TDD V2 Prologue 2: That Fateful Night

The moon disappeared from the sky and the whole world was set adrift in the Chaotic Void. Even if the mana-barrier protected the planet, the chaos and destruction that occurred was sudden and unfathomable.

First, there was an abrupt cold flash, which killed innumerable plants and animals. However, most of the humanoid deaths were caused by darkness and fear. There were plenty of people who actually committed suicide, because they thought that the world was ending.

Then there were others who saw the strange astronomical phenomenon as an opportunity. There were numerous cases of large-scale uprisings within Northland in particular. Thousands of slaves escaped from Norfolk Castle, while there were several towns that burned to the ground.

In fact, fires were one of the greatest disasters throughout the world during that period of darkness. The only method to illuminate the cities was by using torches after all. With so many people panicking and starting riots, it wasn’t surprising for most of a city to burn to the ground due to carelessness.

Yet, there was a far more terrifying consequence of staying within the Chaotic Void…

“Holy shit! I finally found a fucking planet to reincarnate on!”

“Oh hey~, ain’t that a pretty world? I wonder if they have tentacle porn?”



“Woah~, dude~, it’s been forever since I last had a body~…”

“I’m gonna fuck every bitch on this goddamn shithole! Hyahahaha~!”

“Such a savage land… I must lead them through the darkness and into the loving embrace of the Great Goddess Luxia!”


“Hohohohoh~, itadakimasu~!”

Souls and soul fragments descended upon Elysium like a hellish meteor shower. Some of them directly took control of fully grown bodies, kicking out the souls that previously inhabited them. After all, the souls that were able to survive within the Chaotic Void were far more powerful than the Elysian natives. Most of the souls preferred to choose a body that was uninhabited and untainted; babies that had yet to be born.

On that fateful night however, in the highest tower of the Norfolk Citadel, the Queen of Northland was giving birth…

“Congratulations Your Majesty! It’s a boy!”

To an agent of Karma, more dangerous than she could ever imagine.

“Wait, something’s wrong… What is this?!”

The candlelight was so dim, that the wet nurse and handmaiden didn’t notice those long and pointed ears at first glance. The short hair was blonde, rather than black or brown. Not only that, but the irises were actually glowing bright-purple!

“No, this isn’t possible… This monster isn’t my child! This must be some sort of witch’s curse! Quickly, dispose of this demon and bring me the spare!”

In the event that her own child was stillborn, several very young babies were purchased from commoners ahead of time. There was also the fact that the Queen had a myriad of mixed-blood slaves that she ‘used’ on a daily basis, so it wasn’t strange for her child to be from a different man than her husband.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The middle-aged handmaiden carried the newborn infant in her arms and left the palace, meanwhile, the wet nurse went to find the replacement. However, after reaching the edge of a steep cliff, there was a blinding light in the sky. She unconsciously gazed up at that enormous sun and screamed out in agony, as her retinas were burned out.

“I will not let you kill me!” A deafening voice bellowed within her mind and that newborn infant escaped from her grasp, falling down onto the snow.

“Agh~! I can’t see~! What, no~!” As she was trying to feel her surroundings, the blinded handmaiden fell down the cliff. It was only a twenty-foot drop onto snow, but there were sharp and jagged rocks beneath the seemingly ‘soft’ surface.

That infant might have been a reincarnated deity, but without mana or magic, there was nothing that he could do except start to freeze to death. He wasn’t even given a blanket and was still covered in afterbirth.

“Hohohoh~, it looks like I found something rather interesting~…” The light in the sky was getting much dimmer, as a large white fox walked over to the nearly unconscious baby. That vixen chuckled, grabbing the child in its mouth and ‘gently’ carrying it down the snowy hill. She passed through the section of the city that was burning down and swiftly reached a small hovel that was on fire.


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