Chapter 206: The Strongest Long Dong

“Patriarch Long Dong, Level-40 Greater Demonic Wood-Elf Blood-Magus, Rank-C, World Boss.” With such a huge difference in levels and overall stats, it wasn’t surprising that even after such a vicious combined assault, the giant man was still able to break free of the restraints and leap into the air.

By the time he reached a few dozen meters, all of those chanting Inner Court Disciples suddenly burst into pitch-black flames. Then hundreds of gallons of boiling crimson liquid began pouring from their mouths, and snaking around through the sky, it all coalesced into the gaping wounds on Long Dong’s body.

Meanwhile, the last Elder was impaled and torn to shreds by Inari’s six tails; those remaining demonic Core Disciples were summarily executed by a rain of arrows and bullets. Aside from Talia, everyone else was cautiously standing behind the rapidly growing Chaotic Nephilim.

Four pure-white angelic wings burst from Michael’s back, as two armored arms erupted from below his shoulders. However, he didn’t use ‘Lightening’, so that he wouldn’t lose all of his considerable leverage.

Elina whispered “Are you sure we can really kill ‘that’ thing?” while pointing up at the Greater Demon that seemed to be expanding at an incredible pace. Long Dong’s Epic robe was in tatters but still managed to grant him the various stat-boosts, and two draconic wings spread from behind his back.

Then his hideous face began transforming into that of an enormous serpent; his neck became longer, tail grew thicker and fused with his legs. Eventually, his entire form appeared similar to a colossal obsidian-scaled, Eastern Dragon, with bright-orange hair running down its spine. There were also gigantic antlers coming out of the back of his head, a flaming beard hung from around his mouth, and he had six crimson compound eyes.

Alice snickered, gazing up at the monstrosity, “Mike, we definitely need to kill that bastard while he’s in that form! Look, even his race was changed!”

“Patriarch Long Dong, Level-40 Chaotic Serpentine Blood-Dragon, Rank-C, World Boss.” It’s health also jumped from 1,149/4,000 to 5,928/10,000 and was constantly increasing.

“Welp, I kinda expected him to evolve or something, but I guess it’s just a spell? Whatever, no point waiting till he reaches max-HP! Everyone shoot the bastard!” Michael stabbed his giant sword into the ground and started firing ‘Arcane Bolts’ from his right hands, while launching ‘Lightning Blasts’ from his lefts.

The dragoness casted ‘Volcanic Lightning Bolts’ but they didn’t seem to be very effective against an enemy with such a high level of Fire Affinity. Its body was at least two-hundred meters long and constantly growing larger, but it wasn’t as if Long Dong was immobilized or incapable of defending himself from the various attacks.

Those arrows and bullets that were smashing into his body simply exploded and weren’t able to deal very much damage. Not only had his Defense Rating become ridiculously high, he also kept creating protective barriers out of flames or blood, and any HP was rapidly regenerated as well. He wasn’t technically a Tank, so Inari’s ‘Poison Bolts’ were actually dealing a decent amount of damage, but it simply was not enough.

Michael muttered “This isn’t looking very good… Ugh, I really, really~, don’t wanna do it! The Water Dragon wasn’t that bad, but this fucker is so gross… Besides, I have a feeling that the same trick wouldn’t really work in this situation, hehe~.”

“Are all of you blind?! Do you not see how that monster is draining mana from within that structure?! Quickly enter that temple and destroy the source of that beast’s power, before it is too late!” Talia ‘Whispered’ everyone as she continued to bombard the World Boss with ‘Enchanted Ironwood Arrows’.

Alice started launching ‘Aqua Dragon Claw’ attacks on the distant enemy, as she yelled “No! If we do that, the bastard will most likely revert to his original form! We need to kill him now, or I’ll miss out on a ton of really rare ingredients!”

Elina screamed “Michael, don’t you dare let that evil monster defile our corpses, just because you wanted to get some stupid giant demon’s mana-cores!”

Hearing that, Inari started sprinting towards the huge pagoda, which was sending a massive amount of Chaotic mana straight into the tip of the dragon’s tail. Of course, Long Dong immediately realized what she was doing and started vomiting a waterfall of inky acidic sludge all around the frantic fox.

However, she suddenly shrunk down until she was the size of a mouse and transformed into a tiny green love-bird. The adorable parrot soared through the air and was so small that it became extremely easy for her to avoid the monster’s attacks.

Sarah latched onto the demonic angel’s lower-left arm and grumbled “We better hurry the fuck up, or I won’t be able to get my title…”

Michael snickered, as his skin became pure-white and started glowing; then a golden halo appeared above his head, accompanied by the matching irises, plus silver hair, horns, nails, and scales. After that, his body was literally weightless, and the only thing holding him to the ground was his incredibly light ‘Shadow’. A blinding radiance enveloped him, as he cast a level-ten ‘Stat-Boost’, but he had to wait a few seconds to use it on the little girl.

He grabbed the hilt of that huge bright-blue siegeblade and kicked off of the ground with all of his one-hundred and thirteen ‘Strength’, traveling faster than the speed of sound towards the draconic Patriarch’s enormous head. His four wings fiercely flapped, in order to avoid a fairly obvious ‘Fire Breath’ spell, which came out of the demon’s enormous nostrils, while it was still vomiting towards Inari.

Jasmine somehow managed to strike one of those gigantic compound eyes, with an ‘Explosive Shot’, which momentarily stunned the beast; allowing Michael the opportunity to maneuver into Long Dong’s literal blind-spot, and thrust his chainsaw-esque sword, into the monster’s mutilated eyeball. When he reached the bone, he didn’t have enough leverage to force his way through, so he needed to deactivate his ‘Lightening’. Once his body-weight had increased to roughly two-thousand pounds, his weapon was just as heavy.

However, since the monstrosity was floating in the air, while not even using its gigantic wings, it was obvious that the Patriarch was under some sort of buoyancy effect. Its entire head was immediately flipped upside down, and its whole body swiftly followed, causing Michael to plummet downward.

Fortunately, Sarah had managed to swim into the small hole that his siegeblade had created in the monstrosities middle-left eye-socket bone. The acidic blood was unable to burn her equipment, but she did need to hold her breath, as she swiftly swam towards the colossal mana-core membrane.

Michael instantly reactivated his ‘Lightening’ spell and flapped his wings several times, darting around the furiously roaring dragon’s head. Each time he would slash at its neck, a huge gash would open up and a few hundred damage would be done, but the wound would heal almost instantly.

While that was happening, a tiny love-bird fluttered into one of the open windows and managed to enter that ominous pagoda. Inside, there were seven floors, and the source of that demon’s endless mana-pool was at the top.

Surprisingly, the moment that she transformed into her fox-girl form, Inari was greeted by a slightly familiar old man. His bright-blue irises glowed for a moment, before his pupils became vertical slits and he removed that black robe, revealing a rapidly changing body.

Within moments, his bottom half was that of a very large snake, and the top was covered in dark-green scales, but still remained fairly similar to his previous appearance. “Grand Patriarch Shé Yan, Level-42 Nature-Naga, Rank-B, Raid Boss,” was written above the former Elder Cao Lao’s head.

The magical-beast hissed loudly, and the fox-girl barked in response, though it was difficult to tell from their body-language, whether they were speaking calmly or yelling. Of course, the actual conversation was completely telepathic, and after ‘talking’ for a minute, the serpent swiftly slithered out the window.

Inari smiled cheerfully, as she awkwardly sprinted on two legs, towards the stairs leading upwards. When she made it to the next floor, there was a huge open room, with a massive statue of a demonic dragon-man in the center. However, it wasn’t the source of Long Dong’s power, so she had to search around for a few seconds, before she sniffed out a secret passageway to the true top floor.


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