Chapter 208: Looting the Long Dong Sect

“Quest Complete: You were supposed to wait for only the Core Disciples, Elders and Patriarch to arrive at the Shrine of Huxian. With the aid of Shé Yan and Meihui, you would have then been able to repel the invaders fairly easily. After that, you most likely would have been able to establish some sort of friendly relationship between the Nature-Naga and Foxes, but you didn’t. You decided that it would be better to just head over to the enemy base and launch a preemptive strike, killing hundreds of relatively uninvolved Wood-Elves, and even slaughtering the Grand Patriarch of the Nature-Naga for selfish personal gain. You also allowed Patriarch Long Dong to activate a portal to Hell and transform into a massive Blood-Dragon… However, you still protected the Shrine of Huxian and not a single Nature-Fox was killed in the battle, so I suppose that’s good enough?”

As the pagoda exploded into pitch-black flames, a tiny green parakeet soared out of the open roof and managed to escape unharmed. Her body began glowing brightly as she reached level-twenty seven from the Quest Reward. She immediately placed all five stat-points into Agility and her speed picked up significantly.

If it wasn’t for the convenient level-ups, Michael would have been dissolved by a river of acid and Sarah would have drowned. As he telekinetically removed the disgusting sludge from his body and sucked Shé Yan’s six mana-cores into his inventory, the Nephilim yelled “Congrats on finally getting that title! Now grab that fucking head and help me look for the loot!”

[Companion Information

Name: Sarah Carelia
Titles: The Tree-Hater, Of the Eternal Darkness, The Necrophiliac, The Daughter of Umbra, The Shadowy Temptress, The Dragonslayer
Level: 25
Experience: 76/750
Age: Adult
Race: Dark-Goblin
Rank: E
Class: Shadow
Specialization: Stealth, Melee Damage Dealer
Profession: Necromancer Level 5]


Health: 120/120
Mana: 150/150
Stamina: 60/60
Mana Regen per minute: 260
Health Regen per hour: 120

Strength: 8(+21)
Vitality: 5(+7)
Endurance: 5(+7)
Dexterity: 16(+34)
Agility: 32(+83)
Intelligence: 8(+22)
Wisdom: 3(+22)
Perception: 5(+23)
Charisma: 3(+39)

Willpower: 23(+9)
Luck: 21(+7)
Aura: 125

Attack Rating: 145(+720/240)
Defense Rating: 6(+42)]

Sarah placed half of her stat-points into Dexterity and the other half into Agility, since she felt that her base-values weren’t nearly high enough. Then she shoved the massive dragon-head into her first inventory slot, “Shit! Only six of this bastard’s cores were in his brain!”

[Player Information

Name: Michael
Titles: The Nudist, The Noob, The Immortal, The Lurker, The Survivor, The Astronaut, Shinigami, The Heretic, The Harem Keeper, The Exhibitionist, The Necrophiliac, The Cannibal
Level: 27
Experience: 80/810
Age: Adult
Race: Chaotic Nephilim
Rank: D
Class: Guardian
Specialization: Tank, Melee and Ranged Damage Dealer, Support
Profession: Summoner Level 3]


Health: 930/930
Mana: 195/195
Stamina: 465/465
Mana Regen per minute: 470
Health Regen per hour: 930

Strength: 30(+73)
Vitality: 30(+63)
Endurance: 30(+63)
Dexterity: 14
Agility: 30(+27)
Intelligence: 24(+15)
Wisdom: 30(+17)
Perception: 12(+4)
Charisma: 23(+3)

Willpower: 30
Luck: 30
Aura: 95

Attack Power: 515(+2000)
Defense Rating: 46.5(+122)]

Michael placed thirteen stat-points into Agility, so that he would be ‘evened-out’ when he wasn’t wearing any gear; then he raised his Wisdom by three. Once Alice sucked up nearly ten-thousand gallons of chaotic dragon-blood, she roared “Damn it! All of those mana-cores and corpses are gone! Grah~! At least I managed to collect the liquid that they were dissolved into…”

The dragoness placed two points into Perception, so that she could improve her senses and Elemental training speed. Then she increased her Dexterity by seven, for improved casting speed, and boosted her Agility by three, to help reduce her weight a bit.

“Nyah~! I found a thingy! Ewwy~, it’s moving and making gross squishy noises!” Jasmine grabbed a mutated orange tree-frog off of the ground and started playing with the catfish-like tentacles that were hanging from its chin. It was rank-F and level-seven from eating some of the mana-cores that were laying around during the battle. Somehow, it managed to survive the bath of acidic demonic dragon-blood, but it wasn’t able to resist the curious cat-girl. She had reached level twenty-six, putting all of her stats into Intelligence and Wisdom, so that she would be able to afford the increasing costs of her spells.

Elina sighed, before yelling “JJ, please stop playing around with the weird animals and help us-daw~! Michael, look! Isn’t it adorable~? It’s a little baby bear~!” She picked up a tiny ‘Chaotic Panda’, which had blue and red fur, but no other mutations: aside from being completely insane.

The angelic cat-girl was the only person in the party who was under level twenty-five, but she also gained four levels. Thus, she was finally able to raise her Dexterity to ten, Intelligence to thirty-five and Wisdom to twenty-five.

Talia casually landed next to the rapidly shrinking Nephilim, and cast ‘Rapid Regeneration’ on him, to help regrow his left arm a bit faster. She placed all of her stat-points into Intelligence, because no matter how much mana she had, it never seemed like enough.

In fact, that was the reason why ancient and extremely powerful beings didn’t necessarily have a huge advantage over their younger counterparts. If they didn’t manage to keep increasing their mana-pool, then they wouldn’t even be able to use their extremely high-leveled spells and could stay at a standstill in their training for years.

Shé Yan waited for over a century before he built up the courage to challenge Long Dong, and that was only because he felt that the conditions had been favorable for him. However, it was possible for an NPC with ridiculously high Luck and Willpower to ‘power-level’ quite rapidly. Yet, they also rarely live as long as even an ordinary unranked Human, unless they discover some sort of ancient treasure or gain the favor of a Goddess.

“Miguel, I fear that we may have damaged the ‘System’ which dispenses divine artifacts… This is not the first time that we were meant to receive great rewards; do you no longer remember how, earlier today, we vanquished four extremely powerful beasts?” Talia had already scanned the entire area from the sky, and couldn’t locate any Rare, Epic or Legendary items in the vicinity.

Michael glanced around at the various residences and announced “Blondie is probably right… Well, I’m not very surprised, but if that’s the case, then everyone spread out and start looting the buildings! We only have a limited number of bag-slots, so only take items that look valuable!”

Alice revealed “Ah, actually, why don’t we just take the whole buildings? I literally have a whole Apothecary Shop in my inventory, hehe~. Besides that, you have like, ten different spots that are just mana-cores… Why don’t you put them all in a jar and store it in a single slot?”

“Good point… and what the fuck? I’m not judging you or anything, but did you really think it was okay to steal someone’s store?” The Nephilim was never in a position where he could shove a whole house into a bag-slot.

Elina sighed, muttering “It’s okay… she took the people too. Anyway, aside from the temple that’s currently on fire, there are only about twenty other buildings… I have no clue what the limits to these things are, so they might be too big to fit?”

As she was saying that, Sarah already teleported over to a huge mansion and placed her right hand on the front door. It instantly disappeared, leaving a massive hole in the ground; even the courtyard and garden that surrounded the house had been sent into her inventory.

Michael continued searching the ground for gold, silver and copper coins. “Hmmm~, I wonder if all the currency in this world is created and controlled by the Goddesses? Well, it might actually be the Dungeon Masters that deal with something that trivial… Still, even though their bodies, mana-cores and equipment were all destroyed, their money stayed intact.”

As his Arcane aura spread out, any coins that came within his telekinetic reach, were swiftly sucked up into his ‘Currency’ tab. There was only roughly three-hundred gold laying around, since most people tended to keep their fortunes within their homes.

Talia grabbed the Long Dong Inner and Outer Sect Dorms, which were each large enough to fit hundreds of Disciples. Considering the frantic state at which everyone fled or died, most of the rooms contained at a decent amount of mana-cores and other treasures.

Alice picked the twin Pagodas of Darkness and Light, along with a huge building called the ‘Skill-Book Library’. Meanwhile, Jasmine grabbed the ‘Ten-Trillion Swords Pavillion’, which was actually just a small treasury, containing under a thousand low-level Rare weapons. There was also the ‘Tiny Dragon Armory’, ‘Seven Treasures Bathhouse’, and ‘Spicy Long Dong Butcher Shop’.

Elina obviously chose the most aesthetically pleasing structures: ‘Pristine Herb Garden Tower’, ‘Heavenly Flower Pavillion’, ‘Beautiful Jade Palace’, and the ‘Ancestral Spring of Light Essence’. Inari chose the largest and most luxurious mansions, which had belonged to the six Elders of the Sect. Sarah grabbed four random homes belonging to Core Disciples, and an ominous mausoleum called the ‘Spirit Sealing Tomb’.

Of course, once they placed a building into their inventory, all of the gold, silver, and copper was automatically added to their own personal ‘Currency’ tabs. As they each met-up at the center of the huge complex, everyone stared at the fox-girl and Michael complained “Ugh, those old-ass bastards were actually really fucking rich, huh?”


Copper: 48
Silver: 54
Gold: 7384]

28 thoughts on “Chapter 208: Looting the Long Dong Sect

  1. Inari is quickly becoming my favorite girl simply because we got to see her mental growth. She went from a little kit to someone who can hold her own… all she needs to do is learn to speak human speak.
    When she does learn to speak human speak I wonder if she is going to call Michel dad, mom, or honey. She already is amassing a fortune, knows how to gather some gold, is already acting like a person despite being a vixen, and who knows.

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  2. God this was good, thank you for all of those xianxia references though I think they needed to have more fun taken at their expense such as their need to ask enemies if they dare when they are already being attacked. BTW now they have a whole sect worth if buildings for the town including 1000 rare swords armory and skill-books-r-us

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      • ah how i love xianxia :’) long dong really got me laughing for awhile~ also u missed out on using a referance…. ermmmmm cant remember what it was D: was a couple chapters back cant be bothered to look for it haha

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      • Hmmm, I know I never got to use “You and I are as different as Heaven and the Earth!” That simile is so fucking overused. Like seriously, every time I hear someone say that something is as different as Heaven and the Earth, it makes me want to just stop reading xianxia lol. Like seriously, half the time, the ‘Earth’ isn’t even a fucking place! They don’t live on Earth! They’ve never even been to Earth before! Yet, they still constantly use these ridiculous idioms!

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