Chapter 147: Fame and Infamy

“Jasmine Jade: MIA, presumed dead, body never found. Disappeared during the Battle of Fort Resilience. Witnesses have reported that a beam of white-light descended from the artificial sky, burned a hole through the rampart, and several floors above her room, before leaving scorch marks on the center of her floor.” A middle-aged, dark-skinned, Dwarven man was sitting in a leather desk-chair and reading an article, from a fairly large computer screen.

He scrolled down and saw another one, “The Tragedy of Jasmine Jade: A seventeen year old Priestess of Lux was found in the wreckage of New Wales. Her body was horribly disfigured and the seal of Chaos was found branded on her mutilated chest. The girl’s mental state was reduced to that of a child, though she does seem surprisingly cheerful, given the horrors that she must have suffered.”

“The Jasmine Jade Controversy: Many are blaming the destruction of New Wales on a young Feline Dwarf, whom was discovered to have an intimate connection with the Goddess of Chaos. However, if they were to prosecute her for the crimes of a Goddess, then it is possible that the entire country may face disaster. She is currently being kept under strict observation in the capital New London, though the public is demanding that she be banished.”

“Jasmine Jade, the Weapon of Mass Destruction: The terrorist group ‘Hybrid Liberty,’ has managed to capture the Dwarven Republic’s most unstable and dangerous weapon, and is threatening to ‘activate’ her, if their demands are not met.”

“General Jason Jade Finally Takes Action: After having his daughter kidnapped, one of the country’s most powerful military officers completely annihilates the ‘Hybrid Liberty’ headquarters. Fortunately, he managed to rescue Jasmine Jade before the terrorists were able to destroy the city.”

The man with short grey hair, and a long, thick, braided beard, muttered “Don’t worry honey, Daddy’s gonna find you… Whatever it takes. Damn it, where the hell is she? As long as that crazy brat is somewhere within the Republic, there probably isn’t anyone who wouldn’t recognize her…”

Then he started watching the Battleground recordings from the live feed that she was last seen in. He had obviously watched it dozens of times already, and all throughout the country, both Michael the Immortal and Sarah, the Daughter of Umbra, were fairly famous.

Even if many people found them disgusting for various reasons, it didn’t change the fact that they managed to defend Nekoshire from a large invasion. However, at the end of the video, they seemed to be teleported away by the Goddess of Light herself.

Yet, even though there were just two of them, there were three beams. Thus, it wasn’t hard for that Dwarven man to make the obvious connection: Wherever those two went, his daughter had been taken there as well.

Then he finally found something substantial, though it wasn’t exactly what most parents would want to see. “Dungeon-Tube Is Coming Back! New Video Leaked from the Ancient Tomb of Princess Carrabelle: Please be click yes if you are over 18. Be advised that the following content is considered pornography, under the Censorship Act of-”

Even given that suspicious warning, he continued to onto the site and started reading a brief description. “Jasmine Jade, Michael the Immortal, the Daughter of Umbra, and a mysterious, beautiful angelic cat-woman have a grotesque and bizarre foursome. This video was uploaded by Johnny198 twelve hours ago. If you wish to view the uncensored version, you must be a member of Dungeon-Leaks: You can sign up for free, or pay one silver a month for premium access!”

Jason hesitantly ‘logged-in’ with his premium account and began watching the ‘disturbing’ video. Unfortunately, the whole room was incredibly dark and the only person who was easily visible was that mysterious, glowing, Feline Angel, who was mostly covered by a demonic man.

About five minutes into the video, he had to zoom-in quite a bit to see the little-girl’s face. Her hair and ears were pure-white, so it was difficult to tell if it was really his daughter. However, when he turned the volume all the way up, and listened to their voices, he heard that monster clearly ask “Does Jasmine’s pussy really taste like oranges? Your tongue’s probably getting tired, so I’ll take over, hehe~…”

“Nyah~, Mikey’s so naughty~… Un~, my coochie feels all warm and fuzzy~!” At that point, Jason quickly closed the tab, and opened a new one. His brown irises had started to glow slightly, with a deep crimson light.

The white t-shirt he was wearing suddenly burst into flames, as bulky muscles were instantly revealed, which were covered in old and terrible scars. That overbearing aura was completely of the Fire Affinity, and if he didn’t immediately suck it back into his body, his entire bedroom would have been incinerated. Then he typed into the search-engine: “Where is the Tomb of Princess Carrabelle?”

He growled “Don’t worry JJ, Daddy is going to save you from those evil bastards…”
Meanwhile, two thousand miles to the south of the Dwarven Republic, in a land of eternal darkness, there was another relatively advanced civilization. In the penthouse of a gigantic and ominous, pitch-black skyscraper, a buxom cat-girl was enjoying the comfort of her boyfriend’s huge bed.

The mattress was actually entirely filled with his own molted, angelic feathers. There was a massive, magical flat-screen television on the ceiling, and she was watching the few videos that she had made so far. She only started a week before then, but she had already traveled all over the Former Goblin Empire, covering all kinds of undead Battlegrounds.

A naked, pale-skinned and relatively lithe Elven Vampiric Archangel, came walking over to her. He handed her a wine-glass, filled with a crimson liquid, and she revealed a seductive smile.

He asked “So, you were telling me about how Umbra herself, actually hired you and your brother to work at her news-station… Did you ever find out what happened to your sister?”

Lily sighed, “My boss told me that she’s doing fine, but my brother is still desperately trying to find her, hehe~… That asshole’s always ‘loved’ her a little too much, if you know what I mean.”

Azrael snickered, before folding his wings tightly behind his back and laying down next to the beautiful cat-girl. Their ages and levels were unreasonably far apart, yet he was still charmed by that Enchantress, and not in the magical sense.

After they set their glasses down on floating obsidian disks, they began pressing their bodies and lips together. Unfortunately, they were abruptly interrupted when the screen changed to the face of a zombified man with glowing silver, feline irises and fluffy black, cat-ears on the top of his head.

The girl screamed “Rick, what the hell are you doing!?” as she quickly covered her naked body with the black-satin sheets and glared at the invisible camera at the center of the television.

Her brother yelled “Oh calm the fuck down! Ugh, seriously dude, no it doesn’t matter… Lily, I found her! I finally know where Little Sis is! I convinced Umbra ta let ya go there! It’s a long-ass trip though, but if ya take your boyfriend with ya, it shouldn’t be too dangerous. It isn’t a vacation though, she wants ya ta get an exclusive interview with… ‘Him.’ Well, ya do need ta be careful, cause she also mentioned that a bunch-uh archangelic dick-heads are heading over there too.”

Hearing that, Azriel’s expression and aura became cold and ruthless, “Those twats intend to interfere with my Goddess’ plans? Ha! I suppose it’s finally time for me to get rid of those annoying doves!”

Richard frowned, “Nah, ya really don’t have ta do that man… It’s just an interview, so don’t freak out too m-” The television was turned off, and the raven-winged vampiric angel quickly began to prepare himself for battle.

Lily sighed, as she muttered “I’m still horny though~…” and started taking care of her arousal. The undead cat-girl’s desires were obviously much stronger than her work-ethic.

27 thoughts on “Chapter 147: Fame and Infamy

  1. the scene with jasmines father was hillarious haha
    oh and i love the way you let jasmine act her personality and mental issues out
    i first thought those meows nyas would become annoying but its damn cute and funny NO shes damn cute and funny

    Liked by 1 person

  2. JJ is part slime but her father is a flame type. I wonder what will happen if JJ levels up with a Flame type?
    I hope she will be able to fire flaming death rays from her fingers.

    I have many questions but the main one is why would papa dwarf have a premium membership to a questionable site of Dungeon-leaks?

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  3. LOL Ok first off. the brother ‘found’ her while looking for porn no doubt lol second is the undead cat girl a vampire cat girl? fucking a vampiric angel should have that affect no? lol and least but not least… The Overprotective Papa Cometh! 😛

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  4. i kinda feel sorry for dwarf guy watching your daughter’s porn on a site and he s a genral at felt like from a certain film.P mike u r way too cruel for him i wanna see and not see his face when he finds jj in dungeon:P

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Well… I predict an awkward reunion in more ways than one… Especially on cat-family’s side… Micheal should not forget to pull Rejuvenate Step-Mom out of the interdimentionnal storage… Plus the egg… Now they just need to fetch rotten goblin papa and everyone would be gathered… and Talia’s dad maybe… if he’s alive… but no one gives a f**k about him… (Where did this censure come from?)

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