IS, V5, Chapter 1: Envy Part 7

“No… I never did anything to deserve all the amazing things that Mikey did for me. I barely even knew him and he trusted me so much… I don’t want to control you either Levi. You’re my friend. Pretty much the only person I can even talk to now days.”

He smirked, then shook his head and said “A long-ass time ago… I was called Leviathan, the Envious Dragonlord. I was a lot like you to be completely honest. It’s probably why Mike sealed me inside of your body. It always seemed like, no matter what I did, I could never be satisfied. When I was a virgin, I envied people that could have sex all the time. My friends were all getting married and having kids, so I wanted to do the same. It wasn’t all it was cracked up to be…”

I asked “Wait, are you talking about… When you were a dragon? I didn’t know that dragons even got married…”

Levi sighed, then admitted “Nah, I’m talking about back when I was human. Well, one of the times I was human. I used to play an MMORPG where I was a Dragonlord named Leviathan and I had the title ‘The Envious’…” He sighed and explained “The moral of the story is that you’ll never truly be satisfied, but that’s not a bad thing! You’re still just a kid! If you became complacent after only accomplishing a handful of mediocre goals, then I’d be really fucking disappointed in you!”

Before he could react, I jumped up out of the water and tackled him. Sadly, the moment I did that, he vanished into thin air and I was knocked out of my ‘trance’. When I got up and looked around, I saw that the fancy bathroom wasn’t empty anymore. My cute little babies were splashing around in the water too.

What? Didn’t I mention that I had a lot of pets? I actually had a bunch of people who took care of them for me too. Usually I would just play with them when they were tiny and then give them away to friends or family members after they grew up. The three brats who were swimming around me were doggies from the desert. Razorspine Venom Wolves to be exact.

Their fangs can inject poison into their prey, kind of like mine. Sharp and dangerous barbs grow out of their backs. While their fur is reddish-brown, to blend in with the desert sands. Other than that, they aren’t much different from regular wolves. Super adorable as puppies, but big enough for a Rat Tribe to ride on once they mature… You need a saddle though and most people prefer to use them as hunting companions, rather than mounts. The spikes make things complicated, because even if you grind them down, they’ll just grow back.

After I finished washing and drying my puppies off, I went over to the wall and picked a random pink silky robe. As I was about to open the door, my heart felt like it was going to explode. My body froze up and I could hear Levi whispering “Can you hear that sound, Lori? That delicious scent on the air~! Hiss~! You got careless~… Hehehe~!”

*Boom! Papapapapa~! Dododododo~! Bang! Bang! Yiagh~!*

I turned around and ran. As fast as I could. Those noises were in the distance, but they were getting closer and closer. Then the whole mansion started trembling and falling apart. My poor puppies, my buttler Steven, my maids Annie and Jenny, the guards… I couldn’t save anyone but myself. Even at my top speed, I only made it to the bathroom window before the ceiling caved in behind me. As I jumped out of the window, I saw chaos everywhere.

Fires and explosions happened all over the city. I wondered “Is this what Mikey felt like, all those years ago?”

Even though I wasn’t amazingly strong and my magical abilities weren’t so great at the time, I was still pretty small and light. It didn’t take much effort for me to land on my feet and start running for cover. The wall around my mansion was crumbling, while the gates had been blasted apart. I could hear people screaming and yelling all over the city, while the entire ground was constantly rumbling.

“Levi, what’s happening?! Is it a dragon?!” I didn’t understand how things could have gotten so bad, so quickly. One moment, White Mithril was a thriving metropolis that was still in the midst of growing and the next… It was crumbling down. Ruins were everywhere. Fires raged, explosions rang out, a dense smog filled the cavern as if a volcano was about to erupt beneath us.

The slimy snake slithered across my face and asked “Isn’t it obvious? This is a revolt. Seems like most of the enemies are Dwarves… Probably the previous owners of this city, trying to take it back.”

“Why?! How?! Who are they even rebelling against?! All the old nobles and royalty died! Their old shitty government was destroyed! All those Dwarves we liberated were living like slaves before we got here! We didn’t discriminate against them! We allowed them all the same opportunities as a person from Black Mithril would have! It doesn’t even make any sense!”

I climbed up on top of the highest building I could find and looked around at the carnage. It wasn’t just men and women, but even children and old people were picking up guns… And using them against us. Even a child could kill a soldier if they knew how to shoot properly. It also turned into a situation, where the soldiers were forced to massacre kids and elderly who were fighting against them.

“Hiss~,” Levi slithered around to the other side of my head and murmured “People are assholes. Ain’t some new discovery Lori. You give em an inch, and they’ll take a mile… Then they’ll rape you in the ass, slit your throat and eat your corpse.”

“No, most people might be idiots, but they at least have a sense of self-preservation… This is totally insane. They might be drugged or brainwashed.” I asked Levi, “Can you tell if they’re being controlled right now?”

Although there were a few people who were screaming about a “Revolution!” or “We’re taking back our city!” Most of them were just terrified of the other side. The Dwarves were yelling “They’re trying to wipe us all out!” While the non-Dwarves shouted “They wanna make us slaves again!” or “They’re crazy terrorists! Shoot them! Shoot all the Dwarves!” Ironically, even the Dark Dwarves were calling for the deaths of the pink-skinned ones.

After a few seconds, Levi grumbled “Nah, this is just normal political bullshit. It only takes a single match to burn down a whole fucking forest. I warned you to get rid of that bitch Chrisella… She’s the one who started the whole Anti-Capitalist movement in the first place.”

“What?! How could that stupid little group of copperless idiots possibly cause something like this? And why? Didn’t they just want to get free shit without working for it?” Back then, I didn’t really understand ‘politics’, only business. I always thought that they were the same thing, but I was wrong.

The tiny green snake snickered, “Hah~! Sure, maybe the majority of them were like that. But it only takes a handful of professionals to turn a protest into a riot… Of course, this is a bit farther than just a riot. It’s the same strategy though. The goal is to make you look bad and to use this as an excuse to create fucked up laws. It’s a slippery slope and you still think you’re on solid ground, hehehe~!”

I signed, then told him “It doesn’t matter why this happened… The most important thing is that we need to stop them all somehow! Trixie is thousands of miles away and by the time any reinforcements come from Angren or Ael Tol, White Mithril might not even exist anymore! You’re a part of Mikey, right? What would Mikey do?”

He paused for a moment, glanced coldly at the chaos and destruction, then explained “This is all just a problem of communication. If everyone had a telepathic link with each other or even just the fucking internet, none of this would’ve ever happened. Hmmm~, go to the giant white pyramid over there. Doesn’t really matter where on or inside of the pyramid. Just touch it and I’ll do the rest, okay?”

“Thank you…” I whispered, as I started sprinting towards the edge of the building. Then I jumped off and fell a dozen feet or so, onto the roof of another. Even though a lot of houses were burning or destroyed by explosions, the majority of them were still fine. The ancient Dwarven architecture was amazing by itself, but when it was reinforced by mithril, black mithril, or other super strong metals, it became practically indestructible and fireproof. They even figured out ways to mix white mithril into concrete and create a marble-like stone that was really durable. Of course, they also created new and more powerful explosives that were able to destroy them too…

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