Chapter 206: The Strongest Long Dong

“Patriarch Long Dong, Level-40 Greater Demonic Wood-Elf Blood-Magus, Rank-C, World Boss.” With such a huge difference in levels and overall stats, it wasn’t surprising that even after such a vicious combined assault, the giant man was still able to break free of the restraints and leap into the air. Continue reading

Chapter 205: The Long Dong Massacre

“Hell Nova Level 1: The caster releases a burst of Chaotic aura, which may cause enemies to spontaneously combust, flash-freeze, or be driven insane. Unranked humanoids and magical-beasts may mutate into demonic creatures if their Willpower or Luck is high enough. Only effective on enemies that have less than 5% of the caster’s Aura. Range is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs 20 mana to cast.” Continue reading