Addiction + Status Update on Chapter Eleven

No, this is not about drugs or alcohol… this is about games like “Cookie Clicker” and “Clicker Heroes” or even “The Gate“(My current addiction)  My advice: Don’t play them!  Stay far away and never click those links, because your soul will be corrupted and your mouse will literally break.  Well, “The Gate” isn’t quite as bad as the clicker-duo, but it’s still pretty devastating to your sleeping schedule lol.

Ironically, my purpose for this post was to give you a link to “My Save Data” for “Clicker Heroes” because well… I played it for so damn long, and got so far in it, that it’s kind of a shame for it to just vanish into obscurity :(.  You basically just go to the doc, Ctrl + A, and copy it all; then you go into “Clicker Heroes” and paste the giant clump of randomness into the “Import” thingy in the settings.  Now, if you already play it, and you want to see my progress, just make sure to save your own data to a notepad or google-doc before checking mine out.  Sigh, regardless of how much time I wasted on that damn game, I’m sure there are plenty of crazy people out there who have spent way more time and effort getting even farther than I did, but I still think that my OCD took me pretty far lol.

Anyway, chapter 11 of Immortal Soul had a few delays… because I wasn’t 100% sure which way to go with things, and at one point I almost started writing a new story, (Kind of like a Xianxia-style genre?) but eventually realized what I wanted to happen in chapter 11 and started writing it again.  I’m currently about 4500 words in, so probably halfway done; it’s going to be a relatively long one, compared the last few.  It’s not really a spoiler, since I’ve been planning this for the past… I don’t even know how long exactly, but chapter 11 is definitely going to be in Lorelei’s perspective; chapter 12 will more than likely be in Amber’s perspective, but I might end up making it 3rd person instead(Like chapter 9 and all of Questing lol).

Oh yea, I forgot that I haven’t posted chapter 10… lmao, well, I still haven’t edited it yet, because I’ve been focusing on writing and don’t want to lose my very flimsy concentration.  Basically, when I finish writing chapter 11, I’ll most likely write chapter 12 immediately afterwards, and since it will probably be a short chapter, I’ll hopefully be able to finish both of them this week.  Then I’ll have to edit them, which could take a while, or it could be super-fast depending on how distracted I am lol.

Hmmm, for those of you who don’t care about anything I just said… Here are the Cats you’ve been waiting for!


13 thoughts on “Addiction + Status Update on Chapter Eleven

  1. I spent so many hours on those, but had managed to forget about them till I accidentally read this. I am really upset right now. I literally shuddered when I thought about them

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  2. Well I’ve read all of IS and Q and you were right.
    When I first started reading IS up to my first post I was very confused about the direction the story took because it seemed pointless and shallow. You have this ‘immortal soul’ Michael a combination of past lives who supposedly has lived and died(not really) in multiple forms, world’s, and realities spanning millions of years at different times at multiple locations at the same time whose also the parent, child, sibling of everything which would basically make him god but he’s not. Who has strong moral standing against ‘slavery’ and rape because of the suffering it causes and the punishment of karma that follows but he has no problem with seals/curses that not only restricts certain actions but also compel them to act and feel based on his desire which if they don’t then they would be punished. Yes it stops bad things from happening but in a world where good and evil doesn’t exist(Hell???) and a main character whose okay with killing both innocent and guilty people in painful and horrific ways(while enjoying it) without a care in world tends to negate his purpose of limiting suffering.( Also I think slavery is enough because it covers all forms or acts of treating other beings as items/property to be done with as pleased)

    That’s what I felt when I posted my first comment for IS.
    Now that I’ve read the entire story I get why he does most(still somethings I don’t) of the things he does and his reasoning even though it took a minute to get there chapter by chapter but it slowly added up.
    IS is not bad story but it can get pretty convoluted which tends to take away from just enjoying the straightforward action and adventure. Also in or if in future chapters you can touch on why limited being/creatures go down such sad and twisted direction like enslaving other besides the simple explanation of ‘they just can’ would add a bit more depth to your story.


  3. Oh? Never heard of such a thing before…the game is pretty pointless no story, puzzle, complex stratagems/tactics or riveting action yet I feel as if i’m already addicted to it. It’s simple yet it has such hard to reach achievements for you to try and…achieve which makes it a refreshing game for me. Thanks for giving me something to waste time on while WAITING FOR YOUR NEXT CHAPTER(s)… just a subtle >.> attempt to guilt trip ya. xD

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    • Lmao, sigh, since I started working on “Hardcore OP-ness” last Monday, I’ve written 22 chapters of it.(33k words) However, I haven’t gotten around to finishing chapter Eleven of “Immortal Soul” or editing chapter 10: which has been finished for a while now rofl. Anyway, I don’t want to post any of the “HC OP” chapters yet though, cause I keep having to go back and fix things… it’s one of those game-like transportation stories, so there’s numbers and stats and skills and other things, but it’s still pretty fun to write so far :P.


  4. I have now tried Cookie Clicker and Clicker Heroes and I must admit that cookie clicker bored the hell outta me, I need hellalot more stimulation in my games lol…
    Clicker Heroes intrigued me for a bit with the cute lil things I could kill (really didn’t wanna kill the Catra or Gerbeel, lol) although I soon got bored I realized I can have the game playing in the background while I read and listen to my music, lolz, i’m a cheatz…

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    • Although I have found this cheat for some mysterious reason I am not properly utilizing it…I just sit here watching as the cute lil’ thingys of Forest Lvl 1 die in front of the insurmountable might of my Lvl 2 Treebeast. Do these things attack back at higher lvls?

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      • Nah, they don’t attack back, but the bosses have time limits… so you need a certain amount of dps or have to activate abilities to get passed them 😛 Although, later on, you can get overpowered ancients(I think that’s what they’re called) which increased the time limit, reduce the amount of monsters you have to kill per level, increase dps to a ridiculous degree, and all kinds of other stuff lol.


    • lmao, well, that’s why I put everything in google-docs :). The more important stuff, I try to keep on a flash-drive too, just in case… idfk, a solar-flare ruins the internet?! Sigh, I’m so tired…

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