December Chapocalypse

As some of you may know, I never stop writing. Even the past week, when I was super-sick, I didn’t stop writing. However, those of you who don’t have access to my Google Drive usually think that I died or quit writing every time I take a short break from posting for whatever reason.

You see, that’s the big difference between writers and translators. I don’t have thousands of chapters already finished. I can’t just go out and pick up a different series to translate if the one I’m working on doesn’t do as well as I expected. I have to write everything myself.

Then, even after I’ve finished writing the chapters, I still need to go out of my way to edit and post them. Lately, all of my editing brain-power has been focused entirely on “The Diary of Destiny King”. While my writing-powers are still going out of control, like always…

Fun fact: Chaotica’s Coliseum has almost 7 chapters(and 1 prologue) finished, but I’ve only posted 3 chapters(and the prologue).

Another interesting tid-bit: I started working on a new story and accidentally wrote like 50k words of it so far… That’s basically a whole volume or book.

Anyway, I was planning to move to a new site, so I thought “Ah, well, I shouldn’t post anything for a few days while they get the site ready!” It’s been like a whole month and the site still isn’t ready.

Sigh, so I’ve decided to just do a Chapocalypse for the Holiday Season. This will be a little of everything… Except for “Questing” and “Immortal Soul”. I literally don’t have chapters to release from those two stories, so , sorry :(.

Things are starting to come full circle though… I’ve mentioned it before, but all of my stories are intricately connected.  Even “Harem Reaper” is important to me… The problem with HR is that it’s a fanfiction atm, so I would need to do lots of revamping and I just haven’t had the time. However, I promise that I will get to it eventually.

I literally have 5-10 different series waiting for me to write, which all involve Virtual Reality stuff. I know that some people love VR, others hate it. Personally, I could go either way. It all depends on how well the story is written and other things lol.

Okay, I won’t deny that I’ve also suffered from many new addictions lmao. Here are some of them.

I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much: Okay, this is one of those stories with an absurdly ridiculous name, so it’s obviously from Japan. Anyway, it’s cool, but updates slowly and doesn’t have many chapters :(.

Caught up in a ritual performed by a God in another world, Eiji Choukai is transported to another world. The otherworldy God responsible for the ritual looked at Eiji potential incarnations, they pulled out Classes like those from “I reincarnated into a vending machine”, but whereas there are normally several tens of Classes available for a person, the only Class available for Eiji was “Parasite”. Having no choice but that one set-in-stone Class, Eiji reincarnates into his new world despondent. However, after using his powers he suddenly realized its potential. Using the parasite’s powers, he finds he can amplify himself countless times by obtaining other people’s powers. it could be that Eiji’s level might rise too much.

Seoul Station’s Necromancer: This story is basically crack. It’s hilarious, the MC is a total badass and you’ll probably like it lol. It’s a Korean novel, if that means anything to you?

[You have entered the dungeon at Gwachun Station’s 1st Exit.]
“What is this?”
A necromancer had returned to earth after 20 years, and the subway station… No, it had become a dungeon.
Bow down to the majesty of this one man army as I begin to seize the world.

Doom Lord: A Chinese story about a guy who goes back in time and tries to keep the people he cares about from dying. I’m sure that you’ve all read something similar by now lol. I personally enjoy this story a lot, but the translation isn’t the greatest. You’ll have to see for youself though.

Synopsis: The world has started doomsday. I struggled for one year before I died under an enchanted beast’s claw. Heaven has given me another chance. Back a day before the end happen. Will I be able to change my fate and of my loved ones? I will start my journey on becoming the strongest on the planet that the Gods has change into a game world.

Dungeon Hunter: The MC is a sociopath. Not the funny, lovable kind like Michael from HCOP. More like, cold, ruthless, almost emotionless most of the time. It’s fine though… He isn’t totally terrible. Honestly, he’s pretty much the same as any xianxia MC, but this is a Korean story, so maybe that’s why he’s actually portrayed as the sociopath that he is. If it was a xianxia, they would say that he was an honorable warrior rofl.

Anyway, it’s a really good story overall. The synopsis sucks though. Put it this way, the story is basically about cultivation and dungeon building. He also raids other dungeons.

Author’s Synopsis:
I failed and will challenge again.
There is no room for failure in my second life!
72 dungeons and their owners that appeared on earth.
And the Awakened.
I am a hunter that will devour all of them

Everyone Else is a Returnee: Also known as “Pancosmic Loner” or “Socially Awkward MC Is Too Overpowered” or “1000 Year Virgin Doesn’t Realize That He Has A Harem”?! Okay, no, but seriously… It’s a good novel. You’ll just want to punch the MC in the dick for being so dense all the time. The socially awkward part is fine, but the denseness makes me cringe. I love the story though and it’s definitely one of my current favorites. It’s a Korean novel.

Translated Synopsis
Left out during elementary school picnic.
Left out during middle school camp.
Left out during high school trip.
I finally became a college student and what? I’m left out from the entire humanity?
Yu IlHan who protects the earth alone while everybody’s away in other worlds.
His legend starts after humanity comes back and meets the Great Cataclysm!

I’m Really a Superstar: If you haven’t tried to read this story yet, you should do it now lol. FFS, there’s literally like 414 chapters now! It’s weird to read a Chinese story where the MC isn’t going around committing genocide on a daily basis, but even without the massacres, IRAS still has it’s own appeal. Mainly, it’s pretty damn hilarious. 99% of the comedy is lost in translation or because I just know nothing about Chinese culture, literature, entertainment or poetry… However, I still found it to be hilarious lol.

Original Synopsis:
Zhang Ye, whose only goal was to become a celebrity, had tunneled to a brand new Earth that was different.
At the radio station, during the host hiring interview:
A loud voice narrated, “Up above the sea’s grey flatland, wind is gathering the clouds. In between the sea and clouds proudly soars the Petrel, reminiscent of black lightning. Glancing a wave with his wingtip, like an arrow dashing cloudward, he cries out and the clouds hear his joy in the bird’s cry of courage. In this cry–thirst for the tempest!”
However, the interviewers of this world that had never heard of Gorky’s “The Song of the Stormy Petrel” and were so shocked that they stared with their mouths agape!
The story begins from here.

Vending Machine: This is literally a story about a Japanese guy who reincarnates into a fantasy world… As a vending machine. Do you really need any other reason to read this story?

He, who was an authentic Vending Machine maniac, died from a traffic accident while protecting a vending machine.
He, who had expected that his life was finished, woke up in a lake shore surrounded by abundant nature.
He didn’t understand what had happened to himself―― He only knew that he had become a vending machine.
Alone in the labyrinth of another world. . . As he wander alone, he met a lone girl, and that cause the story to change.

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World: I dropped it after the first few chapters… However, I was eventually convinced by a friend to start reading it again after he explained that the MC get’s badass “Farmville Powers”. Literally, he has a magical Farmville that he can use and abuse, so read it.

Qidian Synopsis:
If he wants to be high handed then let him, I sow my fields, if he wants to come provoke me, he won’t see next year.
The nerd Zhao Hai brings his Happy Farm over to another world, possessing the body of a fallen noble, his fief is a black land where nothing grows, and he has an incomparably strong fiancée who is the heir to a duchy, a future grand duchess! Most importantly is that he is magically and martially crippled, he can’t learn magic, can’t learn fighting skills, thoroughly crippled.
I can’t learn magic, but I have a farm. You dare attack me? I’ll release bugs to eat your provisions, eat your crops, pour pesticide in your water, herbicide, sow weeds on your land, then we’ll see if you still dare attack me.
What? You want to send assassins to kill me? Hey hey hey, I’ll hide in my farm’s little hut, then see how you beat me, once you leave, I’ll let your nation’s crops fail, and when all your people are rising in revolt, then we’ll see if you still dare come kill me.
Come read about a somewhat two-faced nerd, who uses his Happy Farm in that sword and sorcery world, to become a nightmare that everyone has heard of.

The Nine Cauldrons: One of I Eat Tomatoes’ stories… Skip the first volume and just start reading from the second.

Synopsis: Emperor Zi Yu used 5 strikes of his axe to split mountains and unify everyone underneath the heavens. He partitioned the land into 9 areas, thus establishing the Nine Cauldrons which eventually became known as the 9 prefectures.
When Emperor Zi Yu died, disputes unceasingly arose
One thousand years later, a once in a generation genius, Celestial Emperor Qin Ling was born. Able to split a one hundred meter river, equipped with his peerless martial prowess, he finally united the land under the heavens. However, once Celestial Emperor Qin Ling died, chaos once again shrouded the land. Another one thousand years passed and no one was able to consolidate the nation.
From contemporary society, Grandmaster Martial Artist and Hitman Teng Qingshan, unexpectedly arrived into this world after a mortal battle with the two of the strongest Martial Artist in the modern world.

Okay, that’s all for now. I’ll start editing the Chapocalypse now. 🙂

Here’s some music if you’re interested lol. 

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