The Dao of Eros

Okay, so apparently, whenever I try to take a break from writing, I always end up writing like 10 times more than normal roflmao. Anyway, a few days ago I woke up and had this idea for a story: “The Dao of Eros”.

To be completely honest, my concept for this one was pretty much just going to be an erotic xianxia. Is ‘Erotic Xianxia’ even a genre?

I mean, I’ve always read these xianxia where the most evil and disgusting scumbags practice something that is essentially just having sex to get stronger lol. I’m going to expand on that a bit… Except less rapey and more interesting.

Actually, for a little while before that I had been writing ‘other’ stories a lot. I would just get an idea and start writing about it, but “The Dao of Eros” the first time that I actually completed a whole chapter  without losing interest.

I say ‘Erotic Xianxia’, but I still don’t know how ‘erotic’ it’ll actually be. ‘Eros’ means desire… The Path of Desire still sounds pretty sexual, so “The Dao of Eros” seemed more ambiguous to me :P.

Anyway, I still haven’t finished writing the end of book 2 of HCOP.  Basically, I got writer’s block, but I figured that instead of struggling to write half a chapter a day of HCOP, it’d be better if I could just work on someone else for a little while.  I mean, this is practically the same exact thing I said last summer when I was getting writer’s block on “Immortal Soul” roflmao.

Sigh, the point is that I’ve written twelve chapters of “The Dao of Eros” so far.  I’ll probably start posting them in a few days… If you’re wondering what it’s actually going to be about, it’s kind of hard to say it without giving spoilers.  Besides that, I’m still in the world-building phase, so I’ll probably update the synopsis a bit once I’ve written enough chapters to know what to say without spoiling anything lol.

Well, I can tell you this though.  The main character is named Levi Ares, also known as Leviathan :).  Also, it’s somewhere in between a reincarnation and a transportation, or maybe both?

26 thoughts on “The Dao of Eros

  1. you know your gone for about a week then you come back saying your going to make a ‘Erotic Xianxia’ witch is the only thing i was reading for the precious week and some light novel called ‘apartments for rent’ witch was way worst than your book to read in class i mean you book is about some fuck who give less then two shits but what happened in that novel was just wow.

    but i’m getting off topic since i cant see my keyboard well and this is my 9 drink but if your going to do a ‘Erotic Xianxia’ do some thing like ‘my disciple died yet again’ were the story of a girl who is trying to stop the ‘main protagonist’ who gets more pussy than you could ever dream of.

    once again i think i’m getting off topic so tell me how are your eyes.


    • Well, I hate rape lol. It’s not like I don’t talk about it or write about it, but I think it’s overly used as a dramatic tool in pretty much every story ever. It’s like when they kill a character just because they wanted to create drama, when it actually has no real tangible reason. In TV shows they kill off characters and totally destroy plot because they wanna get rid of certain actors lol.


    • I found it funnier that a person who doesn’t like rape and slavery, writes about extreme capitalism (in Immortal Soul). As if in principal, the concept of “basically selling yourself and treating each other like objects based on currency” — will not reduce people down to whores in the long run, in which human-capital becomes obsolete and you’re not worth a thing in the macro-market.

      In concept, it’s weird. But yeah, I get why one will dislike these things.

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  2. There’s a recent story on RRL called ‘Live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse’ which basically has the Dao of Hedonism haha. Have you read it? It’s really funny and I remembered it when you explained your Dao of Eros idea.

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    • Sounds familiar, but I’ve never read it before lol. I’ve totally seen in translated novels where they have similar Daos tho, which is where I got my idea from :P. Of course, there’s a lot more to “The Dao of Eros” than just sex :P.


      • Sadly Live fast die free and leave a bueatiful corpse was discontinued today ;( though it was basically about living how you want to no matter

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      • Yeah it’s been discontinued. So I was thinking if you could use the story as possible inspiration? Far be it that I want to influence your creative process but it’s a fairly short story as is and could possible be useful to you. You should read it. Thanks for the stories Sofar btw.

        Off topic but has Immortal Soul been fully edited so far?

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