Chapter 160: The MC Finally Goes to Hell?

On the seventh planet of the solar system appropriately named ‘Hell’, there was a beautiful and peaceful island, surrounded on all sides by oceans of boiling blood. Michael and Naturae had instantly traveled light-years away from Carrabelle Plains, arriving on a beach with pure white sand.

The entire world was covered in a thick yellow smog and chaotic purple lightning was constantly striking into the crimson tides. Even though the air was ‘breathable’ for the Nephilim, he still complained “Fuck my life… It smells like menstruation, cum and wet-dog.”

Suddenly, the expansive jungle in front of him vanished, and was replaced by a seemingly endless amount of colossal multicolored tentacles. A deep and terrifying roar resounded and a tiny grey-furred wolf-pup appeared before the two of them.

It barked and growled at the intruders, before Naturae yelled “I brought em here like ya asked me ta, now make yer demonic asshats stay put for a few years. If ya don’t, then I’ll tell Granny…”

Hearing that threat, the puppy whimpered and shook her head back and forth, then she looked up at Michael and yelped. He grumbled “Seriously? Do I look like I can understand anything you’re saying? Ugh, anyway, I’m here… wherever the fuck ‘here’ is, now what? Did you want me to like… I don’t know, torture you or something? I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do in this situation…”

The dryad sighed, “She wants ya ta play fetch… That’s it, nothing more than that.” A branch extended from its hand, and was nonchalantly tossed a few dozen meters across the beach.

That baby wolf panted and sprinted relatively quickly towards the flying object, before jumping a few feet in the air, catching it in her mouth and running back to Michael. He reached down and grabbed the twig, muttering “Okay~ then, I guess I’ll just play with the puppy for a while.”

After Naturae teleported away, the Goddess of Chaos and the Nephilim began nonchalantly playing fetch for a few minutes. It was at that time when he noticed something strange: He was incredibly weak compared to normal. Even though he wasn’t wearing any equipment, it was still strange; thus, he decided to check his stats to see what was happening.

[Player Information

Name: Michael
Titles: The Nudist, The Noob, The Immortal, The Lurker, The Survivor, The Astronaut, Shinigami, The Heretic, The Harem Keeper, The Exhibitionist
Level: 21
Experience: 247/6300
Age: Adult
Race: Chaotic Nephilim
Rank: D
Class: Guardian
Specialization: Tank, Melee and Ranged Damage Dealer, Support
Profession: Summoner Level 3]

Health: 27/27
Mana: 12/12
Stamina: 11/13.5
Mana Regen per minute: 27
Health Regen per hour: 27

Strength: 2.7
Vitality: 2.7
Endurance: 2.7
Dexterity: 1.3
Agility: 1.3
Intelligence: 2.4
Wisdom: 2.7
Perception: 1.2
Charisma: 1.7

Willpower: 30
Luck: 30
Aura: 77

Attack Power: 13.5
Defense Rating: 1.35]

All of his stats besides Luck, Aura and Willpower had been divided by ten, and his experience required to reach the next level was ten times higher than before. Michael muttered “What the actual fuck is this bullshit? Hmmm~, oh, I’ll just check the… Cuntballs.”


Difficulty: Hell
Realism: ???
Pain: 300%
Gore: Maximum
Sexual Content: Consensual Only
Number of Players: 101
Maximum Level: 10
Starting Equipment: None
Starting Stats: Minimum Possible
Death Penalty: Level Resets to Zero
Friendly Fire: On]

“Nope, I don’t like this at all! Oi, Chaos, tell me… what did you really bring me here for?” He was fairly worried about that death penalty, more than anything else.

The adorable grey wolf-pup suddenly transformed into a gigantic woman, with the lower-body of a zebra. Everything above the waist appeared like a chubby, brown-skinned, Human. However, she had two heads, one was that of a pale High-Elf, and the other was a purple cobra. It hissed at him angrily, as the relatively beautiful, blue-eyed girl murmured “We just wanted to… play with you. M-maybe we could have sex? Or, um, I could kill you if you want? I don’t know~, hmmm, ah~, w-what shape do you prefer? May-maybe we could go swimming? Ah, t-the tentacle forest is um, nice, this time of year…”

Michael sighed, “I’m really sorry, but you aren’t my type. No offense, but you’re too old and slutty. I prefer innocent and naive virgins, well, I’ve only ever been with virgins… It’s more than just that though. I need to be in love with the other person, or at least have some sort of emotional connection. If ya want me to do some fucked up torture nonsense, it can’t be sexual. Hmmm~, why don’t we just go wreck some shit? Like, this is your ‘territory’ right? Show me around~, let’s just go kill some people or something?”

As he was talking, the centaur transformed into a two-meter tall, four-armed, blue-skinned woman. She had tusk-like fangs protruding from her mouth, three purple serpentine eyes, and black deer antlers coming out of the sides of her head. There were also a myriad of squirming white snakes instead of hair.

Her body was extremely muscular, and there was even a worm-tail that was similar to Sarah’s, but obviously much longer and thicker. Those legs resembled a goat’s, and the overall appearance gave the Nephilim a surprisingly familiar feeling.

Seeing that, he was about to activate his own transformations, when he realized that with his current stats, they wouldn’t even last for three minutes. Chaos giggled, then barked loudly, and scowled at him, saying in a serene voice “I’ll take you to one of my favorite planets in this solar system: Wrath.”

The two of them were enveloped in a red aura, and they were immediately teleported a ridiculous distance away. To a world that was fairly close to the white-dwarf star; it was completely covered in dust, bones, sand, and dried dirt.

In such an environment, the only way for most creatures to survive was through magic. Even though everything was part of Chaos’ domain, it wasn’t as if everything was ‘demonic’.

There were quite a few oases under Naturae’s control, but they were constantly besieged by hordes of monsters. The atmosphere could support Human life, and there were actually a decent amount of them, along with Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, and Warbeasts of every kind.

It was still the same universe after all, though the rules were slightly different. Compared to Arcana, Earth, and that planet he was just on, ‘Wrath’ had only one third their gravity. Otherwise, those people and monsters born with such fragile bones and weak muscles, wouldn’t have even been able to survive.

Considering Michael’s superior level, even his unbuffed and completely naked stats, were enough to make him one of the most powerful beings on that planet. Once he equipped everything, he was nearly twice as strong.

However, his absurdly high Aura was actually a burden, since the cost to use a decent amount of his spells, was much larger than his entire mana-pool. At the same time, his magical defense was far beyond what was possible for even the most powerful mages to bypass.

It would have been incredibly difficult for even an S-ranked, level-ten, monster or magical-beast to match up to that relatively overpowered Nephilim. Unfortunately, rather than teaming up with the Goddess of Chaos and indiscriminately slaughtering things, she had a different idea for their game.

“New Quest: The Goddess of Chaos has challenged you to a duel. The rules are: No equipment, no spells, both of you will have the same exact stats, the winner gets to keep the loser’s corpse. Rewards: +600 experience points, +100 Gold, +1000 Chaos Favor.” That ominous message popped-up, right as the two of them materialized on the bloody sands of Wrath.

All around them, the allied races of ‘humanity’ were courageously fighting against hordes demonic beasts. However, since everyone else was only a maximum of level-ten, those two obviously appeared quite monstrous.

Each of them had exactly seventy-seven points of Aura, but Michael’s was of three different Elements and being contained within seventy-seven meters. On the other hand, Chaos’ mana was flying off randomly in every direction and was completely uncontrollable.

Sometimes, it would invade a person’s body and cause them to become enraged, paralyzed, poisoned, or simply insane. Even the demons were terrified when they saw their own Goddess; even though the Humans, Orcs, Elves, Ogres, and other allied races were equipped with firearms and decent armor, they still fled.

Yet, a massive invisible barrier was suddenly erected around the entire battlefield, and a beautiful, feminine voice whispered “No, you aren’t allowed to leave~… I want all of you to watch. Umm~, maybe, you should keep fighting? Or not? I don’t know? Ummm~, hmm~, oh well. Match start~!”

26 thoughts on “Chapter 160: The MC Finally Goes to Hell?

  1. I hope Michael loses. That would be hilarious, but then again, he’d be able to regain some of his levels with the exp packs he still has, so it wouldn’t be so bad…

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      • So they players are stuck on an endless loop maybe?
        Also a timid chaos ain’t so bad.
        She’s still slutty though.He can also feed her body to Inari since she has that passive for devouring those of chaotic affinity.

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  2. well…. he gets to keep her body eh?….. knowing him since it didnt bother him the thought of being a necrophiliac…. he might do things to it…. and knowing chaos she would like to watch….. lol

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