Chapter 205: The Long Dong Massacre

“Hell Nova Level 1: The caster releases a burst of Chaotic aura, which may cause enemies to spontaneously combust, flash-freeze, or be driven insane. Unranked humanoids and magical-beasts may mutate into demonic creatures if their Willpower or Luck is high enough. Only effective on enemies that have less than 5% of the caster’s Aura. Range is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs 20 mana to cast.”

Over a hundred people died instantaneously, while fifty of them became ‘enraged’, but many of the others were able to escape from the encroaching danger in time. They weren’t soldiers after all, and they weren’t following anyone’s orders either.

Every member of the Sect was male, and most of the Outer Disciples were Adolescents, who hadn’t spent very long within the Sect. Thus, when a situation like that occurred, rather than stand around and wait for death, most people simply fled.

One boy screamed “Help~! Elders, save us! Somebody help~! Monsters are attacking!” as he headed towards the Inner Court.

Of course, another was shouting “Fuck this shit, I’m going home!” while ‘Flame-Stepping’ to the wide-open exit. Many others were utilizing similar teleportation, cloaking, and even temporary flight techniques to escape from the Sect.

However, as the Outer Disciples left, the much more powerful Inner Disciples arrived. There were around three-hundred in total; the weakest of which was a level-ten, rank-F, but the majority were level-fifteen, rank-E and Elite.

The most powerful of the group stepped forward, swiping his right hand and sending out a ‘Wind Blade’ to decapitate several of the ‘enraged’ teenagers. He was a six-foot tall man, with long blonde hair, silver irises, and he wore a pure-white robe. His body was surprisingly bulky, compared to most elves, but his face was still very feminine. “Inner Sect Disciple Long-Er Dong, Level-21 Wood-Elf Martial Artist, Rank-D, Boss.”

He glared at the strange group of monsters and asked “Hideous Barbarian, were you the one responsible for murdering my younger brother?!”

“No, I was!” His head suddenly flew up into the air, accompanied by a large plume of crimson blood. A terrifying skull-faced little girl appeared out of thin air and decapitated him; she was clad in a skin-tight suit of black leather, with six shadowy tendrils whipping around behind her head and a worm-like tail coming from the base of her spine.

Michael snickered, muttering “These dumbasses are always so squishy… What’s the point in having a ton of Attack Rating if some random assassin can just insta-kill you? Also, who the fuck came up with these names?”

Long-Er Dong actually had an extraordinarily large amount of Agility, Intelligence and Wisdom, aside from just Strength, because he was used to fighting straight-forward duels. He did have plenty of defensive spells and techniques, but his life was ended before he even had a chance to cast a single ‘Wind Barrier’ or ‘Aerial Step’.

Sarah didn’t just stop at him though; her seven tentacles began whipping around, eviscerating and impaling anyone within range. She also threw out her shuriken, which tore through a boy’s throat, and continued moving until it was embedded into a black-haired man’s groin. He howled in pain, as the entire lower-half of his body became frostbitten.

At the same time, the beautiful, brown-skinned fox-girl gagged a few times and eventually vomited out a swarm of glowing purple bees. It was one of the spells that she had learned during that six-day training session: “Wasp Swarm Level 4: The caster creates 40 magical wasps within their body and releases them through their mouth. Each stinger deals 4 Poison damage per second, for 1 minute. Maximum control range is 20 meters. Costs 40 mana to cast.” They spread out in every direction and stealthily stung at people in the legs, feet, or forearms, and even though they attempted to dispel the poison, it was typically too late by the time that they discovered it.

Alice was surrounded by a fiery tornado, as she swept through the crowd, kicking, punching, or using her tail to decapitate the tiny elves. A group of Martial Artists began sending ‘Water Phoenixes’ and ‘Aqua Dragons’ towards the giantess, but the techniques were so weak that they simply evaporated before anything managed to reach her body.

There was a loud ‘Meow~!’ and an adorable bright-blue kitten flew through the air, smacking against a bearded man’s face. It then exploded, obliterating his head, and flash-freezing his body, but the attack also flew out in every direction for a few meters and managed to kill nearly seven people.

However, it was followed by a maniacal laughter and a hail of deadly ‘Blood Bullets’. The two-hundred and sixty Inner Sect Disciples who were still alive, had all spread out as much as possible and surrounded the six terrifying monsters.

Michael placed his left arm around Elina’s waist and hugged her against his body, using his ‘Aegis of Light’ to envelop their whole group momentarily. It was just in time to defend against a colossal palm made out of crimson blood, which was disintegrated by his aggressive barrier spell.

After he deactivated the technique, he saw a furious three-meter tall Greater Demon floating down from the sky; he was followed by four regular Demons and ten Lesser Demons. All of them had the appearances of Wood-Elves, but with two huge ram horns coming out of the sides of their heads, with massive bat-like wings flapping behind their backs. Aside from that, their sclera were pitch-black, with glowing scarlet irises and long vampiric fangs protruding from their mouths. They had long and slimy obsidian-scaled tails coming from the base of their spines, but their leader also had tentacles dangling from his chin and ear-lobes.

When they landed before the Nephilim and his party, all of the Inner Sect Disciples immediately bowed down and started chanting, with their foreheads against the blood-soaked ground. They didn’t understand why, and they barely had any control over their actions, but they still channeled their mana and life-force into those fifteen overpowered beings.

The three-meter tall Greater Demon glared at Michael and spoke “I am Patriarch Long Dong… Not only have you murdered my youngest son, but now you have also killed my oldest… You disgusting creatures! I shall enjoy fucking your dismembered corpses after I slaughter the lot of you!”

“Oi, no one’s allowed to fuck our corpses but us!” Sarah screamed at the giant man, as she teleported behind one of the Lesser Demons, and decapitated it. In the same moment, Jasmine fired her ‘Adorable Revolver of Gratuitous Violence’ into Elder Chu Chu’s chest, leaving a gaping hole in the center of the two-meter tall monster’s body. However, his HP only dropped to 421/720 and it started rapidly regenerating.

Alice also launched two ‘Volcanic Lightning Bolts’ at the same time, flash-frying one of the Core Sect Disciples, who was in the process of vomiting out an octopus tentacle. After that, dozens of ‘Enchanted Ironwood Arrows’ began raining down upon the whole group of enemies, from various positions. It was easy to tell that the source of those attacks was at least a kilometer away and constantly moving at rapid speeds, but in the darkness, she was too far away for anyone to see.

Michael sighed as the teeth on his ‘Demonic Siegeblade of Chaos’ started vibrating ominously. He let go of the beautiful angelic cat-girl and swung his weapon towards the approaching Lesser Demon.

That five-foot tall mutated Wood-Elf, was effortlessly bisected; even as a level-thirty, rank-D, Raid Boss Elder used that opportunity to launch a sneak-attack with ‘Shadow-Step’, the Nephilim easily blocked it with the blindingly bright illusory shield on the back his left hand. As a Tank with Intermediate Light Affinity, all damage dealt by enemies with the Darkness Affinity were reduced by ninety-percent.

Even with that old man’s incredibly high magical and physical attacks, they simply weren’t strong enough to hurt Michael through his ‘Aegis of the Heretical Nephilim’. The Elder’s jaw broke into several segments and from inside of his mouth, thousands of cockroaches suddenly began pouring out towards the Guardian’s face, accompanied by a raspy roar and acidic saliva.

“So~ much nope! Ew~!” Fortunately, he was able to teleport behind the enemy and use his giant sword to slice the monster from his head, until his waist. Death was instantaneous, but during that moment of distraction, a huge claw penetrated through Michael’s back and was holding his heart in front of his chest.

After smashing it before his eyes, the demonic arm retracted and the Nephilim just stood there, lifelessly. Of course, a flash-heal landed on his body immediately afterwards and not only did his lost organs recover, there wasn’t even a scar.

Inari howled as she transformed from a beautiful fox-girl, into a tiger-sized six-tailed, bright-green furred vixen. Dozens of tendrils erupted from her mouth and latched onto the Patriarch, while hundreds of bright-blue thorny vines burst out of the stone pavement and wrapped around Long Dong’s legs.

For a moment, he was completely immobilized, and three ‘Arrows of Wind’ exploded on his bat-like wings: shredding them to pieces. Two fists made out of stone smacked against his left forearm, literally severing the limb at his elbow.

Three ‘Silver Bullets’ and an adorable bright-blue kitten blew off his right arm, and Michael’s siegeblade was then thrust into the Patriarch’s chest and violently twisted until it completely hollowed out his entire torso. At that moment, Sarah managed to chop Chu Chu’s head into seven slices and bisected his body. However, she was abruptly devoured by a gigantic golden illusory snake, which was launched from one of the two remaining Elders.

Her charred corpse fell to the ground and all of her equipment vanished from her naked body. Yet, a blindingly bright silver light fell from the moon and landed upon her roasted carcass, rapidly restoring her to full health.

Elina screamed in pain as she finished casting the ‘Battle Resurrection’ spell. Sarah shouted “I’m gonna fuckin murder you~!” as her skull-mask and tight black-leather reappeared upon her flesh.

After ‘Shadow-Stepping’, both her obsidian tanto and serpentine dagger were embedded into the eye-sockets of the Elder who had just killed her. Then she channeled all of her wrath and hatred into the screeching Demon’s central mana-core.

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