Chapter 209: Going Home?

“There’s still a bunch of buildings left, but I feel like we’re already pushing our luck a little bit too hard. Arcana would never make things this easy under normal circumstances, so I vote for getting home as quickly as possible, before she decides that we didn’t earn this shit-load of awesomeness!” Michael had already experienced the Goddesses fickle nature many times before, and he knew exactly how easy it would be for one of them to change the rules of the ‘game’ to make things more interesting. Continue reading

Chapter 208: Looting the Long Dong Sect

“Quest Complete: You were supposed to wait for only the Core Disciples, Elders and Patriarch to arrive at the Shrine of Huxian. With the aid of Shé Yan and Meihui, you would have then been able to repel the invaders fairly easily. After that, you most likely would have been able to establish some sort of friendly relationship between the Nature-Naga and Foxes, but you didn’t. You decided that it would be better to just head over to the enemy base and launch a preemptive strike, killing hundreds of relatively uninvolved Wood-Elves, and even slaughtering the Grand Patriarch of the Nature-Naga for selfish personal gain. You also allowed Patriarch Long Dong to activate a portal to Hell and transform into a massive Blood-Dragon… However, you still protected the Shrine of Huxian and not a single Nature-Fox was killed in the battle, so I suppose that’s good enough?” Continue reading

Chapter 207: Dong-Slayers

“Long Dong! You have eyes, but you did not recognize Mount Tai! I, Grand Patriarch Shé Yan of the Naga Clan, have been pretending to be your friend, Elder Cao Lao, for over a century and you didn’t suspect a thing! You thought that I, Your Daddy, was merely a meek, soft-spoken, impotent… Well, you were wrong! Now that you’ve finally revealed your trump-card, it’s high time that I finally kill you and devour your mana-cores!” Continue reading

Chapter 204: Starting the Quest

“You have successfully evolved Inari into a rank-C, Sextuple-Tailed Natural Aquatic Fox-Dragon. Base stats have increased dramatically: +75 Aura, +10 Strength, +10 Agility, +10 Vitality, +10 Endurance.” Once the sudden rush of adrenaline and mana had worn off, the enormous kitsunemimi-mermaid shrunk down until she was only the size of a great-white shark. Continue reading

Chapter 200: The Long Dong Disaster

“You-you-you-you~, filthy whore! How could you do this to I, Long Xiao?! I’ll kill you, all of you!” The furious Wood-Elf’s bright-red aura of Fire suddenly erupted from his eyes, and mouth, before oscillating around his entire body. Continue reading