TDD V2 Chapter 1, Part 1: Executioner

Author’s Note

I never used to do these author note things, but it’s become a habit lately lol. Mainly because people tend to ignore not-chapter posts, though they probably ignore the AN too so… Anyway, the point is that I’m about to start posting “Chapter 1: Judgement Day“.

On another note, Beatrix could totally be the MC of a Chinese novel with how ‘cold’, ‘ruthless’ and ‘decisive’ she is roflmao. I still like her though, or I guess she’s actually a guy in this story, but that isn’t really important. I probably just have a thing for sociopaths? 

*Beatrix’s Perspective*

I don’t think I’ve ever actually operated a tank before now. Well, I know a lot about them, but I can’t recall ever being the driver or gunner. I would always be on recon duty or simply riding along, giving out commands.

Linda, Luke and… Kelsey and Lee, the four of them were always the ones to operate the vehicles we used. Then later on, we were all so powerful that it was no longer necessary. We split apart, going our own separate ways. That’s why we lost in the end. No, I guess there’s a lot more to it than that… The game was already rigged from the start.

“Wha-what is this place?! What’s happening?!”

Although Sariel accelerated my growth, I’m still only the size of a small child. It’s fortunate that I chose the stealth-tank ‘Judgement Day’ over that Cloak of Shadows. My body is so weak and frail that I wouldn’t have even been able to carry my ‘ATAR’, much less wield it properly. Also, my Combat Armor doesn’t fit me yet. The military fatigues are baggy, but I can still wear them. The rest of the equipment, I just stored in the compartments behind me.

This cockpit would be a bit stuffy for two adult Humans, but Linda is extremely tiny. Both of us have plenty of room to move around. In fact, even though this tank isn’t meant to hold any passengers, there’s still a decent amount of space in the back. There’s a bathroom, with a toilet, sink and even a shower. Two bunk beds, some appliances like washing machines and driers, even an electrical stove, refrigerator, freezer… Obviously it’s all extremely compact, but I’m sort of amazed at the convenience of everything.

However, this isn’t the time to marvel at such things. It appears that we’re surrounded by enemies on all sides. No, perhaps they aren’t all hostile?

I turned towards the confused little girl to my right and ordered “Linda, give me a status report. Explain the situation concisely and accurately.”

Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to understand. Perhaps there is a language barrier?

“What does concisely mean?”

It appears that she is simply uneducated. Very well, I pointed towards the screen and asked “Those people, who are they? Enemies, allies, civilians?”

“Ah, umm, no, they’re slaves… Like me. Lesser races who were captured by the Northlanders, our masters…”

Disgusting… This world truly is as barbaric as Sariel claimed. Very well, this makes things much simpler for me. I sat down in the seat on the right and looked around at the various displays. There are dozens of different cameras, scopes and sensors, with no actual windows.

Fortunately, even if it’s dark outside right now, I can still see everything very clearly through the infrared and night vision cameras. Hmmm, it’s good that there are no foot pedals. Everything is done through the control panels, buttons, hand-grips and triggers.

“Sit down in that chair.” I ordered the little girl and she immediately followed my command. Perhaps she really is my sister?

“Yes Master Ares!”

I turned towards her and said “Never call me ‘Master’ again. You are no longer a slave. Just call me… Ares. I’m your sibling from now on.”

“Ye-yes! Umm, Little Brother, what is this place? And how did you grow so fast? Are you a sorcerer?”

After she sat down in the driver’s seat, I explained “This is our new home. A sanctuary where no one can harm us. Think of it as a magical armored carriage that can move on its own. These display screens allow us to see what’s outside.” Then I pointed to the men one one of the stages and grabbed the right hand-grip. When I moved it to the left, it turned towards the targets. The pitch could even be adjusted by pushing up or down, so I was able to aim rather easily.

“From now on, you’ll follow my rules. The first of which, is that all slavers are to be executed without trial!”

I pulled the trigger for only three seconds and jerked the handle a bit, in order to get a decent spread. There was a low and muffled hum, as several of the other screens lit up and displayed the satisfyingly gory scene.

“Ah! Those Northlanders… You killed them! Aren’t you afraid of the Goddess’ wrath?!”

She seemed more scared than disgusted, so I asked “What Goddess is going to punish me? Who do you think gave me this power and told me to kill them?”

Linda gasped, muttering “Then, you’re saying that she no longer protects the Masters?”

I smirked, grabbed the left handle and swiftly aimed the grenade launcher at a different stage. Then I pulled the trigger without hesitation.

To be honest, I’m a little amazed at the firepower that this vehicle has to offer. A single round was enough to annihilate everyone within a radius of ten meters.

Hmmm, it appears that the so-called ‘Rune’ that Sariel gave me is working. The moment I started killing people, the number on my left hand changed from zero to thirty and it’s climbing steadily.

Maybe I should simply annihilate this entire city with a handful of tactical nukes? No, even though most of them deserve to die, I don’t know what the blast radius will be like. I also don’t know how much radiation there will be, or how much protection this tank can actually give to us.

Wait a moment… This is pretty convenient. There’s an interface panel where I can place my left hand and then I can choose to channel my souls into a particular part of Judgement Day.

I see, the main turret is empty at the moment. However, my options aren’t limited to simply tactical nuclear warheads.

[Main Armament ammo options: Cf251 Warheads, APFSDS DU Rounds, HEAT Warheads.]

[Cf251 Warhead: A short-lived tactical nuclear warhead, attached to a guided missile. It is not recommended to store too many of these at the same time. Costs 1 Soul to fabricate. Costs an additional Soul for every 10 tons of TNT yield. The maximum yield possible is 1 kiloton. This warhead creates an enormous amount of ionizing radiation, but since there isn’t much Californium-251 present within the weapon, the residual radiation pollution is minuscule.]

[APFSDS DU Rounds: Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot Depleted Uranium Rounds are extremely effective against fortified targets, such as advanced tanks. Costs 1 Soul per round to fabricate.]

[HEAT Warheads: High-Explosive Anti-Tank Warheads are fire and forget missiles that can penetrate armor, but also have a decent blast radius. Costs 1 Soul to fabricate.]

Interesting, the only problem is that the autoloader can only load the next missile or cartridge. If I purchase a Cf251 Warhead, I’ll need to use it…

[Fabricating Cf251 Warhead. -1 Soul. Charging… -2 Souls.]

[Fabricating HEAT Warheads. -10 Souls.]

There are also several different types of fifty-caliber rounds and forty-millimeter grenades that I can choose from, but since the magazines are almost full already, I’ll deal with that later. For the time being, I need to exterminate the rest of these slavers.

I need to wrack up as many points as I can get now, because it might be difficult to find ‘fuel’ later on. Although I could theoretically just park Judgement Day within the city and it’s unlikely that anyone would be able to challenge me… I’ll need to leave eventually. I have a nearly limitless supply of water, but no food.

It would be safer to leave this town. Also, I need to escort these civilians away from here.


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