Chapter 210: Two-Thousand Miles Apart

Michael took a step forward and the two-meter tall, busty and naked fox-woman reluctantly moved out of his way. She had max-level ‘Identification’ and was obviously a much higher level than him, so she could easily verify that they truly did kill a great many members of the Long Dong Sect; however, when Sarah arrived, she breathed out a long sigh of relief. Continue reading

Chapter 209: Going Home?

“There’s still a bunch of buildings left, but I feel like we’re already pushing our luck a little bit too hard. Arcana would never make things this easy under normal circumstances, so I vote for getting home as quickly as possible, before she decides that we didn’t earn this shit-load of awesomeness!” Michael had already experienced the Goddesses fickle nature many times before, and he knew exactly how easy it would be for one of them to change the rules of the ‘game’ to make things more interesting. Continue reading

Chapter 204: Starting the Quest

“You have successfully evolved Inari into a rank-C, Sextuple-Tailed Natural Aquatic Fox-Dragon. Base stats have increased dramatically: +75 Aura, +10 Strength, +10 Agility, +10 Vitality, +10 Endurance.” Once the sudden rush of adrenaline and mana had worn off, the enormous kitsunemimi-mermaid shrunk down until she was only the size of a great-white shark. Continue reading

Chapter 203: Unnatural Disasters

“Oh for fuck’s sake! How the hell have any of you survived this long?! You’re worse with money that I am! Ugh, Alice I can kinda-sorta understand at least… I mean, she’s a junkie dragon-girl who lived in a cave for her entire life! Her buying a magical bong for thirty-gold is fine, whatever, at least it’s something she could use! Talia, what was the point?! Why did you decide to spend ‘all’ of your money on dresses and shoes?! They’re only Rares! They don’t even give you any stats but Charisma! They aren’t indestructible! You have a ton of magical, transformable, Epics!” Michael and the others were sitting around a large dining table in the ‘Tasty Dragon’ restaurant, ‘calmly’ discussing their purchases. Continue reading

Chapter 202: Finally Finding a General Store?

“Holy shit! This place is really fucking nice! Hell, it’s practically a shopping center! There’s a grocery-store over there, a goddamn clothing shop, some kinda alchemical liquor-store, Chinese restaurants, a magical weapons and armor emporium… To be completely honest, I wasn’t really expecting this much from a bunch of nudists. Actually, if you have shit to wear, why the hell are you guys always naked?” Michael and the others walked out into a huge open space and gazed around at the myriad of relatively large stores. Continue reading

Chapter 201: The Shrine of Huxian

Meihui crouched down and tilted her head, sniffing Inari’s face and neck, eventually poking at the naked cat-girl on her back. “Nyahaha~, that tickles~! Un~, Mikey~, I wanna eat some fishies~…” Jasmine’s first thoughts upon waking up were regarding those ‘Water Drakes’ that they killed a few hours beforehand. Continue reading