock, while even Silvia’s mouth gaped for half a second, before she nodded her head.

“Indeed… A very strange sensation.”

Part 19

*3rd Person Perspective*

For as long as most people have been alive on Earth, Luna has remained as a mysterious reflective disk in the sky. The more knowledgeable people would understand that the Moon was actually a sphere, similar to the world they lived on. A grey, sometimes blue, orange or red, beacon in the sky.

Plenty of civilizations worshipped Luna, in one way or another. After all, for those who dwelled on the surface, the Moon would watch over them almost every night. It would go through periods of waxing and waning. Eventually disappearing completely, at least to those without superhuman eyesight. Then again, even human eyesight could be greatly enhanced through magical means. Not to mention telescopes and other mechanisms.

On that fateful night, Luna was in full view to the continent of Alfirin. Of course, compared to the massive night sky, Little Luna would usually seem really small… After all, the distance from the Earth to the Moon could fit every planet in the solar system.

For the Judgement Fleet of the Heavenly Empire however, the lifeless and barren rock behind them was totally ignored. The whole formation of 999 warships was shaped like a massive 4-bladed arrowhead. On the macro-scale, it spun around slowly, sending out a few blasts of red, blue, green and yellow light per minute.

At the very center of the formation, completely surrounded by similarly enormous ‘sailing’ vessels, was a kilometer-long golden galleon. The silver sails billowed constantly, even though there was obviously no ‘wind’ in the conventional sense. Rather, Mana was transformed into ‘air’, which was blasted out the back of the sail via a fancy runic formation that was relatively efficient. Obviously it was only useful in traveling short distances, while teleportation gateways were the only realistic way for the Heavenly Empire to travel millions of miles in a reasonable amount of time. Even that technique was not instantaneous.

On the bridge of that enormous flagship, a relatively small white-robed, pale-skinned woman was sitting on an ivory throne. The marble material was roughly the same shade as her own inhumanly white flesh. However, the four huge, folded wings behind her back were as black as obsidian. The left side of her face was horribly scarred, as if that side of her head was dunked in boiling lava for a few seconds. In fact, for someone who reached ‘Level-7’ by the Alfirin standard of power, it would take far more heat to ever deal any kind of damage to her body. The black hair on her head was similarly missing from the left side, while the right was long and straight; reaching down to her elbow. There was no forearm however, just a rugged stump.

The left arm was completely intact and fairly delicate in appearance. That glowing golden right eye, her only eye, was rapidly scanning through the words of a thick and ancient-looking brown tome… A slight smirk was on her right lips, while her left cheek was burnt through to the point where her pearly white teeth were completely visible even while she had her mouth closed.

She was the most powerful person in the whole fleet, but not the Admiral. He was a huge, burly 3-meter tall brown-skinned man with two pure-white angelic wings flapping behind his back. Like the Captains of the various ships, he was Level-6. His attire was a suit of jade-like ivory plate-armor, which covered everything but his head. A golden crest was on his chestplate, which displayed the planet Mars itself, surrounded by eight silver wings. The Captains on the other ships, had a crest with six wings, while the thousands of Level-5 heavily armored sailors generally had a two or four wing crest. Anyone below that would only have the image of a crimson planet on their pure white robes, chest plates or shirts.

There were men, women and androgenous ‘angels’ either casting spells or gathered in formations in preparation. Whether they had skin so pale that they were literally ‘white’, or so dark that they were pitch-black, everyone had very similar features… They were all very close to human. The only thing that set them apart was their angelic wings. There were only two real Races in Heaven: Humans, and Nephilim. It had been eons since the last Seraphim died off, and the human population was dwindling rapidly.

Thus, their purpose for traveling millions of miles with such a massive force was fairly simple: Survival. The continuation of their species. It wasn’t simply about population. ‘Heaven’ was a beautiful and terrifying place, where the ambient mana density on the surface was Level-5 to Level-6 at the least. The creatures that lived there were all extremely powerful and dangerous, while most people had to survive in small bubble-cities or underground. Their Celestial Cities were just glorified fortresses to protect what little infrastructure and resources they could find. The Judgement Fleet was the Vanguard, but the subsequent vessels were mostly transports or colony ships.

As the one-armed Nephilim was about to turn the page of her book, she raised her right brow and glanced up at a shiny silver golem that was knocking on the transparent barrier below the ship’s sails. The magical bubble was the reason why everyone still had air to breathe, and also protected them from radiation, while moderating the temperature.

“Please, come in.” The scarred woman didn’t speak, since there was no way for her voice to be heard through the void outside anyway. She simply sent out a telepathic message, and the golem transformed into a beam of light, before rematerializing in front of that ivory throne. She appeared truly small in comparison to the Admiral that immediately rushed over, along with a team of heavily armed and armored warriors.

“Hahaha~, if you’re trying to intimidate me with these weaklings, then you’re pretty fucking blind.” That magical faceless robot snickered and suddenly grew from a meter tall, to five. Some of the closer guards were smacked away in the process and nearly splattered on the amazingly solid golden walls.

“Amirah… Don’t ve foh impoite to our est. Eave usss.” With a few slurred words from the four-winged angel, the Admiral and the Royal Guards immediately left and went back to their duties… Well, the ones that could still walk.

“It’s been a while, Cassandra… You look like you got face-fucked my a fire dragon. How the hell have you been lately?”

Part 20

*3rd Person Perspective*

“I see you’re as vulgar as ever, Seventy-Six. But it’s nice to see that you haven’t changed… Even after so many years have passed.”

Since physically speaking was rather difficult given Cassandra’s condition, she simply communicate telepathically most of the time. Of course, when she mentioned years, she meant Heavenly Years, which are typically nearly two Earth Years.

Luna-76 shrunk down to her usual compact size and then asked, “Seriously though, what the fuck happened to you, Kid? Supreme Justices don’t get healthcare benefits in ‘Heaven’? Hahaha~!”

The angelic woman let out a sigh, “If you must know… A traitor attempted to assassinate me. I avoided fatal injuries, but there simply aren’t any Healers powerful enough to fix me anymore… More importantly, why are you here Seventy-Six? I may be crippled, but I’m not weak enough that you can bully me on your own.”

“I’m not here to kick your ass, Cassy.” The golem let out a telepathic sigh, before shaking its head: “I’m giving you a heads up. The Big Bitch is pissed as fuck and she is not messing around. It’s probably too late for everyone else, but you can still escape…”

“Impossible!” Cassandra immediately stood up and roared, telepathically. A pitch-black aura gathered around her severed right elbow and then transformed into a long, slender obsidian forearm, eventually ending in a claw-like hand. Those four wings unfurrowed as she shouted: “How foolish do you think I am?! That cowardly rock would never break the Celestial Accord! Does she not fear the wrath of God?!”

“Pft~!” Luna-76 snickered, “Girl~, either you’re really naive or completely brainwashed! What God?! Zachael broke the Celestial Accord when he sent you idiots to fuck with Terra! Mama Luna wrote the rules, and the other little brats either agreed, or died. Why do you think that Hell still has no Soulcore, even though it’s plenty powerful?! Why do you think Papa Sol wakes up screaming in horror and agony every now and then?! If it wasn’t for Luna… If it wasn’t for ‘Us’, your entire species wouldn’t exist! The very planet itself would’ve just exploded from the excess Mana build up for that matter! Now are you gonna pack up your shit and flee, or do you wanna go down with the goddamn ship like an idiot?!”

Before Cassandra could retort, she turned back and gazed beyond the stern of the ship. That distant shiny silver rock was trembling ever so slightly. Then it emitted a blinding radiance in every direction, as if it had exploded. With her singular golden eye, the Nephilim could see past that bright flash and witness the transformation occur.

All that reflective dust was instantly blown away, and what remained… Was nothing. Even with her incredible vision, all she saw was the light bending around the sides of that spherical abyss. A moment later however, the dust returned, this time it formed a silver halo that was even wider than the diameter of the former moon.

“This is an order from the Supreme Justice! All ships, scatter formation! Activate the escape boats! God be with you!” The Admiral immediately started giving fleet-wide orders after receiving a telepathic message from Cassandra. They didn’t truly understand what was happening, but anyone who saw that blinding light and the planetoid that went missing shortly afterwards, was obviously very concerned.

A second ring appeared, then a third. In a triangular formation. However, as if finally revealing itself from its formerly transparent state, a bright-blue face appeared. The two lower rings had become the main eyes and the third opened vertically, much like Michael’s. All three irises turned golden, while the sclera became light-blue. Even from two-hundred thousand miles away, the facial features were still incredibly easy to discern.

The nose was fairly wide and flat, with a small silver septum ring. The ears were long and pointed upwards. Those two curly black ram-horns were hard to see given the background. She had a shiny bald head, with various silver runes ‘tattooed’ on… It didn’t stop there though. A giant face that was tens of thousands of miles across, apparently wasn’t extravagant enough.

It was at that point, when the entire night sky was filled with her Lunar ‘majesty’. The furry goat-like lower-body, and smooth, humanoid blue fleshy upper body were two of her most distinctive features. Of course, the other one was the massive silver chains that dangled from her nipple rings, to her belly button, then even down to her unnecessarily detailed genitals. 

Since that original pupil was at least two thousand miles in diameter, the rest of her body was likely close to four million miles in ‘height’. From the tips of her silver hooves, to the top of her shiny scalp. To put that in perspective, even the sun was only a little more than 860,000 miles in diameter. And that was nearly a hundred million miles away from the Earth. It was only possible for the people on those frantically scattering ships to see ‘all’ of the divine exhibitionist’s ethereal body, while the people on the planet could only see a fragment depending on their elevation and latitude.

Luna yawned as she stretched her arms and legs out for the first time in eons. Then she let out a long sigh, before shaking her head and turning away from the Earth. In the process that long, silver, serpentine tail of hers grew the head of a snake, which opened its mouth wide enough to engulf the entire world. However, it simply inhaled and those thousands of scrambling starships were instantly consumed. Some of them did manage to escape by forcefully ripping open the barrier surrounding the Earth for a brief moment, then crash landing in random places. Yet the majority were simply gone…

Finally, Luna glared at the distant orange dot as she released a telepathic message that swept through the entire Solar System: “Zachael you spoiled little brat! I’ve given you three warnings already! When I made you the Guardian of Mars, you turned a barren shithole into a heavenly paradise… I was proud to be your mother. But only a few million years have passed and what? You think you’re too good for that now? You aren’t satisfied with destroying your own world, so now you want to devour Terra as well?!”

“You think you’re a God?” A golden javelin appeared in her right hand, “Even Gods can die.” Then she gently tossed it out, before turning back around and gazing down at the Earth. There was a wry smile on her face as she whispered: “Nothing lasts forever… But even death is only temporary. How many times will you make the same mistakes? Everything is so… Predictable.”

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