Hardcore OP-ness

Okay, so as some of you may or may not know, a few weeks ago I had writers-block while working on chapter eleven of “Immortal Soul” and thought: “Oh hey, maybe I should just half-ass a transportation story to help get over my slump…”  Thus, I finally decided to write something that wasn’t related to “Immortal Soul” for the first time in almost a whole year lol.

Now, even if I have a decent disclaimer already, I kinda feel that it’s necessary to warn people about a few things.  The ‘MC’ is kinda-sorta overpowered, but at the same time, not really.  This isn’t one of those stories, where some random guy gets sucked into another world, and is instantly amazing at everything in the universe.  There’s also the matter of profanity; the narrator doesn’t curse as far as I remember, but characters(Mostly the MC) swears like… well, normal people lol.

There is some sexual-content, but it’s a bit more ‘realistic’ and awkward than you’re probably anticipating.  Don’t expect any rape or slavery nonsense, cause that’s just not physically possible in this game-like world,  I’m already working on chapter 38 of this story at the moment, but I’ve only edited chapter 1 rofl, so yeah, I’ll probably be writing this story faster that I’ll be releasing it :P.  If I keep disclaiming things, I’ll probably end up giving spoilers, so good-luck and be careful out there lol.


Most people pray for good health, a loving family, and to win the lottery.  I asked “Can you send me to a game-like fantasy-style world?  It can’t be too unrealistic, but also, it would be nice if I was immortal to some degree.  Oh yea, no rape or slavery either, cause then I’ll have to spend the whole time trying to create a perfect society, and I’d rather not have to deal with all that nonsense.  No other players either, cause that always creates a ton of annoying drama, and I just want to have a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable time.”

Three years later, after I had completely forgotten about that… well, better late than never I suppose.  The moral of this story, is to be careful what you wish for; also, cuteness is justice, so don’t complain if adorable bunnies beat you to death and devour your corpse.

(Warning: This story includes profanity, nudity, descriptive violence and gore, plus all of the other things that disclaimers usually have to tell you about.  Do not read this if you dislike transportation, virtual reality, fantasy, or other similar genres… or me, because I’m the author.)

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