Working on A Side Story?

When I saw the new contest on Royal Road, I really wanted to enter it… but then reality set in rofl.  For anyone who has read anything that I’ve written, you should know by now that I honestly can’t stand censorship.  I do in fact censor myself to a certain degree, otherwise there would be: hardcore and detailed sex scenes, incredibly unnecessary gore scenes, lots of romance every chapter, more weirdness than most people would be able to stand or understand, and overall… it would take a lot more time for me to get anywhere in the actual plot.

However, I feel that by following those tight restrictions on the contest, the actual story will lose a lot of its luster.  Also, since this is technically a side-story, that means I can leave out a lot of important information regarding various subjects that I’ve already covered a great many times throughout the story so far.

The tentative title is “Questing” and just like the name suggests, the main cast will be a small group of noob adventurers, some of which have actually been in the main story to some extent.  It starts around the time chapter 5 ended, which was roughly 4 months before the chapter “Cataclysm” but I have no idea how much time will pass throughout the side-story.

To be completely honest, I’ve always been hesitant about writing side-stories, mainly because on Royal Road, people typically don’t read them or actually demand that you stop wasting your time writing about something that isn’t the “Main Story” from the “Main Character’s” perspective.  Even for “Harem Reaper” where I did write around 7 incredibly short little stories, each of which took me less than an hour or so to write, I remember their views being absurdly small and quite a few people insisted that I shouldn’t have wasted my time on them.

Anyway, if anything, this might be closer to a spin-off type of situation, or perhaps it may actually end up being so important that I deem it either Chapter Six, or the interlude of this volume.  Another reason why I’ve decided to write this particular side-story, is that I haven’t written in 3rd person perspective for a whole six months… it’s been a while, and I’ve hesitated in writing 3rd person main-story content because of that.

It should be finished within a week, and be 7k to 15k words long, it will be similar to a “One-Shot” in a sense… but depending on the popularity, I may write a sequel or two.  I personally never read one-shots, because I hate that feeling after they’re over, so don’t expect everyone to die in the end roflmao… or at least, don’t expect them to stay dead even if they do die :P.  I’ve always hated tragedies, but aside from that, in the “Immortal Soul” story, I’ve clearly stated that “Death is a lie, a trick, an illusion, a fantasy… but suffering is real.” (The Archangel 11, Luna)

Essentially, dying isn’t the worst possible outcome, and things don’t often go very well for a lot of people… plus, it’s not nearly as funny when everything is all rainbows and sunshine.  Even the most adorable puppy-dog and kitty-cat, will still shit all over the fucking place, and mark your carpet as their territory.

If you’re anything like me, then this video will make you daaaw~ pretty hard lol. Puppies and Kittens Falling Asleep

If you would like to talk to me about the story, go ahead and comment 😛

4 thoughts on “Working on A Side Story?

  1. Hi mike, just wanna say i fucking damn love your Immortal soul, cause honestly for me its so good that i was itching to say it gave me the same awesome feeling from two of my personal best manga, Bastard!! and Berserk.

    keep on rocking!

    p/s : i on the other hand welcomes side stories, it usually let readers see an event from another perspectives.

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    • Thanks 🙂 I’m glad you like it lol Also, I’ve read both Bastard and Berserk, and liked them both… well, I didn’t like how often main characters were raped in Berserk lol

      Anyway, I made the mistake of reading “Coiling Dragon” fml, the chapters are short, but they’re like… endless. I do really like it though, it’s just crippling my writing speed rofl. I’m almost done reading what’s been translated so far though 🙂

      I’ve written 11k words of “Questing” and to be completely honest, I suck at writing short… anything, lol. It’s more like a spin-off than a side-story at this point roflmao. I’ve written 2 chapters and am working on a third… what was originally just going to be a short interlude into the lives of a few adventurers in ‘current’ Alfirin, is turning out to be a lot more important than I had originally intended: as far as the story-line is concerned. I actually contemplated several times, stopping working on it for now, and putting it into Volume 5. However, I’ve already written out a decent amount of the storyline for v5 and as far as the time period is concerned, I feel like volume 5 will probably take place quite a while after “Cataclysm” took place.

      To be completely honest, reading “Coiling Dragon” has actually helped me a bit, because it really is quite a complex story… well, maybe not complex, so much as… long. It’s really damn long lol.


  2. I enjoy side stories and alternate POV’s but one thing i don’t enjoy is when its a view on something that happened earlier in the story but isn’t released until much later, like being on chapter 1846 and you get a POV from “Random Farmer A” that appeared once in chapter 3. But other than that i like reading them ill just have to go back to Ch 5 and reread it. On a side note writing a side story in your down time shouldn’t ever be considered a waste its a complete freebie for us.

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    • Yeah, I hate when that happens too lol. While I do go back pretty far in the beginning of a lot of the PoV changes, they always end quite a bit after the last chapter from Michael’s PoV. I can guarantee that you won’t have to re-read anything for this side-story, you might be reading some of the main character’s back-stories and be like “Wait a second… I definitely remember that.” or just completely not remember the characters because you hadn’t seen them in 17-20 chapters lmao.

      The good thing though, is that I kinda picked characters that don’t have a large enough history in the main story, that a person could hopefully read the side-story without even having to read the main-story, and still be able to enjoy it. Well, like I said in the post, it might be more like a spin-off than a side-story. Also, I have no idea why, but in my opinion, third person PoV is funnier than first person lol. Maybe because there’s a bigger disconnect between the reader/writer and the actual characters/circumstances involved; or maybe it has more to do with the fact that, for the most part, I can talk about incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassing things that the actual character would never reveal.

      Although, Michael’s personality is ridiculous enough, that he basically spent his entire life so far, completely naked. He has reached a point in his eternal existence, where he honestly doesn’t have the patience for lies, deceptions, and secrets.


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