Okay, I’ve been a little hesitant to start releasing these chapters, because of the writing equivalent of stage-fright… but, I think that it’s about time I start posting them.  I’ve written nine chapters so far, and I think there will probably be one or two more before volume one of “Questing” is completed, so hopefully people will like it.

I think that the disclaimer for “Immortal Soul” is sufficient for this story as well, because it’s relatively mature.  There hasn’t been any real sexual content so far, but there is quite a bit of profanity in the dialogue; there’s a bit of gore, though probably not that much.  Aside from that, it’s in third person POV so if you dislike that style of writing, you probably won’t like “Questing.”

The first volume of this story takes place between V-4 Ch-5 and Ch-6 of “Immortal Soul” so if you haven’t read up to that point, it may be difficult to understand some of the settings.  Welp, here it goes…


In a world where mana and magic is abundant, privacy doesn’t exist. At any given moment, regardless of how insignificant a person may seem, they are constantly being observed.

On Earth, Terra has the most power, and typically, she doesn’t allow Luna or Sol to interfere in the lives or typical ‘mortals.’ However, she isn’t omnipotent, and neither is she content to simply do nothing but surveil for billions of years.

Unlike her sisters, she was able to remain fairly detached and objective, even if the little creatures on her body were breaking the ‘laws.’ To prevent them from waging war against her, and to alleviate her boredom, she created a ‘game.’

Over the eons they went through periods of high or low activity, sometimes giving ‘players’ the ability to gain ridiculous amounts of power, occasionally they would even create cataclysms for entertainment, but eventually the world settled down. No matter how many heroes Luna created, she always ended up with even more villains, and only the ones who remained relatively neutral were able to survive in the long run.

Terra created thousands of dungeons, yet no one even attempted to complete the ones she spent the most amount of time and effort on. The game remained mostly forgotten for millions of years… until some old friends started to appear.

Four adventurers from Lorthon Forest, each with their own ambitions and desires, manage to get themselves dragged into that ‘game.’

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