Chapter 204: Starting the Quest

“You have successfully evolved Inari into a rank-C, Sextuple-Tailed Natural Aquatic Fox-Dragon. Base stats have increased dramatically: +75 Aura, +10 Strength, +10 Agility, +10 Vitality, +10 Endurance.” Once the sudden rush of adrenaline and mana had worn off, the enormous kitsunemimi-mermaid shrunk down until she was only the size of a great-white shark.

A few seconds after that, she managed to remove the webbing on her fingers and transformed her fish-half into six fluffy fox-tails and two human legs. The gills seemed to fade back under her skin and the fin had also been retracted inside of her body.

Then the five-meter tall naked-girl happily ran over to her Companions, while grinning and barking. Her giant frame suddenly contracted until she was only around five-feet tall and she pounced into Michael’s arms, licking his neck and face with her bright-blue, incredibly long tongue.

He sighed, petting the surprisingly soft, spiky green hair on her head, “Okay~, okay~, calm down! Here, eat these, you’re gonna need to get even stronger…” Seventeen pitch-black beads appeared in his left hand and she immediately smacked her mouth against his palm, practically inhaling the rank-D, level-twenty, Super-Elite mana-cores.

Almost instantaneously, she jumped six levels and invested all of her stat-points: ten Dexterity, Intelligence and Wisdom. She also equipped her fang-covered collar and started rubbing her nose and hair against Michael’s left cheek, while purring softly.

[Companion Information

Name: Inari
Titles: The Feeder, Chaos Hunter, Pack Leader, Of the Ceaseless Regrowth, The Dragonslayer
Level: 26
Experience: 230/780
Age: Adolescent
Race: Sextuple-Tailed Natural Aquatic Fox-Dragon
Rank: C
Class: Druid
Specialization: Melee and Ranged Damage Dealer, Shapeshifting, Tanking
Profession: Unemployed]


Health: 470/470
Mana: 150/150
Stamina: 235/235
Mana Regen per minute: 300
Health Regen per hour: 470

Strength: 59(+15)
Vitality: 32(+15)
Endurance: 32(+15)
Dexterity: 36
Agility: 79
Intelligence: 30
Wisdom: 30
Perception: 19
Charisma: 24

Willpower: 18
Luck: 18
Aura: 157

Attack Rating: 370
Defense Rating: 23.5(+15)]

She wasn’t practically weightless, like Sarah and Talia, but even with such an incredibly large ‘natural’ body, she was still less than two-hundred pounds. Michael made a huge chunk of ‘Lesser Water Dragon’ meat appear in his right hand, and was able to take two large bites before Inari devoured the rest.

Then he tossed a fifty-pound, raw slice of the bright-blue fish to Alice, who snickered and swiftly shoved the entire thing into her mouth. After that, he gave a small hunk to the starving little girl, who complained “Why the fuck was I fourth?!”

Elina frowned, muttering “I don’t like eating things raw… but since everyone else is doing it, I might as well give it a try.” and taking a fist-sized piece of azure dragon-sashimi. Talia smiled wryly, accepting a small chunk of meat and casually eating it, without any complaints.

Once everyone had satisfied their hunger, Michael glanced around in every direction and sent out his wisp as well. The pitch-black sphere was traveling at nearly a thousand miles per hour, scanning the skies, each of the many tunnel entrances that he could find, and eventually headed towards the southwest.
It hadn’t been very long since Patriarch Long Dong had heard the news of his son’s demise, so he still hadn’t decided on his next course of action. Judging from the reports of Chu Chu and the other two Elders, he only knew that the killers were a group of fairly powerful ‘experts’. One of them was able to launch attacks with Wind magic from great distances; another, had access to incredibly fearsome Darkness ‘Qi’, and could flash-freeze a large swath of land with relative ease.

The young-looking Wood-Elven man had a head of long golden hair, crimson irises, and a brand across the left side of his face. That marking appeared in the shape of a red serpent, similar to what was embroidered on the back of his pure-white robe.

“Patriarch Long Dong… I know that you do not wish to believe this, but who else could it possibly be? Only two days ago, the Young Master mur-erm, defeated that Huxian-Clan brat, and tonight he mysteriously dies? Grand Matriarch Meihui wouldn’t dare to do something so impulsive and foolish, but many of her children are quite powerful and not nearly as timid as she.” Chu Chu was kneeling before the leader of his Sect and speaking without gazing up at that six-foot tall man.

A whole minute passed, before Long Dong whispered “Indeed… but searching for the murderer is pointless. Gather all of the Elders and Core Disciples; I would rather kill them all, than allow the potential criminal go free.”

Once the old man left the room, the Patriarch kneeled down onto the ground and stared at the statue behind him with a serious expression on his face. It was a massive, extremely muscular woman, with six arms, blue skin, the head and tail of a dragon, four gigantic breasts, and a huge black serpent was wrapped around her left leg.

“Ancestor, tonight, we shall rid the world of those disgusting vermin, once and for all. I only hope that Lady Chaotica will enjoy watching the massacre as much as myself.” He spoke a short prayer, before picking up the severed head of a disfigured fox-girl and started licking the lifeless left eye-ball. Then he removed his robe and laid down naked, in a pile of intestines, blood, semen and urine, and began using that woman’s toothless mouth to pleasure himself.

Even though they appeared to be relatively ‘normal’ on the outside, the Long Dong Sect was originally created by the Asura of Lust. The Outer and Inner Disciples were completely unaware of the true nature of the organization that they were involved with, but most of the Core Disciples and Elders were of the Chaos Affinity.
Meanwhile, Michael quickly discovered that the enemy hadn’t even appeared yet, thus he decided “Welp, we already know who the bad-guys are and we know where they live… so why don’t we just go over there and kill em all?”

“Hell yeah! Let’s go murder those fuckin pussies!” Sarah was overly enthusiastic about the prospect of engaging in a massacre.

However, Elina argued “Won’t these adorable fox-people be completely defenseless if we all leave?”

Talia immediately retorted “For more than a millennia, they have guarded this shrine and protected this place from invaders… Perhaps a few of them may die if we abandon them, but if we are successful, there may not even be a single casualty among them. We should strike swiftly and without mercy, for the greater good… and so that we may return home to sleep in our own beds tonight!”

“Nyah~, I’m super~ tired~, but shooting bad guys always makes me happy!” Jasmine equipped her weapons and armor, before starting to load her pistols with crimson ‘Blood Bullets’.

Alice put on her bronze gauntlets and fiery robe, muttering “The faster we finish this up, the sooner we can go home… Hmmm~, we have so many ‘ingredients’ for me to use. I really want to test out that weird glass filtration device, and I still haven’t gotten around to making an ‘Evolution Pill’ for myself.”

The Oracle pulled out her battlestaff and sighed, telling Michael “Okay, I’m ready!” and the two of them vanished. Fifteen seconds later, he appeared again and grabbed the dragoness before dematerializing.

Sarah jumped off the ground, sending her body soaring into the sky and started rapidly ‘Shadow-Stepping’ towards the southwest. At the same time, Talia flew up into the air and headed in the same direction.

When Michael teleported back, he said “Holy shit! It actually leveled up already!” and grabbed both the naked fox-girl and Jasmine at the same time.

“Astral Leap Level 2: During Astral Projection, the caster immediately teleports to the location of their incorporeal astral-form. The caster can bring along 2 allies with them, but each of them will lose 90% of their maximum mana. Costs 9% of the caster’s maximum Mana.”

A loud roar resounded, accompanied by anguished and terrified screams. Then a beam of blinding golden light burned a hole through a dozen Wood-Elves, before incinerating the building behind them.

Michael had dropped Elina and Alice in the middle of a massive empty courtyard, but in that short time that he was gone, they were already surrounded by thousands of Outer Sect Disciples. He snickered, as all of his gear was quickly equipped and activated; then he yelled “Hey assholes! Do you think that these little brats can actually stop us?!”

A Chaotic and overpowering aura erupted from his body and began rushing over everyone within ninety meters of the Nephilim. Anyone who was under level-five was frozen to death or incinerated, while the survivors were all driven insane and began slaughtering each-other.

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  1. You know this whole story reminds me of a one-shot campaign my brother and i did where i was the god of rogues and bards, basically all i did was steal shit from a fire djinn king and fucked his wife(it was consensual don’t worry) after fucking off to the material plane i met a noble who mistreated his servants and stole every thing but the bare foundations of his house and forged a fake confession that he was a pedophile, his wife read the note and ended her life, his guard who had a gay crush had read the not as well ended his life and the noble didn’t even read the note he just saw the bodies and ended his life, so because he felt bad about what he did (and because he had a strong desire to help spread freedom he helped the king of the country end slavery in the entire nation he ruled by devising several law as well as creating a new economic system so there would be no fallout from the vacuum of income and that ladies and gents is my story.

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