Hopefully, when I wake up tomorrow, I’ll be able to completely edit Chapter 5, and be able to post it.  Although, since I wake up at weird times… well, lets just say, within 48 hours rofl.

I’ll also be posting all of Act 3, and the first four chapters of act 4, in the form of… posts, before posting chapter 5.  I plan on getting the table of contents filled with links too, but it’s not a high priority lol.

Fun Fact: While posting chapters earlier, I realized something pretty ridiculous… Raelin’s original name was actually Raenil Nirorneth.  Then I randomly started calling her Raelin Nerorneth in chapter 11.  I can’t believe that no one told me about that 😦

Anyway, before editing, Chapter 5 is up to 14.5k words, after editing it should be over 15k.  Hopefully the ridiculously long length will somehow make up for me taking so damn long to write it lol.

I haven’t started working on it yet, but I’m probably going to write chapter 6 in third person PoV… who that third person is, I’m not quite sure yet.  It’s not like I haven’t written anything in Immortal Soul in third person PoV so far, so it shouldn’t be weird, hopefully.

Several people asked me to talk about the tiny mouse people, and I personally would like to tell a few short stories about various characters, in a sense, chapter 6 will likely be an interlude.  To be completely honest, I was planning to add a prologue, epilogue and interlude, among other things, into each of the volumes I’ve already written… once I’m done with volume 4 that is, because I’m only about half-way finished this Act.

When I go back and read volume 1 especially, it’s incredibly painful to resist the urge to edit everything lol.  Unfortunately, the amount of editing required is so extreme, that I would literally have to double the lengths of the first few chapters.

Okay, I really need to stop typing now and go to sleep 🙂

Sleeping Kittens Are Cute!


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