Chapter 68: Doomsweek?

After hearing Arcana complain about his lack of Intelligence for the fifth time, Michael finally decided spend his unused stats. Unfortunately, she only told him “You should have increased your Wisdom, so that you would be able to utilize your ‘Astral-Step’ more effectively. Although, if you are still attempting to become a ‘Tank,’ then Vitality, Endurance or Strength would be far more beneficial choices.”

[Player Information

Name: Michael
Titles: The Nudist, The Noob, The Immortal, The Lurker, The Survivor, The Astronaut, Shinigami
Level: 10
Experience: 1/100
Age: Adult
Race: Human
Rank: F
Class: None
Specialization: None
Profession: Leatherworker Level 3]


Health: 55/55
Mana: 45/45
Stamina: 30/30
Mana Regen per minute: 60
Health Regen per hour: 50

Strength: 6
Vitality: 5
Endurance: 6
Dexterity: 3
Agility: 6(+2)
Intelligence: 7(+2)
Wisdom: 4(+2)
Perception: 4
Charisma: 2

Willpower: 21
Luck: 21
Aura: 7.8

Attack Power: 30(+11.5)
Defense Rating: 3(+7)]


Resist Paralysis Level 2: Resists Level two paralysis spells and abilities.

Poison Resistance Level 1: Resists level one poisons and toxins.

Immune System Boost Level 3: Resists Level three infectious diseases and illnesses.

Superior Regeneration Level 2: Organs and bones that have been lost, can be completely regenerated. Recovery speed is dependent on the amount of mana consumed.

Arcane Affinity Level 2: Increases mana and health regeneration dramatically, inside of dungeons.

Arcane Body Level 1: Completely breaks down waste in the large intestines and bladder, transforming it into mana, which is used to satiate hunger. The Aura stat determines the rate of decomposition.

Throwing Mastery Level 3: Increases Attack Rating while utilizing throwing weapons by 15%.]

Michael complained “I don’t feel any smarter, no matter how many damn Intelligence points I get… Also, why does Arcane Body make me feel like I’m having appendicitis and suffering from kidney-failure at the same time? Like, I can get the whole ‘no pain, no gain’ philosophy, but seriously, there should be a limit for fuck’s sake!”

Arcana giggled and whispered “Humanoids improve themselves in order to avoid suffering, beasts are more easily motivated by unending hunger. Most animals and plants tend to remain in their initial state; without ever attempting to become something greater, content with what they have already been given.”

He snickered, then glared at the illusory woman, while asking her “Are you sure that the nine of you aren’t just hardcore sadists, endlessly searching for the perfect M for you to abuse?”

Hearing that, the Goddess smirked and replied “Perhaps you should choose Chaos as your next Affinity… I believe that she would enjoy ‘playing’ with you.”

After a long sigh, Michael said “I don’t know~, I usually like the ‘innocent’ type. Plus, I might already have a girl-frenemy, so I would feel kinda bad, even though she already cheated on me with my own corpse. Ugh, I guess Arcane Body doesn’t affect my sex-drive, because now I’m starting to get really horny.”

Arcana giggled as she aimed her right palm towards his groin, and then began dealing out their seven cards each. She smiled at him and whispered “I’ve temporarily disabled your arousal. Time to begin game-twenty nine; the score is currently fifteen to fourteen, with you in the lead. Since you won the last game, it is my turn to ask first; do you have any kings?”

He grumbled “Ugh~, no, I don’t, but I think my twenty-second death will probably be from excessive Go Fishing…” They had been playing for nearly eight hours, and it was at that time when the unconscious dealer and a Wood-Elf patron began waking up and immediately fled the gambling hall.

However, there was one person who was so afraid, she pretended to still be sleeping. The beautiful High-Elf Huntress was thankful that she didn’t have her bow on her back, because she definitely wouldn’t have been able to stand laying there.

Yet, when Michael complained “Damn it, what the hell is up with people passing out and pissing themselves every time you appear? No wonder you girls don’t wanna interact with these idiots.” she couldn’t help but grimace at her own shameful behavior.

The semi-transparent Goddess smirked and told him “The Willpower stat is merely an additional assistance that is placed upon an individual. Similar to Luck, before you came to this world, you had a base-value of zero. Your own personal mental conditions were then influenced by us in various ways, and in certain instances, we provide you with minor support. An adequate example, is the suppression of your various phobias… some were quite severe. I found your extreme resistances to pain and fear quite amusing, so I decided to help you cope with several other disorders instead.”

He sighed dramatically, then muttered “This is why no one wants to play with you…”
It was early morning, and many devout Arcana worshipers were still kneeling and praying outside of ‘Avarice.’ However, there were less than a hundred of them in total, and the majority of people were simply avoiding the place.

Although the town appeared relatively normal on the surface, within the actual Temple of Asura, business wasn’t proceeding as usual. Throughout the many rooms, there were no longer orgies, humanoids mating with magical-beasts, or rampant and unrestrained violence.

Not even corpses remained of the fanatic Chaos cultists, because the seal had finally been lifted. Within the basement of the keep was a massive circular room, which was entirely made out of golden-mithril.

On the floor was an enormous pentagram, and on each point of that gigantic star, was a person. Every one of them appeared to be Human on the surface, and had varying Affinities.

To the southeast was an elderly woman of the Fire Element, the southwest was an old man of Earth, in the west was a young boy of the Water Affinity, and the east was a little girl of Wind. Each of them were level-fifteen and rank-G, including the one who was at the top of that five-pointed star: Carlos the Necrophiliac.

They were sitting down cross-legged and meditating, and while they each exuded a radically different aura, all of it melded together into the center of the pentagram. Then each of them spoke at slightly different times “The,” “contract,” “has,” “been,” “fulfilled!”

Millions of chaotic voices resounded throughout the entire rain-forest at the same exact moment “We have returned! Hahahaha~! Ahhhh! No, I don’t, what?! Where did we go?! Grah~! I-I want my mommy… I am my mommy! Oh, wait, why are you doing that? Yes, yes, ahn~, it feels so good, harder! Help, save me, please! Die, fucking bitch, die!”

The screams, howls, whispers, and cries were so loud that they echoed in every single part of ‘Raphael’s Jungle.’ Looking down at the colossal expanse of various vibrant and colorful plant-life, with Mount Chaotica as the center, the shape of a pentagram could be clearly seen.

However, only someone who was viewing from at least forty miles above the surface would be able to witness something so large. There was a fairly obvious reason that it was called the Forbidden Forest, and was at the very center of the whole continent.

A magnitude ten earthquake spread out from beneath the gigantic mountain, as it began collapsing in upon itself. Dragons, Treants and other titanic creatures that lived close to the epicenter, were being sucked into the swirling whirlpool of destruction. While incredibly powerful entities were being devoured in a massive scale, on each of the five points was a different ‘Temple,’ and each of them were starting to serve their purpose.

Carlos and the other four were staring at the center of the room, towards the mysterious archway that had suddenly emerged from the golden floor. Every few seconds it would change shape, from rectangular to circular, then square and sometimes oval, but the order was impossible to discern.

The old man, wearing the pitch-black robes, announced “The Chaos Gate has been summoned, and the sacrifices have been made… Now, it’s finally time for us to release our seals. Damn, it’s been so long, I can’t even remember what the password was.”

Then the little girl giggled, before screaming “Fucking asshole, cunt-bitch whore!?” It wasn’t that she was reacting to his comment, but a curse had forced her to speak in only profanity.

After that, the old woman coughed violently, breathing out dark-purple flames and pitch-black smoke. The boy asked “Or cak sius ska oadad claosl sybleine saofai ckao?” and none of them had any idea what he was trying to say.

Finally, the elderly man, wearing a light-brown robe, told Carlos “There is no fucking password…” Then the portal opened up, and an immense aura of Chaos erupted out of the ominous gateway.

Their five bodies started rapidly mutating and evolving; their skin-color changed from tan or pale-white, into red, orange, purple, blue, and pitch-black at random. Horns, antlers and spines began erupting from their faces, backs, heads, and they were each growing much larger.

However, after raising their ranks up to ‘D’ and turning into full-fledged Demons, that was when the first being emerged from the portal. It was a naked woman with six arms and three-heads, whom had a height of over five-meters.

Her obsidian skin had beautiful and constantly moving runic tattoos covering it. Each of her six eyes were a different color, and her hair was the same. Every hand held a unique type of melee weapon: from a giant silver hammer in her upper left, to a relatively small blue dagger in her lower right. Above that enormously powerful being’s heads was “Asura of Rage, Level-75 Archdemon, Rank-B, World Boss.”

She glanced around the room and then stared up at the golden ceiling with all three sets of eyes, sniffing the air, while a grin emerged on her faces. After a few moments she yelled “I smell Angels!”

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  1. So… this story is on hiatus. *Sigh* and it was getting to the good part and all… How am I supposed to find the next chapter, since someone mentioned it was possible in the comments, previously. Ahhhh whatever I’ll try to figure it out myself :3

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  2. ugh… this chapter is soo chaotic it’s randomly missing the next chapter button. >_<

    now I have to click more than once…. damn you chaos!!!


  3. Btw when you said you would sigh if someone didn’t understand the dooms week reference I bought you were referring to a tv show instead of just doomsday lol

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  4. I love ‘pure law’ and ‘pure chaos’ in fantasy worlds. Cos the irony is that the people who spend the most time seeking order are the chaos mages, since they want to make the blast of pure chaos they are throwing act like a ball of contained energy instead of turning into a pirana made of gamma radiation trying to eat their face. And those who seek chaos the most are those using Law magic, since pure law doesn’t DO anything since any change would be unlawful…

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      • Think about it.

        If you are drawing the essense of pure chaos, that means what you are holding can be literally anything in the process of doing literally anything. Chaos is change and transition and movement. If you are a chaos mage then when you draw a ball of chaos into your hand you are creating a ball of perfect Anything. You then have to do your best to make sure that Anything doesn’t involve something that is going to kill you and will do what you want, meaning you are applying Order on chaos.

        When you draw on pure Law you do the opposite, you are taking something set and firm and unchanging and warping it into something you want. Say you want to create a ball of fire, you need to change the laws of reality to make the fireball appear.

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      • That only holds true to ‘our’ sense of natural reality. In another reality, where magic and mana exist, then things are much different. Besides, she’s called Chaos, and they certainly are ‘Chaotic’ but there is not such thing as pure Chaos or Order and you certainly wouldn’t be able to make a ball of literal chaos lol. The polar opposite element of Chaos, as far as this story is concerned, is Nature; Chaos is very destructive, but also creative, and the same can be said for Nature. Thus, why I didn’t make it Chaos and Order, or Nature and Death… because Death is quite often natural, and Life is usually chaotic lol. As far as Elements go though, both Chaos and Nature are very similar in that they both involve Life in a sense. Also, I’ve implied this already, but there is a sort of hierarchy between the Goddesses… Arcana>Lux/Umbra>Naturae/Chaos>Aeris/Terra/Aqua/Ignis… They’re all super OP, but there is a huge disparity between them lol.


      • What is the difference between Chaos/Nature then? I don’t quite see how they oppose.

        As you said, Nature is very chaotic, and Chaos creates just as much as it destroys.

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      • Similar to how cancer cells are opposed by and oppose the ‘normal’ cells in an animal’s body. Or to how a parasite tries to consume its host, even though it can’t live without them lol. Chaos and Nature are very similar, but oppose each-other because of how similar they are lol. Nature is usually more similar to ‘our’ idea of natural; a giant snapping turtle would look pretty much like a regular snapping turtle… just huge lol. A demonic snapping turtle might have a bunch of extra eyes, it might not have a shell, maybe it would have extra legs, ect. Essentially, the difference between Nature and Chaos is our ‘perception’ of what ‘should’ be natural or unnatural. Anyway, another aspect is that the Goddess of Chaos is fucking crazy, but that was probably obvious from the name lol. After all, Arcana did mention when Michael first met her, that people gave them those names… so the original Players were probably the ones who named the Goddesses lol.

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  5. huh did i notice it wrong shouldnt the tittle be more profound with months n all hasnt the doomday march going on for the last few weeks with victorias secret boss n oh so skinny saurus moving around?….just felt like babblin damn i wanna sleep

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