Observing the End, Volume 2: Kitsune

So yeah, I started posting the second Volume now lol. And just by the title alone, I think a lot of people will probably guess some things about this book. Of course, since I made it the title, it obviously isn’t much of a spoiler and gets revealed in the first few chapters.

Anyway, here’s the link “Volume 2: Kitsune” for those of you who read the story 🙂


TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 7a: Adaptation

“If you’re reading this message, it means that you’re still alive young Kitsune. However, I know that it must have been very difficult for you to make it this far. Life is fragile, yet incredibly tenacious. We can only truly thrive when we’re struggling to survive… But you need to eat, in order to grow. Everything does and no matter how powerful you become, you will always hunger. When you stop eating, you will start dying. Never give up! As long as you’re alive, then you will be able to improve yourself! Experiencing hardships and overcoming them is what makes life worth living.” Continue reading

TDoDK Chapter 1, Day 10b: Inari’s Garden

[Running Program: Inari’s Garden. Error 404, file not found. Connecting to Kitsune Drive. Downloading Files… Installing Program… Checking for Updates… Downloading and Installing Updates… Running Program: Inari’s Garden.] Continue reading