Break-Day Again…

Like always, this is an early-warning notice that my break has finally arrived again lol.  Basically, after the 2 new chapters go up in 5-ish hours, there’s going to be a 48 hour period before the next posts happen.

Aside from that, I can’t really think of anything else to say, so I’ll just give a link to the Donations page and remind people that I’m currently writing chapter 194.

My writing speed has been kinda slow the past few days because I started reading “I Shall Seal the Heavens” and because of that, I fell behind on “Against the Gods.”  The new season of “Once Upon a Time” also started, plus “Peerless Martial God” has been updated like 15 times in the last few days.  Sadly, “Tales of Demons and Gods” dropped down to 1 chapter a day :(: It’s still one of my current favorites though lol.

I haven’t even gotten around to reading the last 2 chapters of “Doulou Dalu” and I’m really far behind on a lot of other xianxia/LNs that I normally keep up with… but that has more to do with writing than reading?

Anyway, a bunch of people suggested that I should read ISSTH and I’ve been putting it off forever because the first chapter was really boring.  However, it’s pretty similar to a lot of other xianxia in a bunch of ways.  I heard that the MC was different from the usual xianxia male lead archetype… He kinda was at first, maybe, but that only lasts for a few dozen chapters.

It isn’t bad, and I think it’s probably one of the better ones so far(I’ve only read until chapter 140-ish) However, there are just so~ many things that piss me off about it lol  They use the same exact formula as every other xianxia out there: The MC is super strong compared to other people at the same stage as him, but he’s ALWAYS getting into situations where he can’t even fight against the opponents, because they’re just way too overpowered.  Then there’s the whole thing where he needs to consume massive amounts of drugs to get stronger and it’s harder for him to ‘level-up’ and ‘rank-up’ because he’s basically an Elite lol.

If you want to know why Michael does want to be an Elite, just read ISSTH or any other Xianxia, since it’s always the same thing.  Seriously, why do those authors ALWAYS have to cripple their characters?  Is it so that they can show off constantly?  Maybe it’s just so that they can drag out the story for 3000 chapters and have the MC constantly in a position of weakness, where his friends and family can easily be murdered or raped, just to add in a bit of drama?  I also finally dropped Martial God Asura at like chapter 372, since it was just getting too annoying with all the rape.

Okay, I’m done ranting for now… Wow, I just wanted to promote a few stories and it turned into a list of everything I hate about xianxia lol.  Well, there’s also the fact that I can’t stand all the Sects, Clans, Empires and other corrupt, disgusting, and horrible political systems that are always prevalent in those kinds of stories.  I think that xianxia would be way better if the MC just went out into the wilderness, and didn’t interact with people, ever… but no, it’s always about people.  It’s always about petty arguments, turning into genocide and women are always treated like objects, while everyone is a slave in one way or another.  Every time a man besides the MC sees a beautiful woman, they try to rape her, and even the MC is usually a misogynistic bigot.

Okay, I need to stop now lol… The more I talk about xianxia, the more pissed off I get, yet I still read them roflmao!  Ugh, I can’t believe I just spent 30 minutes writing this…

23 thoughts on “Break-Day Again…

  1. I love both Xianxia and Japanese LN/WN but both of them have their drawbacks. Xianxia, like you said, have so many of the same situations and the way they do their power scaling…it’s a little too ridiculous, lol. I mean, Martial God Asura was fun early on but you’re right, it’s become samey and the amount of beads he has to take to “level up” is beyond silly. With Japanese LN/WN the MC is usually really annoying to read about, so when I’m able to find one with an MC that doesn’t annoy me, it’s like I’ve found a needle in a haystack. Basically, I know exactly where you’re coming from, because even though there are things I dislike about them, I still enjoy reading most of them, hahaha.

    Have a good break and good luck!

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  2. I suggest you pick up stellar transformations. That’s the first xianxia I read and also the only one where the MC does not get in a fight with everyone for reasons like “you bought the same clothes as me!” Or “you proved me wrong!” And stupid shit like that. Of course he is still super OP for his level. But at least the one thing he is best at is running away. But yea, he gets in fights for legit reasons like “you killed my family.” Or “this is a test I have to pass or I’ll never reach my goal.”

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  3. Xianxia is all about swagging around town with your bro harem while flexing your cock at people as you pass by, at least that’s how IET writes. Still waiting for one to pop up that doesn’t follow the typical formula.

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  4. Break – Wait!? What!? How!? Already!?

    Stories – I perfectly know your pain. My list of novels i read is 45+ and still growing. When will i ever read all of those.

    Misogynistic – i seriously needed to look into this one. As only a person with the profession of writer could find the word i don’t have in my foreign words vocabulary.

    Have a nice break.

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  5. i completly understand what you mean there about the usuall xianxia male mc who is a “Elite” and only is so slow in ranki9ng up i always thought i was the only one who hate this. If you look at a xianxia novel they are basically all the same. I dont even know how so people like ISSTH i thought it pretty boring i read i think 100 chapter and it was always the mc running away or hiding from people because he was just too weak. And he was kinda stupid too, i dont know if it is better in the later chapters but what i read was pretty boring.

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