Questing V1, Chapter 4: Trial and Error

Demil was sitting cross-legged on the stone-floor of an incredibly hot, steam-room; her long and thick tail was slowly squirming around, behind her back. The walls and ceiling were made out of concrete that was mixed with black-mithril powder, to create an environment of intense mana-density within that enclosed space. Continue reading

Questing V1, Chapter 3: A Means to an End

The tiger-girl, squirrel-woman, bear-man, and female deer-centaur stared at the mysterious, giant, human nudist. Although, since none of them were wearing any clothing, it wasn’t her naked body that they were worried about. Continue reading

Questing V1, Chapter 2: Ties of Friendship and Bondage

The colossal triangular arena looked like a giant arrowhead, pointing towards The Forest of Corruption. Directly behind it was a massive two-hundred meter tall skyscraper, with thousands of nearly unbreakable black-mithril reinforced, glass-windows. Continue reading