Chapter 161: ‘Playing’ with Chaos

It began with a hysterical laughter, not from the insane Goddess of Chaos, but her opponent. Michael didn’t take up a fighting stance, but neither did she, they just glared at each-other.

The whole duel could theoretically end in an instant, since they each had the same exact Health and Strength. Suddenly, the woman began frantically rushing towards him, though her speed wasn’t very fast.

He just stood there, waiting for a few seconds, until she finally arrived before him. Four hands attempted to grab at him, as she also tried to use those huge fangs to tear out his throat.

Unfortunately, while she wasn’t used to being so incredibly weak, he also had very little experience under one-third of Arcana’s gravity. Thus, when he tried to evade, he tripped, and even though she did grab hold of his a wrists and shoulders, he was able to headbutt the ferocious woman in the mouth.

They fell slowly, and he immediately kneed her in the groin, causing her more pleasure than pain, but it achieved the same effect. Her grip weakened, and he immediately crawled around her extremely muscular body, getting behind her and using both hands to slam her face into the sand.

Of course, there was little to no damage, and she utilized her serpentine hair to deliver multiple snake-bites on both of his forearms. There was no poison, and the damage was relatively negligible.

However, it was then that her worm-like tail wrapped around his throat and squeezed tightly. Yet, he completely ignored it, and started tearing those slimy critters out of the back of her skull, one at a time.

There was so much ‘pain’, that she cried out in ecstasy, while her entire body contorted uncontrollably. Then it somehow turned into a deep-tissue back-massage, and by that point, her tail had completely lost all of its strength.

She moaned softly, as Michael used her purple blood as oil and pressed his thumbs around and in between her four shoulders. The spectators were still completely terrified, and half of them were fighting for their lives with gargantuan demonic beasts.

Suddenly, she roared and flipped over, using all of her fists to punch towards the naked man who was mounted on her body. However, it was then that he shoved his left hand inside of her mouth, clutching down on her long, serpentine tongue and grabbing her left elven ear.

Ignoring the minuscule damage from her attacks, he tore out that squirming organ and ripped off her ear at the same time. Her arms lost strength and she began choking on her own blood, while bleeding to death, and being partially deafened.

Of course, she wasn’t Human and neither was Michael, so they didn’t exactly follow the same biological rules. He also noticed that both of their health-pools weren’t dropping by much, because they were using physical attacks, rather than magical ones.

Regardless of how much ‘damage’ they could potentially do, even as he furiously punched her in the face repeatedly, it was only leaving bruises. Her nose did break, and a few of her fangs were knocked out, he even gouged her left eye, but she wasn’t dying.

Finally, he yelled “Fucking die, goddamn it!” as he pushed her head to the left and used his teeth to chomp down onto her right jugular. She struggled to resist, until he tore out the arteries, veins, and muscles.

Since the avatar of Chaos still wasn’t dead yet, he shoved his right hand inside of the wound and grabbed onto her spine, squeezing tightly and swiftly twisting it. After that, her health was hovering around one point, so he continued mutilating the paralyzed body.

Breaking her sternum with a heavy elbow, removing all of her eyes, tearing off her tail, digging through her internal organs and physically crushing her heart. However, no matter what he did, she just wouldn’t die.

The biggest problem was her ability to regenerate, since it was a Passive, it didn’t count as a spell. Every injury was swiftly recovered as if it didn’t even happen, and when he cracked open her skull, he couldn’t find a mana-core: Even after digging through her entire pink and gooey brain.

Michael complained “Seriously, how the hell am I supposed to kill this bitch?! Is this game rigged? Unless… ugh, well, that’s the only place I haven’t really checked yet.”

Indeed, he tried to use ‘common sense’ to deal with the Goddess of Chaos, so he didn’t consider that her only real ‘weak-point’ would be hidden in her genitals. He grumbled “I feel like I’ve just been tricked… Is this cheating? I feel dirty, ugh, whatever, it’s better not to think about it. Well, this whole ridiculous ordeal was disgusting in many ways, but at least it’s over now.”

It required several minutes for him to be able to use his fingernails to ‘cut’ off the woman’s clitoris; though he probably could have completed the task much more quickly, if he had used his teeth. The moment that the obsidian bead was removed, the avatar finally died.

However, the bloody pearl between his fingers was sucked back into the corpse, and the bright-blue demonic body began transforming rapidly. All of the bones, muscles, blood, skin and other organs were turning into a puddle of slime.

Then a gentle voice whispered “Hehe~, you win this time… Thanks for playing with me. Take out your giant sword and thrust it inside of me~! Now!” He wasn’t sure if she was using innuendo on purpose or not, but a two-meter long Arcane Siegeblade immediately appeared in his right hand.

Michael was standing up, as he stabbed the tip of the blade into the relatively large glob of purplish goop. The strange gelatinous creature began coating and covering the entire weapon, including the two-foot long hilt.

While that was going on, he equipped the rest of his gear and cautiously glanced around at the battlefield. There were tens of thousands of humanoids, and even more demonic beasts, but they were all relatively insignificant.

What he was worried about the most, were ‘Players’. The NPCs had obviously been born and spent their entire lives in ‘Hell’, but if it was possible for Michael to be randomly brought there at level twenty-one, then there were probably much more powerful beings as well.

Death in that horrible solar system meant that he would have his level reset to zero, so he definitely wanted to leave as quickly as possible. After a few minutes, the ‘creature’ had completely formed.

It was certainly shaped like the original giant sword, but the edges of the blades were covered with three layers of pitch-black, shark-like teeth. They vibrated and moved slightly, back and forth, not like a chainsaw, but closer to an electric toothbrush.

The gums were thick and purple, while the ‘flat’ of the blade was a pulsating, lumpy mass. It had bright blue, serpentine scales covering the hilt and the majority of the ‘body’.

When he gently ran his fingers across that mysterious organic weapon, Michael could actually ‘feel’ it, as if that flesh was attached to his own nervous system. Unfortunately, the ‘shaft’ he was caressing, was at least ten times more sensitive than his actual genitalia.

“The hilt was definitely made out of her pussy-parts… Ugh, I can’t even ‘Scan’ it, so it’s at least Epic. Hmm, it’s hard to tell how good it is by the stat increases, cause everything’s dramatically reduced here. Although, if it’s just a magnitude of ten, then holy fucking shitballs! This is a goddamn Legendary!” He struggled to pull the huge and ridiculously heavy siegeblade out of the sand; even though his Strength was dramatically increased, the sword was at least as heavy as his entire body.

Michael also noticed that since it was no longer an ‘Arcane’ weapon, he couldn’t telekinetically control it. Thus, he was forced to unequip the massive item into his right palm… at least that’s what he attempted to do.

Before that, he needed to unequip his crystalline gauntlet, causing it to vanish, and then began the horribly painful process of absorbing that gigantic creature into his body. Like Arcane, Chaotic gear had a ‘unique’ way of being ‘unequipped’.

Instead of simply turning into a tattoo, it would actually integrate into the user’s flesh, bone, muscle and organs: depending on what type of item it was. For that particular right-handed sword, it caused his palm to be covered in smooth blue scales, which were all incredibly sensitive. He muttered “I’m definitely gonna ‘test’ this out later, but for now, how the fuck do I get back to my Companions?”

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