Chapter 207: Dong-Slayers

“Long Dong! You have eyes, but you did not recognize Mount Tai! I, Grand Patriarch Shé Yan of the Naga Clan, have been pretending to be your friend, Elder Cao Lao, for over a century and you didn’t suspect a thing! You thought that I, Your Daddy, was merely a meek, soft-spoken, impotent… Well, you were wrong! Now that you’ve finally revealed your trump-card, it’s high time that I finally kill you and devour your mana-cores!”

While the snake-man was shouting at the gigantic Chaotic Serpentine Blood-Dragon in the sky, Michael was flying around and slashing away at various parts of its extremely long body. There was a constant stream of arrows and bullets bombarding the monster, along with plenty of ‘Stone Fists’, ‘Solar Flares’, ‘Volcanic Lightning Bolts’, and ‘Aqua Dragon Claws’.

Thus, Long Dong didn’t exactly have time to deal with the sudden revelation that one of his most annoying Elders, was giving a speech, about his unsurprising betrayal. In fact, even if he had been an expert in disguise, it was impossible for him to hide his Nature Affinity, and that alone was enough to make him seem extremely suspicious.

Alice started hurling ‘Intermediate Fireballs’ at the newly arrived enemy, as she roared “Fuck off! It’s our dragon, we started fighting it first! If you wanted to eat it so badly, you shouldn’t have waited a hundred years!”

Michael shouted “Yeah, no kill-stealing, bastard! If ya don’t wanna die, I’d suggest that you get the hell outta here before we finish with this snaky cunt-whore! Unless you wanna be next?! Personally, I don’t really give a shit either way!”

Shé Yan growled “Oh-ho~, if you’re going to act that way, then don’t blame me for being merciless!”

The Nephilim yelled “Why wouldn’t we blame you?! We’re trying ta fight the fuckin World Boss here and you just show up, claiming it as your own! Damn it, everyone else, keep focusing on the dragon-twat, I’ll kill this shitty Naga-bitch!”

As he soared downwards, Patriarch Long Dong roared “I can see that you fools do not even put me in your eyes! Fine, I shall take this opportunity to devour those pretty little kittens of yours!” However, at that moment, his health began plummeting and he couldn’t help but writhe in agony, as he emitted a horrible screeching noise from his mouth and nostrils.
Within the top floor of the gargantuan pagoda, Inari had discovered the source of that colossal demonic dragon’s power. She tilted her head as she sniffed around the huge, circular, red-jade altar.

There was a massive, throbbing, crimson tentacle, penetrating into the center of what seemed like an open chaotic portal of some sort. Around the edge of that mysterious ‘well’, were over a hundred severed heads; each of them belonged to relatively powerful and ancient fox-girls.

Even after centuries, they still seemed to be technically ‘living’, with the mana-cores in their brains intact. Fortunately, their souls had long since passed on, and they were merely a power-source for that strange gateway.

Inari snarled and growled at the disgusting sight, and attempted to destroy those totems of cruelty. However, when her right hand scratched outwards, it smacked against a transparent barrier.

It felt as if she were clawing at an incredibly thin, but unreasonably durable membrane of flesh. Thus, she continued to use her fingernails to slowly tear it apart, dealing only a few dozen damage at a time.
Of course, just because it didn’t seem like she was doing much from her perspective, Long Dong obviously didn’t feel the same way. That enormous beast was screaming in pain, as he crashed into the ground and began sweeping his body across the entire courtyard.

His magical and physical defenses started to fade away, as those arrows, bullets, spells, and even Sarah’s dagger-attacks within his head began swiftly reducing his health. He dropped down to 13,294/21,000 within seconds, and even his regeneration seemed to be stunted by the little fox-girl’s incessant attacks.

Meanwhile, Michael’s ‘Lightening’ was deactivated, and the nine-foot tall, four-armed, demonic angel was fighting against an equally large snake-centaur. A two-meter long, dark-brown straight-sword was in his left hand, as he carefully slithered around the Nephilim.

Shé Yan shouted “Hahaha~, you are far too slow, Trash! How did such a pathetic piece of garbage such as yourself, manage to become so arrogant?! Did you honestly believe that you could best me with such shoddy swordsmanship?! Hmph~!”

The tip of his poisoned blade was viciously stabbed into Michael’s left kidney, then he casually hacked off the upper-right dove-like wing, and proceeded to slash across the bulky Nephilim’s lower-left wrist.

“I’ve only been in this world for less than a month for fuck’s sake! What’s your excuse for being such a rotting hunk of shit?! What are you, like a thousand years old?! You’ve had all that time, and you’re only level forty-two?! You ain’t even a goddamn World Boss! Grah~! Ragh~!” The Guardian roared in irritation, as he suddenly began rapidly regenerating from his wounds. His Strength, Vitality and Endurance each increased by fifty-percent, though he only had a few seconds before he would run out of mana.

Michael might not have had nearly as much Agility or Dexterity as Shé Yan, but that didn’t mean he was ‘slow’; he was simply waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

There was an inconspicuous and adorable, bright-blue kitten casually rubbing against his left leg. Right when the Naga swung his sword towards the Nephilim’s neck, that tiny cat abruptly exploded and inflicted the old man with a ‘chilled’ debuff.

The damage was negligible, but with his movement temporarily slowed, he was completely unable to avoid the sudden barrage of ‘Explosive Shots’, ‘Volcanic Lightning Bolts’, and ‘Multiple Stage Missile’ arrows. His left arm was severed at the shoulder, his tail was riddled with bullet-holes, and the right side of his face was burned off.

However, all of that was unable to deal any permanent damage, since he immediately retreated and cast an advanced ‘Rapid Regeneration’ spell. His wounds healed swiftly and his debuff wore off as well. Yet, he somehow managed to forget about the gargantuan World Boss, which was screaming and roaring in agony behind him.

A gigantic antler impaled him through the spine and out the chest, then lifted him up into the air and slammed him into the ground. His entire lower-body was scraped off and Michael used that opportunity to charge forward, utilizing all of his one-hundred and seventy Strength.
Long Dong was attempting to stab the giant Nephilim as well, but he made a massive error in judgement. The ground quaked with each step, because that man and sword together, weighed a total of six-thousand pounds. That enormous monstrosity didn’t have nearly enough leverage to contend against something that small, yet immensely dense.

As the Demonic Siegeblade of Chaos swung down towards the incoming antler, it began emitting a horrifying screeching noise. Those scales on the sides of the weapon burst open, as the muscles underneath bulged and contorted violently.

Michael roared in agony, but still kept pumping the Legendary item with his mana, blood, and even stamina. Responding to his desires, that monstrous extension of his body, started to transform.

Three of his arms were literally devoured by the hilt, and his remaining upper-right hand was fused to the bright-blue flesh. The center of the weapon opened up and split down the middle, rearranging both blades, so that it would created a singular edge.

Copious amounts of crimson liquid sprayed all over the Nephilim’s face; once the fifteen-meter long, ‘meat-pole’ was constructed, those shark-like teeth began vibrating rapidly. He really wanted to yell a ‘cool’ catch-phrase, but all that came out was: “Gaguaroaruagausi! Oui~!”

In nearly an instant, Shé Yan’s head and upper-body were both sliced in half, while being devoured. Then the antler was sawn through, before the gigantic Blood-Dragon was decapitated and Michael was bathed in a waterfall of acidic blood.

The number that appeared was ‘-6,297’, but it was followed by ‘-1,283’ points of bleeding damage and Sarah stabbed both of her daggers into that weakened membrane for ‘-2,138’. All six of its eyes exploded, and that colossal serpentine tongue burst out of its mouth.

Elina grabbed Jasmine and started flapping her wings as hard as she could, to avoid the tsunami of blood that was rushing towards them. Alice on the other hand, simply used her ‘Water Manipulation’ to swiftly suck all of that liquid into her palms, unwilling to let a single drop go to waste.

However, even as the head was lifeless, the body was still writing around in agony. Suddenly, it started being pulled into that giant pagoda. In less than ten seconds, the entire thing had disappeared inside of that mysterious temple.

Of course, the reason for that was because Inari had ripped open that transparent membrane with her fingernails and pushed one of those fox-girl heads into the portal. After that, all of the others were sucked in as well; as soon as the entire decapitated serpentine body was yanked inside, the whole alter exploded.

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