Randomly Changing the Release Schedule :)

Welp, I think I’m done with the massive releases, because they ended up taking more effort than just releasing 2 chapters a day.  So~, I think I might switch things up a bit… Maybe remove the break-day and change into 2 single chapter days?

It’s all kind of arbitrary either way, but whatever; for now though, because I already posted the 12 chapters for the week a few days ago(For those of you who don’t remember that lol), I’m going to release 1 chapter every day until ‘next’ Friday.

As for the times… I might change that as well.  The old release time was 8 pm for me, but I may set it earlier or later in the day.  I’m basically going to be experimenting with whatever gives the most views and what people seem to like the best.

Also, I’m sure many of you have noticed conversations about ‘Fanart’ in the Comments.  I’m going to be doing it like this: If you create an awesome picture of one of the characters, a particular scene, or even a scenery, I’ll consider it as a ‘Donation‘!  Since I can’t afford to pay people hundreds of dollars to create art for me, but I would also feel bad if I didn’t give them anything in return… so if you’re an artist who wants to be able to read 30+ chapters ahead, this is relatively cheaper than donating or pledging(It probably isn’t, if you consider the hours and potential cost for art supplies: assuming that you aren’t just drawing it on your computer, then it shouldn’t cost you anything.)

Anyway, if you just doodle a stick-figure fucking another stick-figure, I’m not going to consider it ‘art’ lol.  Also, if you show me a blank page and say it’s Michael’s Arcane Prison, I will probably laugh, but ultimately, it doesn’t count roflmao.

I’m not 100% certain about the rules of WordPress, but I definitely remember that it prohibits visual ‘Porn’.  Which means that I won’t be able to put up a picture of Elina’s pussy as she lays a giant chicken egg or Sarah laying on the frozen ground, spreading her tiny asshole for Michael to shove his dick inside.  I also won’t be able to post pictures of Alice’s gigantic draconic tongue, penetrating deep into Jasmine’s ‘coochie’.  Hell, even Michael fucking Talia in shota-form would probably be considered porn…

However, while I can’t post it on the website, that doesn’t mean I can’t put it into the Google HCOP Folder, which you would gain access to by creating amazing artistic pornography for me lulz.

7 thoughts on “Randomly Changing the Release Schedule :)

  1. Hopefully you can find a good balance so that the workload doesn’t crush you. Would definitely suck if you burn yourself out. I think timing is definitely important, hopefully you can find the optimal time to post for view count. Good luck and don’t be afraid to make a true break day every week or a break week every month or something to relax and relieve some stress. Hmm, basically, what I’m trying to say is, do what works for you. I wouldn’t mind slightly less chapters if it means you don’t overwork yourself.

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  2. If you ever are thinking about release schedules again, you could consider three 4 chapter releases on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or two 6 chapter releases on Monday and Friday.

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