Chapter 209: Going Home?

“There’s still a bunch of buildings left, but I feel like we’re already pushing our luck a little bit too hard. Arcana would never make things this easy under normal circumstances, so I vote for getting home as quickly as possible, before she decides that we didn’t earn this shit-load of awesomeness!” Michael had already experienced the Goddesses fickle nature many times before, and he knew exactly how easy it would be for one of them to change the rules of the ‘game’ to make things more interesting.

A familiar, nearly translucent figure appeared before the seven of them, accompanied by an overpowering Arcane aura. She smiled wryly at the Nephilim, whispering “Indeed, the reason why I am allowing you to take these structures, is because you did ‘earn’ them. Your Companion was correct in her earlier assumption… Typically, after slaying a World Boss, with the amount of Luck that your party possesses, you would receive three Legendary items. The quantity of Epic and Rare Quality equipment you ‘should’ have been given, would have been fairly exorbitant as well.

“However, that particular ‘System’ will take at least a week or so in Archean time, to be fully repaired. Truthfully, this problem did not originate from this world. I was planning on compensating you with Neutral and Arcane Favor points, but the amount would have been far too much for your current levels. The rules were originally designed to accommodate millions or at least thousands of Players, per planet. Michael, when you return home… I have some important matters which I would like to discuss with you. Thus, I have already installed a Natural-Gateway within your territory… While I do find your sexual escapades amusing, please do not keep me waiting for too long.”

The moment that she finished speaking, Arcana vanished and the Nephilim grumbled “Ugh, I have a really bad feeling about this… It kinda feels like a Main Questline, or maybe this is when I have to go back in time to do something? I mean, you already met me, right Talia? So… well, it’s also possible that I’m just a copy of the person you knew? Maybe the me back then was my soul from an alternate universe? Oh god, I’m gonna be really pissed if this is the part of the story where she tells me that all of this is just a virtual reality game and they’re using me to alpha-test it…”

Elina quickly took a few steps forward and pressed her lips against his, then she hugged him tightly while murmuring “Michael, calm down, don’t worry, this is all definitely real. I’ve thought it was just a dream at least twenty times now, but this isn’t an illusion. I love you and I don’t know how I could ever live in a world without you… If we had never met, I would have died that night, without ever being able to see JJ again; I wouldn’t have been able to have a weird egg-baby, and I would have never been able to become an Angel.”

Jasmine purred loudly while rubbing her naked body between the two of them, and Inari transformed into a tiny six-tailed fox, before jumping onto his left shoulder. Alice even wrapped her giant arms around all of them, including Talia and Sarah, as she ‘smiled’ happily. After a few seconds, the dragoness asked “Can we get going now? I really want to start playing with all these ingredients we’ve gathered today…”

“Yeah, and we still need ta finish fucking.” The obsidian-skinned girl was wearing her equipment in their neutral state, as she broke free of Alice’s grasp. Then she started ‘Shadow-Stepping’ into the sky, each spell could take her three-hundred meters away, and it only cost thirty points of mana.

Talia sighed, escaping from the awkward group-hug, saying “Miguel… I’ll meet you at the temple.” and soaring towards the mountaintop. Inari licked his cheek and rubbed her scent on his neck, before transforming into a parrot and squawking into his ear.

Once the green cockatiel flew away, Michael, Jasmine and Elina vanished, leaving the dragon-girl alone, by herself. Surrounded by nothing but a few mansions, random mutated animals, and a vast bamboo-infested jungle, Alice muttered “Ugh, why does it feel like someone’s watching me right now?”

“Meh, you should just assume that there’s always a bunch of people watching you, ya know? I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if that whole damn fight was recorded by someone…” It had only been fifteen seconds, but that was all the time it took the Nephilim to travel a dozen miles, in his astral-form. Of course, what he didn’t notice was that from his perspective, it had taken roughly twice that much time.

It was becoming difficult to gauge exactly how ‘fast’ he could potentially move. The higher his Aura grew, the farther his wisp was able to travel, but it seemed as if his Arcane Affinity and other such influences were likely factored in.

As the two of them were staring at each-other, Michael asked “Did you still wanna give me that blowjob? Cause I could definitely go shota-form right now and… Shit, there really was someone there, huh?”

The moment that he unequipped all of his armor and was ‘relatively’ defenseless, an old man appeared behind him and stabbed a short-sword through his lower-back. There was a thick aura of Darkness surrounding him, so it would normally make sense that his attack would deal an extraordinary amount of damage to someone of the Light Affinity. Unfortunately for him, his target was a Tank, and even though the blade passed through the Guardian’s body, his health only dropped to 210/300.

Michael reached backwards with his left hand, and used ‘Arcane Pull’ specifically on that Elder’s left eye, effortlessly yanking it out of the socket. That Assassin named Long Wang, leaped backwards and swiftly disappeared into the shadows, leaving the weapon inside of his enemy and fleeing.

Alice walked around behind the Nephilim and casually pulled the ‘tiny’ blade out of his back, as she immediately ‘Scanned’ it. “Long Wang’s Cursed Soft Short-Sword: +200 Attack Rating, +5 Strength, +5 Dexterity, +5 Agility, +5 Perception. Able to curse the target with ‘Impotence’, ‘Incontinence’, ‘Depression’, and ‘Infertility’; however, if the target has more Luck than the wielder, the curse with be inflicted upon them instead. Created by Long Wang. Rare Quality, requires level-30.”

After reading that description and realizing that he didn’t seem to have any debuffs, Michael started laughing hysterically. Then he yelled “Ew~! Why the fuck am I still holding this?!” as he threw the bloody eyeball onto the ground, where it was promptly devoured by a giant centipede with the face of a little elven boy.

He quickly equipped most of his gear and grabbed Alice’s left arm, teleporting the two of them away from the newly created Long Dong Ruins. An old Wood-Elven man was kneeling there, tears streaming down the right side of his wrinkled face, as crimson liquid flowed down the left.

Elder Long Wang roared “Barbarian~! I, Long Wang, shall one day avenge my fallen comrades~! Oh Goddess~! No, the curse~! How~!? How could the Heavens allow anyone to possess more than twenty-seven Luck~!?”
When Michael and Alice arrived, the two cat-girls were waiting in front of the double-doors to that gigantic pagoda. As the Nephilim approached it, a loud and feminine voice shouted “Halt! You may not enter the Temple of Huxian!”

From out of the ground, dozens of red vines wrapped around his legs and slithered up his body, before they transformed into the body of a beautiful crimson dryad. She swiftly separated from him and blocked his path.

Then her features changed again; her bark turned into flesh and six fluffy tails sprouted from behind her, followed by those adorable fox-like ears on the top of her head. Michael smirked, “May Hooey… less than an hour ago, you were trying to get me ta fuck you, and now you wanna fight? Well, I hate ta break it to ya, but I own this ‘temple’ now. So from now on, you could call it, the Tower of Mike? Actually, you probably shouldn’t change the name, it’ll be better for tourism like this… Hell, you can come with us if ya want-”

Meihui scowled, sniffing the naked cat-girl on his left, and then glaring at the angelic woman to his right, asking “Was all of that noise from you and your Companions? I could feel a terrible demonic aura emanating from the southwest… Each of you reek of chaos and death; did Inari and the others perish in the battle?”

Michael snickered, “Nah~, they’re just slow as fuck… Oh, well, Sarah died for a few seconds, but that doesn’t really count, right? Anyway~, we just killed some douchebag called Long Dong and wiped out his Sect. They were planning on coming here and murdering everyone, so you’re welcome. Naturae gave me this big-ass phallic symbol as a reward… I’m obviously talking about the temple that you’re guarding, now scoot over and let us go inside. From now on, we’re gonna be neighbors-ish, so I’d prefer if we had a ‘friendly’ relationship; wait, no, I didn’t mean to add that emphasis! Normal friendly, like we aren’t having sex with each-other, but I might jerk-off while I watch you have a weird doggy-gangbang with your harem of shapeshifters? I should probably stop talking now.”

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    • I’ll make a page for fanart as soon as people start making fanart for me rofl. Lots of people have said “You should get some art.” as if I can just magically hypnotize people to make art for me lulz. I will probably start learning how to draw soon… but yeah, there are a lot of scenes in this story that would definitely be considered pornography if i turned them into art roflmao. The narrator is pretty vague, but I think most people can use their imagination to fill in the blanks.


      • im sure mike in those pictations would also be ‘filling in the blanks’ with his ‘imagination’ ….. oh damn…… bad mind no wandering onto the darkside

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      • a character maybe I dont know I need a description of the character then I can imagine a image (LoL) of that and draw them I explain myself but really I can do that because I think on one thing your novel whould become more atractive if you can give a picture of a character and if I got some time, because I am on “final exams” in the university I draw some battles or somthing man I am so exited for do it that !!!!!!! AJAJAJAJAJJAJ oh god please let me do this because I want to do this SHIIIT!!!!!!! ahahahahahahhahhaaa ok I go creazy “literaly” in my room AHAHAHHAA so tell me if you are interested

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      • Sure, but there are like tons of descriptions of every single main character within the story. I can try to be more descriptive if you give me the exact character, the point in the story or the scene of them you’re interested in drawing lol. I’ll send you an email :P.


      • hahaha ok then because in class I have some time to do shit and I do some creazy shit, and everybody tell’s me “you dont want to be a profesional drawler?” and I was like ” man if want to be a PROFESIONAL I dont study law in frist time” AHHAHAHAA its just a hobby of myself and I don know even if my draws are that good but I can send you somthing I do the las week in my class of civil law when I was boried where can I send you?

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