TDoDK Chapter 1, Day 5: It’s Not Pointless

When I woke up, I remembered that Dad is allergic to cat hair and Mom is deathly afraid of dogs. All of Azra’s money went to my parents, because he didn’t have a will or anything like that. I didn’t want any of it either… But, that means that I’m still totally broke and completely dependent on my family, so I’m not moving out anytime soon.

Although it’s only a two story house, it’s really wide and there’s even a big basement. I wouldn’t leave even if my parents wanted to kick me out. Obviously I wasn’t thinking clearly a few days ago.

I’m feeling a lot better now. I only cried three times today. Aside from that, I’ve also finally reached Level-100 on “Inari’s Garden”. I’ve already done all there is to do and unless Kawaii Co. releases an update soon, I don’t think I’ll ever play it again.

What’s the point anyway? My farm is the maximum size of a hundred blocks. I have a pasture for every animal type, a field for every kind of crop, an orchard for every tree, I even have all the unlockable pets. It’s a pretty new game, so I was the first person to make it to the end. Normal people wouldn’t waste thousands of dollars on a phone-app and neither would I, but considering my brother made the game, the account he created for me was unique… I could buy as much stuff as I wanted and didn’t need to pay for it.

It’s probably going to be a few years before anyone else reaches Level-100, huh? So I guess I really will have to quit. Ugh, but if I do, then my rare and unique crops will all die… My livestock and pets too.

Oh wow, I almost forgot to evolve my Inari! Aw~, she’s so cute, even if she’s just a tiny two-dimensional avatar that vaguely resembles a fox. Okay, now she finally has nine tails…

“Destiny, congratulations on wasting so much time and effort playing this ridiculous game. I honestly don’t know how you can get so addicted to these pointless phone-apps, but I’m glad that at least you didn’t spend any money on this one. Well, whatever, it’s your life and I did go through a lot of trouble to make this for you… Thanks for playing and testing this game for me. Actually, I came up with the whole fox-god nonsense and the idea for the app when I was visiting Dad’s parents in Japan two years ago… or at least two years before I recorded this message. You should go see them, if they’re still alive when you’re hearing this. I know you’re afraid of planes, but they’re statistically a lot safer than cars or even just walking across the street. I’m not sure if I’m home or not… If I’m there, then let me know that you’ve beaten the game. If I’m not there or sleeping, then just go into my room and look on my bookshelf. There should be a little nine-tailed fox figurine. I bought it from an Inari Okami Shrine as a souvenir for you, but eight of the tails fell off and I was going to throw it away… Just go and get it already. Love ya and good job.”

Okay, after listening to that message, I’ve officially cried four times today.


7 thoughts on “TDoDK Chapter 1, Day 5: It’s Not Pointless

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    • Yeah, I figured that female would be easier than male for what I want from the story lol. Although, it was more like… It’s way rarer for guys to keep a diary, at least not to themselves. I think most people are more likely to full-on blog nowadays though. More importantly, I wanted it to remain non-sexual and I know for a fact that if it was me, I would have talked about masturbating like 50 times already roflmao.


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