TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 7b: Evolution

“I’m sure you’re surprised and amazed at the incredible opportunity, but you need to consider carefully which Adaptations you truly desire. Estivation is very useful in desert-like biomes, where food is scarce and you must conserve energy while waiting for the temperature to become bearable. However, you might already possess that ability or something similar, so it may not be right for you. Shedding is extremely useful for Races that have thick fur or excessive body hair, but it is rather useless for those without hair. Also, you may find it easier to simply remove your hair through other means. Extreme Sweating is incredibly dangerous and potentially unpleasant, yet it can also be extremely beneficial if you have access to enough water and salt for your body to stay healthy. Finally, Improved Adipocytes… Although it is immensely valuable, it is also extremely expensive.” Continue reading

TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 4b: Buying a House

Ah, sweet! I actually have an extra point, so even if I do buy a ‘house’, I can still afford five gallons of water. Also, it’s nice that they come with plastic containers too. That way, if I ever find a water source, then I can totally just fill loads of… Never mind, under that situation, I would probably need to travel like dozens of miles. It wouldn’t really be possible to lug around fifty jugs filled with water back to the camp. Although, if it ever rains… I wish I had some kind of plastic tarp. Continue reading

TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 3: Midnight

I can’t believe it’s still night time! I’m starting to get a little worried… No, I guess I’m way past the point where I have the capacity to get anxious anymore. My body feels like it’s falling apart: endless migraines, blurry vision, spotty hearing, auditory and visual hallucinations… My throat and nose are so dry, regardless of how much water I drink. Continue reading

TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 2d: Hunting and Gathering

This is seriously the most that I’ve ever written in a single day… ever. My hands are cramping up and it’s not just because I had to do a bunch of digging lately. However, in the absence of actual people to talk to or interact with, my diary is pretty much the only semi-social interaction I’ve gotten lately. Sure, I might be kind of anti-social sometimes, but I’ve never gone this long without talking to anyone before. Continue reading

Questing V1, Chapter 6: Favor

When Demil jumped down into the vault, she immediately felt a burning sensation on her palm, so she quickly opened it and read “Congratulations; you have successfully exterminated the bandits and completed Luna’s quest within the optimal conditions! You have been rewarded with three-thousand, five-hundred favor points for killing over two-thousand grunts; the officers and clan-leader had a combined bounty of nine skill-points, giving you a total of twelve!” Continue reading