Took A Break

For a few weeks I stopped writing, and just did a lot of reading… well, I obviously did other things too, but the time that I normally allocated to writing, was whittled down to nothing lol.  Sorry about not informing everyone that I was taking a short break, but I felt kinda weird about writing a post about it; I didn’t really plan to completely halt my progress, it just happened?

Anyway, before that relatively long reprieve I had written the first 2 chapters of “Questing” which are about 10k words total, and the last two days I finished working on the third chapter.  I had originally intended for it to be a short side-story or maybe a long one-shot lulz, then it turned into more of a spin-off.

Even-though I personally like it, I’m still hesitant to start posting the chapters… because I know that there will be plenty of obnoxious people who will say things like “Stop wasting your time on this story, and keep writing the original.” or “I like this story much better than the other one, so focus on this one more.” and there’s probably going to be complaints about the different writing style.

Maybe some authors can easily brush off insults and trolling, but I just haven’t reached that level of enlightenment yet rofl, I still care what my readers think :P.  If someone tells me that my story is bad, it seriously bothers me, and makes it difficult for me to concentrate on writing seriously; thus, I’m hesitant to reveal the chapters that I’ve written so far, because I’ve invested too much time and effort into “Questing” to simply give up on it.

What will most likely happen, is that I will finish the first part of “Questing” which will most likely have at least 5 chapters, then I’ll start working on chapter 6 of Immortal Soul’s main-story.  I think that I’ve gotten pretty good at writing in third person now, so I will probably be able to create a chapter that I find satisfactory; then chapter seven will most likely be the Lorelei chapter, then another Michael chapter, then maybe an Amber chapter for the first time ever, and back to Michael for the final few chapters of Act 4.

Keep in mind that I am truly horrible at planning things, so nothing that I said in the last paragraph should be taken too seriously lol.  Although, I’ve been planning the Act like that since the very beginning, things change, and I can’t be sure of what I’ll do until I actually do it rofl.

Since I can’t think of anything else to say, here’s a video of cats doing weird, but cute, things!

Also, I still haven’t decided yet, but I’ll probably add a fifth member to the ‘party’ in “Questing” so I kinda need to decide on their race.  I was originally going to make ‘him’ a human, because Julia is seriously the only human character in the entire story so far lmao.  However, cat-tribe, dog-tribe, and fox-tribe are all basically humans, plus tails and animal ears, so I could also do something like that.  The team is currently, 3 females and one male, so it feels kinda unbalanced… it’s definitely not a harem, but an extra male would be nice.  Of course, I did think of adding in a dryad or some other kind of ‘neutral’ gender person.  Maybe a male fairy(basically just an elf with insect-like wings, normal-ish sized versions of pixies lol) or some other race that I haven’t thought about yet lol.

(Currently working on chapter 5 of “Questing” 🙂

If anyone wants to proof-read(You don’t actually have to edit anything, just read what I’ve written so far and tell me what you think of it) I could really use a confidence booster lol.  There are already four unedited chapters of “Questing” which I’ve written so far, but I’m planning on writing chapter 5 and maybe a sixth chapter before actually editing and posting them… it would be nice if I could have some proof-readers to help me out 😛 but I’m not getting my hopes up lol.

14 thoughts on “Took A Break

  1. Hey Mike, hows it going? Been a while since I heard anything from you, are you planning to release an entire volume of questing at once or just still trying to find a PR? i can PR if it would help you English is my primary language so i can find grammatical errors though punctuation has always been my weak point.

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    • Oh hey, yea, I was planning to release it when I finished volume 1, but I might start releasing the chapters soon. I’ve written 9 chapters so far, which is like 50k words or so, and a PR would be nice 🙂


    • Well, angels don’t exist solely in Hebrew and Christian lore, they were present in many different forms, and so many mythologies… rather than “The Bible” I basically just make a lot of stuff up rofl. Perhaps it would be better to say, there are very strong Wikipedia ties 😛


  2. Would be more than happy to take a look at what ever you want to show hope the immortal soul continues this story got me hooked on reincarnation stories A big fan of your work

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    • Yea, “Questing” is kinda like a spin-off, rather than a side-story lol I will definitely be continuing Immortal Soul soon though. Atm I’m working on chapter 6 of “Questing” so it’s not like I stopped writing.


  3. My thoughts: I absolutely love your work. I’d be massively upset if you ever dropped it before completion. Or pulled that rushed ending crap some do……

    Honestly hope once you have finished the stories you’re working on that you start a new one. I think it would be a waste if you didn’t think up and put out at least a few stories with your talent.

    Personal preference, whatever comes I hope focuses on the interesting and enjoyable and doesn’t drift too close to the tragedy tag. There’s been too many tragedy stories that i’m quite sick of it on royal road. And i’d be miffed to find I had to suffer through a bunch of depressing stuff to enjoy a new great story from you. -_-;;


    • lmao, yea I really hate tragedies too 😛 I mean, life isn’t always perfect and happy for everyone… but that doesn’t mean that every time someone good happens to a character, someone they love needs to die rofl Since the main-story of Immortal Soul focuses on Michael, Raelin, Ethir, Ailyn, Lorelei, Amber and a few others who’ve had what most would consider ‘tragic pasts’ it allows them to have a better understanding of how enjoyable their lives really are. I find that most people like to start the stories off with a person who has everything, and then display how their lives are ruined or taken away, before eventually, after a very very long time, they recreate what they’ve lost… only to lose it all over again lol. Besides all that, even if a character dies in my story… as long as they don’t break the rules, they’re usually allowed to return shortly afterwards; in other words, reincarnation is a thing that happens all the time, especially in that particular universe, but very few people ever realize or notice it.


  4. Glad to see an update here, super looking forward to an Amber chapter. And for questing side stories are always fun to read of course they slow down main progression but that’s fine because it allows you to recuperate and think on the main story.


    • yea, I had been focusing on the main story for so long, and there was a pile of important information that I had been sitting on and unable to talk about… when I tell the story from a single persons recollections, I have to purposefully leave out a lot of stuff, simply because that character either didn’t care about it or didn’t know about it lol. However, third person is a bit different, so I’m allowed to talk about all kinds of stuff that the characters themselves might not even know lmao.


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