TDD V2 Chapter 1, Part 2: Ammunition

“Am, am I doing it right? This is so weird… It feels like I’ve done something like this before?”

Within the cockpit of Judgement Day, an elf-eared little boy dressed in black army fatigues had both of his hands on the gun controls; firing in two different directions at the same time. Meanwhile, the Gnomish girl was holding onto a small steering wheel and slowly following behind the mob of former slaves.

“Ah~! What are they doing?! Little Brother, what do I do?!”

Beatrix glanced over at the main display screen and calmly stated “They’re sitting down. Just don’t move the main turret around and they should be fine. Concentrate on driving forward. You don’t need to worry about anything else.”

“Yes Master! Oh, I mean, okay Brother Ares!”

The boy cringed, but didn’t reprimand or correct his sister. He was far too busy making sure to kill as many people as possible, while using as few bullets and grenades as he could. The number on the back of his left hand was constantly climbing higher by the second. However, it settled at ‘947’ after a few minutes of driving.

Unfortunately, the city guards weren’t total imbeciles and did have a decent sense of self-preservation. They didn’t even attempt to fight back against the strange monster that suddenly appeared out of thin air. From the very start of the massacre, they immediately tried to hide behind buildings or simply run away.

Of course, the wood, stone and bricks of the buildings weren’t able to provide much protection from fifty-caliber bullets and the shrapnel from those grenades. However, Beatrix only used half of her ammunition before she stopped. Then she activated her ammunition menu again, since there wasn’t much else for her to do.

[Secondary Armament ammo options: Tracers, Lead, Tungsten, HEIAP, DU, Buckshot.]

[Tracers: Bullets with a small pyrotechnic charge at their base, in order to allow you to make firing corrections more easily. Costs 1 Souls for 40 rounds, 25 Souls for 1000 rounds.]

[Lead: A copper full-metal jacket bullet, with a ball-shaped lead core. The cheapest and simplest type of ammunition available for this weapon. Costs 1 Soul for 100 rounds, 10 Souls for 1000 rounds.]

[Tungsten: An armor-piercing round with cupronickel case and a tungsten penetrator for the core. This bullet will easily penetrate most types of conventional armor, but it is comparatively expensive. Costs 1 Soul for 20 rounds, 50 Souls for 1000 rounds.]

[HEIAP: High-Explosive Incendiary/Armor-Piercing ammunition with a tungsten carbide penetrator for the core. The incendiary tip will not be able to trigger the high-explosive charge if the target isn’t hard enough. However, these rounds will be able to cut through most armor eventually. Costs 1 Soul for 10 rounds, 100 Souls for 1000 rounds.]

[DU: Armor piercing ammunition with a depleted uranium penetrator for the core. It is slightly more effective than the Tungsten rounds, but also more expensive. Costs 1 Soul for 15 rounds, 75 Souls for 1000 rounds.]

[Buckshot: Ten steel ball bearings in a long, but narrow shotgun shell. This round is relatively ineffective against armored targets, but it can easily shred soft targets. Unfortunately, these rounds are very harmful to the barrels of the gatling gun, so you will need to repair it often if you utilize these rounds. Costs 1 Soul for 20 rounds, 50 Souls for 1000 rounds.]

[Tertiary Armament ammo options: HE, Thermobaric, Buckshot, CS.]

[HE: A standard high-explosive fragmentation grenade round. Costs 1 Soul for 4 rounds, 25 Souls for 100 rounds.]

[Thermobaric: An explosive that uses oxygen from the surrounding to create a powerful high-temperature explosion. The blast wave can kill unranked humans rather easily. If detonated within an enclosed space, the effect will be even more exaggerated. Costs 1 Soul for 4 rounds, 25 Souls for 100 rounds.]

[Buckshot: Essentially a 40mm shotgun shell. It’s extremely effective against unarmored targets in close or medium range. Costs 1 Soul for 10 rounds, 10 Souls for 100 rounds.]

[CS: A canister of CS gas, meant to disperse riots without using lethal force. Costs 1 Soul for 5 rounds, 20 Souls for 100 rounds.]

Beatrix smirked, thinking ‘I’ll stick with Tracers and HE for now. I’ll have plenty of time to experiment later on. Once we’re away from prying eyes, I’ll try to figure out how to remove and load the ammunition manually.’

The number on the back of the little boy’s left hand quickly went down to ‘897’ and he took his palm off of the warm interface panel. By that time, the group at finally made it to the wall. Obviously the Slave District was kept in the outermost part of the city, near the regular slums.

However, the mob were being blocked by a massive ten meter tall wooden gate. In fact, beyond that was a wrought-iron gate, and another steel-reinforced wooden gate.

“We’re warning you now! If you don’t let us through, the Divine Beast will get angry!”

“Yeah, unless you wanna die, ya better open that fuckin gate!”

“Shit, I hope they don’t open it, so I can watch the Godly Beast smite them all!”

Regardless of what the slaves said, obviously the guards who were stationed inside of the gatehouse didn’t pay any attention to them. They could easily see a huge wave of nearly three thousand heavily armored cavalry charging over from the eastern Military District.

Even Beatrix was unable to see the knights, so the mob also had no idea that they were about to be attacked. Of course, since that was the case, the little boy had no intention of wasting anymore time.

He grabbed the central control handle with both of his tiny hands and Linda yelped, asking “What’s happening? Did I do that?!”

“No…” Beatrix smirked, pointing towards the beautiful, ancient citadel at the top of that dignified mountain. A fortress that had never faced any hardship, even back during the Dark Ages of Northland Kingdom. She suddenly zoomed in to the maximum of what the main telescopic camera could handle.

“Ah, isn’t that Her Majesty? She looks so happy holding her newborn baby… It must be nice to be born into royalty.” Then the display returned to its normal magnification and the Norfolk Citadel seemed relatively tiny.

That smirk swiftly turned into a scowl, as the boy coldly stated “My second rule… Is that royalty doesn’t exist.” Then she pulled the trigger on the main cannon and a deafening blast immediately terrified all of the men, women and children who were gathered in front of the gate. The ground rumbled and the large two-story shops on each side of the main street had their glass windows shatter. Some of the elderly who were in the vicinity had heart attacks and died, although there weren’t many.

“My ears~! What was-” Before Linda could finish her sentence, it happened. The two of them were protected for the most part, since they were inside of the tank, but everyone in the city felt as if the world was ending… again.


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    • [Cf251 Warhead: A short-lived tactical nuclear warhead, attached to a guided missile. It is not recommended to store too many of these at the same time. Costs 1 Soul to fabricate. Costs an additional Soul for every 10 tons of TNT yield. The maximum yield possible is 1 kiloton. This warhead creates an enormous amount of ionizing radiation, but since there isn’t much Californium-251 present within the weapon, the residual radiation pollution is minuscule.]

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