IS, V5, Chapter 3: Lust Part 2

*Bariel’s Perspective*

Everything continued on as usual for a few years. And then everything came crashing down around me, once again. It started with the ancient gate being destroyed. Then there was a terrifying dragon, that annihilated most of our military. The Matriarchs, myself included, escaped Black Mithril first, along with our Royal Guards. Then all the children came up and finally, most of the adults.

So many people died, but I didn’t give a damn about those commoners. The only person I was worried about was my son! And he was still down there! Fortunately, his luck was pretty good. Unlike his mother.

Ethir ended up becoming close with Michael. So close that he nearly got killed trying to impress that bastard. Crissella even tried to have him publicly executed and forced me to do it myself! But right when I was about to melt that ugly grin off her face, my fireball suddenly exploded. If it wasn’t for Asmodeus ‘enhancing’ my body before then, I probably would’ve died there. Maybe it would have been better that way.

No, that was only the beginning of my suffering. I coordinated with that bitch to try and kill off Michael, as he was returning with the caravan from that hunting mission but… I underestimated him again. Even though he killed that dragon, we thought that maybe it would be possible to catch him off guard. We were wrong. Not just wrong, but stupid. So incredibly idiotic that we actually fled the city under that dumbass Dark Dwarf’s scheme!

She was supposed to go find the Dwarfs and make some sort of alliance with them. While I had to go to the west and make a deal with the Green Goblins… The fucking Green Goblins! I should have known that she would set me up!

By the time I made it out of Lorthon Forest, I was half-dead and completely unable to use magic anymore. All my men either died or abandoned me. I was all alone in a strange land that I had only heard stories about. Although I heard some stories from some Wood Elves I played with, they had never actually gone into the Western Plains or Human Lands. The Green Goblins were once an intelligent and crafty race, similar to us but… Without Mana, they started to devolve into useless beasts.

They didn’t even understand how to make fire or fashion clothing. At most, they could pick up a stick or rock and use it as a weapon. There was no language. They didn’t have the mental capacity to even learn one. Humans couldn’t even use them as slaves, because they were too stupid to understand commands. Their attention span and memory could compare to small rodents. They had a similar mentality too… The creatures would hide in the ruins of human cities, or in their sewers, if they even had sewers.

When I ‘arrived’ at my first human town, I was disappointed in how low their technological level was… Of course, it especially mattered to me, because I was captured by some bandits and sold to a rich nobleman as a ‘pet’. The fat fuck had some Green Goblin females that he liked to play with as well, but he especially doted on me. I never tried to bite his dick off after all… Though I couldn’t understand his language, at least I could ‘talk’.

Every night I would dream about Asmodeus, in her various forms. She kept asking me “Hey, hey, did you forget that I could give you power? Let me help you! You’re basically a slave right now! Let me save you~!”

My life wasn’t that bad though. After a few months, I started to understand their language. The man who ‘owned’ me was called Joseph Cain. He had a daughter who was eight, which is pretty young for human children. He also had a son that was over twenty, though I never got to meet him, since he was off fighting in some war with another human territory.

At first Joseph treated me like a pet or toy, but once I started seriously talking with him, he began to treat me like a person. Not just any person, but a wife… And I accepted that role gladly. It was so much easier and simpler than my old life. I didn’t need to kill anyone or fight fof power. Plus, he had a really nice dick.

Human penises were usually a lot bigger than those of Red Goblins, Wood Elves, Dark Dwarves and Rat Tribe… With would probably be scary for most Red Goblins my size, but I had could take a giant tentacle in each hole, so a human dick was just right for me personally.

It wasn’t just about the sex though. I honestly enjoyed being a ‘mother’ and having someone love me, without any prejudice or envy. I didn’t need to worry about him stabbing me in the back or selling me off to someone else for a higher price. In fact, there were a few times when other nobles came over his house and asked if he would sell me to them…

What he said was “If I asked to buy your wife for a few gold coins, would you accept?”

The other guy honestly answered “Sure, but it’d have to be at least 50 gold. Otherwise no deal.”

His wife smacked the shit out of him and then they had to leave. The moral of the story is that I was priceless to him. An experience I had never had before then. Shit, I’m starting to sound like that asshole now…


“Listen dude, I got a deadline to meet, okay? Just accept my fucking power so I can move on with my life! Trust me, you don’t want to wait too long for this shit…” Alicia was in my dreams again, after not appearing for several months. She looked exhausted and depressed.

I sighed and asked “What will actually happen if I accept it? I like my life now. I don’t need power. Things are fine the way they are at the moment. I don’t want anything to happen to my husband and daughter.”

“Well that isn’t up to you.” Alicia smiled wryly, wondering “Did you think I was the only ‘Devil’ out there? You’re too naive. I honestly like you, so that’s why I’ve wasted so much time on you now. If you don’t accept my power and become my emissary, then I’ll just pick one of my other followers. And yeah, I have a lot of them.”

“You still haven’t explained what will happen if I accept. I’ll never make a deal without asking the consequences again.” I glared at the blue-eyed human woman, but she just smirked and shook her head.

“Ariel, you really don’t want to know that.” Alicia snickered, whispering “No matter what you choose, this stupid family you’ve created won’t last… When you’re wallowing in despair and wishing for death, that’s when I’ll see you again. Because you’ll need my power again.”

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