Questing V1, Chapter 3: A Means to an End

The tiger-girl, squirrel-woman, bear-man, and female deer-centaur stared at the mysterious, giant, human nudist. Although, since none of them were wearing any clothing, it wasn’t her naked body that they were worried about.

After a moment of silence, she tilted her head to the left, and asked them “Are you not champions seeking entrance to my domain?” but without giving them a chance to respond, she revealed “I am Terra, Spirit of The Earth, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance young heroes. Ah, it has been such a long time since anyone challenged me to a game.” while smiling gleefully.

Coffee blurted out “Oh! I get it now! Yea, that makes a lot more sense than what I was gonna say…” and started laughing hysterically. Then he walked over to the woman, and shook her hand. It was something that none of the others would have been capable of, given the extreme size difference.

Rachael yelled at him “You brought us all the way to Angren, and you didn’t even know how to enter the damn place?!” while glaring at his back. Unlike the other three, she actually had a house, job, and was going to school in Black Mithril; of course, she had barely been making enough to keep up with her expenses, but that was beside the point.

Demil quickly walked over to the grinning bear, and grabbed him by the arm, muttering “Honey-Bear, I don’t think you’re supposed to shake The Earth’s hand…” as she dragged him away from the startled woman.

Then Terra chuckled, and explained “If you truly wish to enter one of my dungeons, you must first be able to withstand the pressure of at least a level-five mana-zone. If the four of you entered one in your current state… even if you did survive, it wouldn’t be very entertaining for me. It is meaningless to play a game, where one cannot lose.”

Alexis interjected “Wait, I thought we were supposed to be robbing some old tomb. What’s all this nonsense about games and spirits anyway?” while hopping onto Rachael’s back, and sitting down.

The deer-centaur sighed, as she crossed her arms in-front of her small breasts, with her slender arms; her pale Elven skin was completely without any blemishes, freckles, moles, or scars. Rather than complain about the incredibly light squirrel-girl, that was treating her like a chair, she was completely focused Terra.

Rachael had a serious expression, as she asked the giantess “So as long as we can figure out a method to withstand extreme mana-pressure, you’ll let us enter The Ancient Angren Treasury?”

However, the buxom woman just shrugged and told them “With your current power, you wouldn’t even be capable of resisting intermediate illusory attacks. The celestial kittens on the first level, would completely annihilate the four of you. Even if that wasn’t the case, in such an environment, none of you would be capable of utilizing magic in any way.” instantly crushing their unrealistic aspirations.

With the four of them showing dejected expressions, Terra laughed quietly, then announced “It has been several millennia since the last time someone conquered one of my dungeons, so I am not surprised that your knowledge on the subject is so limited. The game would be boring if people could just keep repetitively beating the same puzzles, mazes, and bosses; it would also be silly if I allowed just anyone to enter them. Only the most difficult labyrinths still exist, because the easier ones had been defeated long ago.

“Perhaps the time has finally come… Unfortunately, I must not play favorites with you, regardless of your connections to Michael, Helel, Uriel and Azriel. One week, be sure to fully prepare yourselves; on the seventh day, look towards The Moon for guidance.” The moment that she stopped talking, the four of them awoke at the same time.

For people who were telepathically linked to each-other, it wasn’t that strange for them to share dreams occasionally. However, because of their experience with the phenomenon, each of them understood that they had been under a powerful illusion spell.

Coffee was grinning obnoxiously, but the other three were wearing serious expressions. Then he asked them “We just met The Earth… why am I the only one who’s excited about that?” while frowning at them.

The leather-clad squirrel retorted “How the fuck have you survived this long?” as she glared him, with her bright-red eyes.

Demil sighed, and explained “Honey-Bear, it was an illusion; you shouldn’t immediately believe everything that a beautiful woman in a dream-world tells you. Don’t you remember that time when Mae almost convinced you that she was me? You nearly lost your virginity to a three-mile long, catfish-eel-dragon-slut!”

Then Coffee sighed and told them “It was definitely the real Terra… probably, but even if it wasn’t, we should still be prepared in case I’m right. Now we should have at least ten-thousand-” but was cut-off by his girlfriend.

She interjected “Three-thousand, I bought us some guns, except Lexi… I had to spend a thousand fucking gold, to buy-back all of her shit, after she gambled away her gear.” while glaring at the leather-clad squirrel.

Rachael announced “Oh I already spent all of that earlier… on medical supplies?” She found an exotic pet-store, and purchased a ‘kitten’ that she thought was adorable.

Alexis immediately yelled at the tigress “You freak-out every time I drink or gamble a little bit, but she buys a damn spider-panther… and no one seems to give a shit!” Not every magical-beast in the third ring of Lorthon was a gigantic monster, some of the most lethal creatures were incredibly small.

The happy doe smiled and retorted “Because your self-destructive habits benefit no-one, and are just a waste of money. Also, little Selene is actually useful! In fact, her poison is incredibly deadly, plus her feces and urine act as a potent anti-venom.” as she placed her right arm on the blue, glossy wooden, table. Suddenly, a five-millimeter long, blood-covered, brown furred feline, erupted from her forearm; her skin immediately sealed behind it, and it made a cute ‘mew’ sound, before running up to her shoulder.

It was ‘symbiosis’ magic, originally invented by the dryad Yuri; although, it was essentially a series of complex nature-spells, most races would have received serious ‘side-effects’ from long-term usage. Fortunately, chimeras such as centaurs, were actually created by her; given their innate capability of having multiple, distinct, sets of DNA, it was possible for their bodies to house other creatures… under certain circumstances.

Even-though the three of them had gotten fairly used-to Rachael’s ‘special’ techniques, seeing a tiny cat burrow its way out of a person’s forearm was still pretty strange. After a few seconds, Coffee stood up, towering over the table and everyone who was seated; he was three feet taller than his girlfriend, and his body was considerably bulky as well.

He was from the Kodiak tribe, one of the largest beast-races in Lorthon Forest, and Demil was merely an average-sized, skinny, tiger-woman. With the proportions of their bodies being so dramatically different, it was fairly surprising that they were even physically compatible; fortunately, the most important areas were of a relatively similar scale.

Their small team of four didn’t have a leader, but the bear-man was the only one of them who actually seemed to have a goal. Coffee grinned as he looked around the table at the three women, then announced “Regardless of whether or not she was really Terra, she was obviously powerful enough to trap us in an illusory world… so we should just assume that she was telling the truth, and get ready for whatever is about to happen in seven days. I don’t wanna be unprepared; hell, we might get teleported directly into a battlefield, or a horde of demonic beasts might randomly appear out of thin air.”

Rachael commanded the spider-panther to burrow back into her forearm, and hopped down off of her couch-like chair. She smiled and told them “It’s true, my telepathic defenses are pretty strong; she was certainly a spirit of some kind, and she didn’t seem to be very malicious. Anyways, I need to go buy some things, and start making some… stuff. Alex, you’re coming with me; this city is way too dangerous for you to be unsupervised.” as she started trotting towards her room.

Demil finally stood up and yawned loudly, while stretching her arms in a dramatic fashion; then she grabbed Coffee by the arm and said “Well, unlike you two, we actually prefer to sleep at night.” before leading her boyfriend to their extremely large bedroom, which was relatively small compared to their body-sizes. It was formerly a palace, so everything was fairly grand and elegant; the bed-frame was made out of mithril, and was easily able to support their extreme weight.

Once the deer-centaur was appropriately attired, she dragged the fully armed squirrel-ninja along with her, as she left the ‘hotel’ and headed towards the southernmost part of the city. The two of them were wearing all black clothing, though there were a few white designs on Rachael’s t-shirt: a circle, with a cross in the center on her chest, and a serpent along her lower-body on both sides.

Angren was a level-two mana-zone, so it was a comfortable place for races from all over Lorthon Forest. Cat-Tribe, Rat-Tribe, Dwarves, and Humans could be seen wandering around the streets of The Lorelei District, though they typically avoided the southern triangle.

It wasn’t just that most of the third-ring’s beast-races refused to wear clothing, and sometimes mated in public, but most of the gladiators lived in that part of town. They risked their lives fighting demonic beasts, and were physically or magically powerful enough to kill normal people without much effort; it was perfectly legal to duel someone to the death, because of an insult or minor disagreement.

Each state of Alfirin had its own individual laws, depending on local culture, and murder had a different meaning everywhere. The main reason that humans, and other weaker races, didn’t wander over to The Beast District, was because all of the stores, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses, were marketed towards people from the third-ring.

As Rachael nonchalantly trotted down the main street, Alexis was riding her as if she was a mount. There were actually quite a few horse and bull centaurs, who were carrying passengers in a similar manner; most people however, rode inside of carriages, or upon magical beasts.

While third-ring races were typically gigantic compared to the deer and squirrel, the creatures that they rode upon, were far more grand: bears and tigers the size of elephants, colossal ants and spiders, massive chickens, and rhinoceroses with mithril scales covering their whole bodies. The population was less than ten-thousand, in an area of the city that was over a square mile, but it was still extremely crowded.

At the southern tip of Angren, was a circular area that was previously an ancient temple, but it was replaced with a couple dozen restaurants; they all served fairly exotic dishes, and most of their ingredients came from the arena. There was even a diner that served fallen gladiators, though they were even more expensive than demonic beasts.

It might seem strange or cruel, but there were serious benefits to eating the bodies of powerful creatures. Mana-crystals formed in the bones, skin, hair, nails, blood, muscle and other organs in a living organism, so devouring them, could dramatically change a person’s genetic structure, or simply enhance their own mana-pool.

There was a pretty severe danger from consuming demonic meat, but it was the fastest and easiest way for mages and warriors to become stronger. That’s the reason why Rachael didn’t just chop-off limbs, and sell them for gold on a daily basis; it would have been extremely detrimental to her magical growth.

The underground city was always illuminated by brightly glowing crystal-balls, which were placed along the sides of the street; they were powered by the ambient mana, which saturated the atmosphere, so they didn’t require much maintenance. At the very center of the former temple, was a forty-meter tall grey, concrete building, with a giant blue, crescent moon sign above two huge mithril doors; it was a restaurant named “Lunar Blessings” and it was the first thing that Rachael thought of, after that short illusory conversation with Terra.

When Alexis saw the name, she snickered and whispered into the centaur’s ear “What a coincidence… you sure are a sneaky little doe.” as the silver-armored tiger-men guarding the entrance, quickly opened the double-doors for them; the girls each flashed their adventurer’s badges while they were approaching, so they were immediately allowed entry.

Rather than rank, the numbers signified the person’s capability in their field of expertise; Rachael was a level twenty-nine healer, Alexis was a level thirty-two melee dps, Coffee was a level forty-six tank, and Demil was a level thirty-nine ranged dps. The terminology and system of gauging relative power, was created by the BCHAA’s founder: General Beatrix Aust.

When the left-side guard saw their badges, he growled “More monsters…” Even if he didn’t see their above-average numbers, his sensitive nose could clearly smell their auras, and he knew that the two of them were extremely dangerous creatures.

The inside of “Lunar Blessings” was dimly illuminated by blue and green moss, that was scattered around the walls of the huge dining room. There were tables and chairs for many different body-sizes, but for the most part, they were geared towards two to three meter tall, and very heavy customers.

Rachael and Alexis were greeted by a six-foot tall, glowing blue-skinned Elven woman. She had radiant pink hair, golden irises, silver ram-like horns coming out of the sides of her head, and from her waist down, was the body of a massive azure serpent; the only clothing that she wore, was a sparkling shroud, covering her face: Her considerably large bio-luminescent bust, was completely visible, even in the darkness.

A melodious and deep voice reverberated through the girl’s minds “Welcome children, to this blessed sanctuary of our mother, Luna. Please follow me, I shall guide you safely to your seats.” as the two of them suddenly began hovering a few meters above the ground. Before they could even realize what was happening, the two of them were telekinetically carried across the room, and deposited on two glowing green crystalline chairs, in-front of a small, round table, which was constructed out of a similar material.

The floor was covered by a thick, black, viscous liquid, that seemed to have snakes or worms squirming around in it. However, given the dim lighting, it was impossible for either of them to have seen anything that wasn’t illuminated: since they only had relatively average night-vision.

Their hostess hissed softly, and then telepathically told them “Take your time looking through the menu, when you’ve decided on your order, I’ll know.” before swiftly slithering away. Within the restaurant was a level-four mana-zone, so just breathing in the air was painful to most of the customers; the scents and sounds within that place, were muffled by that intense pressure.

Rachael was beaming a happy smile as she quickly began scanning through the radiant golden piece of paper, that was laying on her side of the table. Then she yelled “Holy shit! No way! Alex, this place is amazing!” in an overly-excited voice.

Her friend was grimacing, while reading through the list of things that no sane person would ever want to eat: Live Chaotic Squid Tentacles, Deep-Fried Demonic Dryad Tendrils, Explosive Raccoon Testicles, Entropic Slime Salad, Venomous Rattle-Pig’s Feet, Seven-Curse Sheep-Intestine Stew, Super-Dense Corrupted Honeycomb, Hellish Dragon Bones… There was literally only one item on the entire menu that didn’t make her nauseous to imagine, and it costed a thousand gold.

Alexis asked the ecstatic doe “How the hell are we even going to afford any of this shit anyway? More importantly, why are you drooling over these disgusting names? Ugh, do you hear that? I’m pretty sure that guy over there just vomited a bunch of blood and died… are you even listening to me?” as she glanced around at the chaotic scenery. There were small glowing pink snakes and rabbits, floating around in the air, which occasionally attacked and maimed unsuspecting customers; most of the food was obviously poisonous and extraordinarily dangerous to consume, and it was strange that there were actually a couple dozen patrons in such a terrible environment.

Rachael glared at the squirrel-girl, and answered “Did you even look at the damn menu? It’s pretty much all made from high-grade demonic meat; there are even a couple of dishes and beverages, that supposedly contain… celestial ingredients.” but the moment she voiced her doubt, their waitress immediately returned.

She hissed a few times, and telepathically told them “I knew that the two of you were special; there are few who realize the significance of those extravagant meals and drinks. Your orders shall arrive momentarily, but don’t worry… those prices are simply to express how profound the blessings of our mother truly are. Be sure to give your thanks to Luna, for she has bestowed these gifts upon you… whether you survive them or not, that’s none of my concern.” as two other, glowing blue-skinned and scaled snake-centaurs approached their table from the other side.

A shrill scream emerged from the western side of the restaurant, and a loud explosion lit up the whole room for a moment, before a translucent silver barrier contained the blast; during that moment of chaos, one of the waitresses nonchalantly poured a sparkling golden liquid, into the wine-glass in-front of Alexis. Their hostess snickered, and mentally communicated “This is a seven-million year old, Heavenly Nutmeg Brandy; make sure to drink it slowly, lest you won’t be able to properly digest it.”

The second woman, placed a large white plate before Rachael; on which, was the flayed head of a celestial goat, with bright-green eyes. With a mithril knife in her left hand, she swiftly sliced open the creature’s skull, revealing its colorless, crystalline brain; then she slashed open her wrist, and poured her own azure-blood onto it, causing the solid organ to immediately dissolve into a blueish-black soup.

Rachael started laughing hysterically, and yelled “This place is awesome!” as she plucked out one of the glowing green eye-balls and bit down onto it. Alexis sighed dramatically, and started sipping the golden liquid; the three waitresses slithered away, though they were still easily visible from anywhere in the dark room: Their skin was one of the main light-sources for the restaurant after-all.

While the two of them were ‘slowly’ enjoying their meals, time was passing by at a much faster rate than they realized. In the morning, the tigress and bear-man got out of bed, and went their separate ways. Demil took a relaxing bath, in the gigantic heated palace pool, while Coffee grabbed his over-sized mithril-glaive headed towards the portal to the surface.

Even-though he didn’t bring any clothing, armor, or equipment, his girlfriend didn’t seem to be worried about his safety. His destination was a large stream, a mile to the northwest of Angren; as long as the enemies weren’t demons, he was fairly confident that no-one would be foolish enough to even attack him.

Standing on the riverbank, his compressed silverish-blue aura extended across the rippling waters from his massive palms. The rapids were momentarily disrupted, as huge globs of the mana-rich liquid, swirled around in the air above him.

Coffee’s entire body was swiftly enveloped in a swirling whirlpool, which was so fast and powerful, that clumps of fur was torn out every-time he accidentally touched it. The excessively large glaive was stabbed into the gigantic stone that he was standing upon, and his back was leaning against its shaft, as he performed that basic training technique.

Water-manipulation had many levels of difficulty, just like any other type of magic, but even the simplest of spells, could become quite dangerous if enough mana was channeled into them. Since he was using his own blood and muscle as leverage against the large quantity of murky-liquid, it was incredibly taxing for him to maintain such a violent maelstrom.

The stone below his feet was being eroded at a rapid pace, as his heavy body performed what appeared to have been graceful dance steps; his arms gently swayed, and his palms always faced towards the rippling wall. A deep growl emanated from his mouth, as he bellowed out a chant that his teacher had taught him… though it was in a language that he didn’t even slightly understand, so in his memory it was all complete gibberish.

In his mind, he vividly recalled the scene of an elderly white-furred, silver-robed Rat-Tribe woman, walking on the surface of an eerily calm lake. With a blue, crystalline cane in her left hand, she thrust it into the water and created massive spiraling column beneath her feet; she was immediately launched hundreds of meters into the air, and then fell back down towards the churning tides.

Her maximum mana-capacity was actually far lower than Coffee’s, but her understanding of magic was much higher. She easily slowed her descent as she approached the lake, and glided through the air towards the dumbfounded bear-man; it was his very first memory of his teacher, and it was when he realized that anyone could become powerful, as long as they were willing to put forth enough effort.

The rat-woman was incredibly weak compared to the numerous spirits that he had become friends with, but with the aid of some extremely expensive gear, and over eighty-years of experience, she was quite formidable. Her aura was thin, yet incredibly potent; even-though she mainly focused on healing for most of her life, she was still capable of performing plenty of offensive spells.

When the stone that Coffee was dancing upon began to crumble, he released the swirling water in every direction, and started panting loudly, while hunching over. He was only warming up, so his mana-consumption was fairly low, and simply breathing in the air around him, was enough for him to rapidly recover.

As he yanked the mithril glaive out of the ground, he turned around and growled “You truly are foolish little puppies; why do you choose to live out here, in this hellish jungle, rather than join us? It may seem confusing at first, but you don’t have to resort to such pointless savagery to merely survive…” in a voice that sounded more like a large dog, than a bear.

His brown irises, glowed with a bright-blue luster as he scanned the treeline. Even when he was surrounded by a maelstrom, his sensitive snout was still able to smell the auras of at least a dozen hostile creatures; however, it only took a moment for his gaze to discover that in the shadows, behind the thick foliage and plant-life, there were hundreds of wolf-like humanoid figures slowly approaching him.

The grey-furred, bipedal, two-meter tall ‘people’ were snickering as at least half of them emerged from the darkness; while they didn’t immediately attack, just glancing at their malicious mana was enough to reveal their intentions. It wasn’t telepathy, but similar to reading body-language; aside from that, he had encountered packs of those hyena-like wolves enough times to know that it was impossible to reason with them.

An extremely masculine and muscular ‘female’ cackled, as she cautiously approached his left side; once a few of her comrades completely surrounded him, she yowled “The bear wants us to join him! ‘No rape, no slavery!’ You bastards typically slaughter us on sight, you usually don’t even give us a chance to surrender! We aren’t idiots, the moment any of us even attempts to take one of your damn ‘tests’ we die! Hahahaha~ but that doesn’t really matter, I wouldn’t want to live in a world like that anyway! That was an interesting magic show earlier, but you aren’t the first mage we’ve played with~”

Although her monologue was packed with a decent amount of content, it was only a few yips, growls, howls, barks, and other canine sounds long. Coffee let out of deep roar as soon as she was done speaking, and channeled a large amount of mana into his glaive, before swinging it in a wide arc.

The talkative one, was quick enough to jump a few meters backwards, but when his blade slashed at the others, their bodies literally exploded upon contact. It was a fairly simple spell that caused all of the blood and other fluids inside of their veins, arteries, and organs to scatter in random directions; the only problem, was that he couldn’t penetrate their auras without actually piercing their flesh.

A few seconds after those loud ‘popping’ noises, and the six greywolf-tribesmen were completely obliterated, the over ten-foot tall bear began chuckling. Even if there were a hundred of those doggies, their only weapons were their claws and teeth; Coffee growled “Ah, I guess it’s not so funny now, huh? What’s wrong, didn’t you want to play with me?”

Regardless of the obvious danger, the massive pack refused to retreat, and began their counter-attack; unfortunately for them, it didn’t matter how many waves of agile and strong warriors approached him, they all were immediately turned into paste with a swing of his glaive. Occasionally, the craftier ones would pelt him with rocks and pebbles from a distance, which didn’t do that much damage, but created an opportunity for the swifter wolves to land a few slashes on his legs or waist; although, they were immediately smacked with his staff or kicked with his giant feet, and then cleaved in half.

If he was facing a group of mercenaries, soldiers, or even magical beasts, they would become demoralized and retreat after realizing the dramatic difference in power; yet, every time he killed another one of their kin, they only become more enraged and bloodthirsty. Once he splattered a few dozen of those humanoid wolves, and received several deep gashes on his body, Coffee’s mana-pool was nearly empty. His attacks became less flashy, and more efficient; every swipe of his giant glaive, decapitated, eviscerated or bisected multiple enemies.

During the battle, the scent of blood, howls, and other noises started to draw an audience. There was a rather large river-bank filled with fresh-meat, it would have been stranger if they didn’t attract hungry predators. Rather than the giant leopards that were lurking on the other side of the river, or the various colossal gator-squids, the first animals to interfere in the fight between humanoids was a flock of colorful parrots.

Nearly a thousand blue-and-yellow macaws swooped down and began clawing and biting at the remaining wolves, some of them even attacked the mildly injured bear-man. Those birds typically only devoured the mana-rich fruit that was prevalent throughout the third-ring of Lorthon, but it was rare for any creatures in that jungle to be pure herbivores.

Each of the parrots was at least a meter from head to toe; their talons and beaks were capable of tearing through iron armor. The moment he noticed the flock, Coffee didn’t even think about fighting, and immediately dove into the river… It was much safer to fight off the magical piranhas.

He was a fairly competent water-mage, so even in the rapids, he was able to calmly control his body. Since he was literally in his element, it was a relatively easy matter for him to create a barrier to protect himself from the various monsters, as he allowed the current to carry him towards the south.

A mile northeast of Angren, meant that he was only a few minutes away from The Forest of Corruption, so he only drifted a kilometer before he swam to shore. The mana-density that close to the fourth-ring was so potent, that his senses were completely jumbled, and it was impossible for him to notice the various demonic-beasts lurking behind the colossal trees to his right.

Fortunately, Coffee was still far enough away from that hell-hole, that the myriad of monsters weren’t willing to go out of their way to devour him. However, directly in-front of him was seven-foot tall, white-furred, completely naked and unarmed, tiger-girl.

She smirked at him and purred “You sure are a reckless little bear… you were so much cuter when you were younger though, now you’re too big and manly.” as she coyly circled around him, while gently caressing his mildly-wounded body.

Coffee smiled wryly, as he walked directly through the woman who looked eerily similar to his girlfriend, then muttered “Mae… it’s been a while.” The moment he mentioned her name, she transformed into a small, silver-haired, white-skinned, unnaturally large-breasted, naked wood-elven girl.

Maeleth, The Spirit of Lust, was actually one of his closest friends when he lived in Ael Tol; she pouted at his half-hearted greeting, and whined “Brownie-Bear, it’s been over a week since you returned to the third-ring; didn’t you miss me? That little Frowny-Cat has grown-up too, it’s a shame that the two of you can’t make cubs together… Oh wait, I know! You should come back home and have your girlfriend impregnated by that creepy dryad, and come swim with me!”

He sighed while continuing to briskly walk forward, with a mithril glaive strapped to his back by a demonic-leather sling. His fingers grazed the various cuts and bruises on his sides and thighs, and the light injuries were almost instantaneously sealed by water-manipulation; once he stopped bleeding, his body naturally began regenerating at a rapid pace.

Coffee laughed as he picked the weightless, incorporeal elf up with his left hand, and carried her in his right arm; then he smiled and asked her “Mae, you’ve been around for a while, right? Well, how much do you know about Terra?” curiously, as he began jogging through the jungle, towards Angren.

She snickered, with a flirtatious smile on her lips, before screaming “Just how fucking old do you think I am, you damn brat?! Hell, I’m barely even twenty-thousand this year! I’ll have you know, that I’m still a young maiden… as far as oceanic-dragons are concerned. Anyway, I’m sure that bastard-er, I mean, our good friend Michael, probably knows her.”

The bear-man muttered “Is that your age, or how many little elven boys you’ve corrupted?” while glancing at the illusory slut. After a few seconds, he stopped moving and ‘dropped’ her, though she just floated in the air; he quickly grabbed the glaive from behind his back, and roared “Come out and face me!” in a furious tone.

Maeleth’s playful expression suddenly became serious, as she whispered “Careful kid, this thing feels a little weird… no way, it kinda reminds me of-” before vanishing into thin air. An strangely alluring aroma, along with a blindingly bright and deafening aura enveloped the defenseless warrior, even his skin felt like it was melting off.

A colossal beam of light fired into the cloudy sky, tearing apart the ancient and extraordinarily large tree-branches that had stood in its path. Twenty-meters in every direction from where Coffee had previously been standing, was a massive scorch-mark, with withered and smoldering foliage on the ground; yet he was nowhere in sight.

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