Wattys 2016

So yeah, I entered some kinda contest thing called The Wattys 2016 and although I don’t expect to win, it would be nice to at least try a little lol.

Anyway, this is a link to my Wattpad thingy.  Wattpad is kind of like a more mainstream version of Royal Road Legends.  I’m not sure if you guys and girls have ever heard of it before now, but you might like it.  There are lots and lots of stories… Like, a ridiculous amount lol.

They have all kinds of genres and even fanfictions, poems, other random stuff rofl.

To make my story get more publicity on there, you can just go through from  Chapter 1: The MC Is a ‘No-Lifer’ and just click on the ‘vote’ thingy in the top right corner.  Each chapter can be voted on once per person.  Those votes aren’t for the Wattys thing though, it’s just like… Idk, clicking the like button on wordpress?  Maybe not even that extreme.  A vote is more like just acknowledging that you read a chapter or just looked at it lol.

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