Finally Finished Chapter Five!

It’s taken me two weeks, but I finally wrote and edited chapter 5.  Sorry for taking so long 😦 but at least the length of this chapter is pretty substantial.  It was written in a style similar to chapter six and seven of volume two, basically… really damn long and filled with a lot of information lol.

There was a bit of everything mixed into it, and it was kinda time-skipish, but with this… I was finally able to explain a ton of stuff that I wanted to in the first four chapters but never really had the chance.  Like I mentioned in the last update-post, chapter 6 will most likely be in third person perspective… which could turn out really well, or go horribly awry.

Aside from that, I might work on “Yuri’s Research Data” or “Luna’s Observation Files” which are basically just pages to talk about the different races and characters in a… less than orthodox fashion lol.  If you have suggestions, feel free to comment 😛

Ah, no kitties in this post, but… pygmy hippos?


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