TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 8c: Joey

“You are showing excellent initiative young Kitsune. Now that you have discovered either three animals, plants or a combination of both, you have unlocked a subfunction of ‘Identification’. If you type ‘/Identify+’ and take a detailed video recording of a specific animal or plant, the Kitsune Drive should be able to give you important information regarding that organism.”

[The Quest “First Three Discoveries” has been successfully completed. +3 Exp. +3 KP. The subfunction of Identification has been unlocked.]

Sometimes I feel like Inari is actually watching and listening to me… At the very least, she might be reading my diaries somehow. Well, maybe not. There could be ‘someone’ or ‘something’ observing me though.

Anyway~, time to ‘scan’ this cutie and find out whether it’s a boy or girl.


[Scanning… Insufficient Illumination.]

Ah, geez, I totally forgot to use my flashlight. Hmmm, even though I put the critter down, it isn’t trying to run away. Must be really tired, or maybe it just isn’t afraid of me? It might not have any ‘flight’ instincts, since it’s used to being an alpha-predator.


[Scanning… Giant Shadow Lurker Lizard detected. Analyzing data…]

[Reporting Target Information…

Giant Shadow Lurker Lizard
Age: Adult.
Sex: Male
Rank: Unranked
Origin: Geb
Current Condition: Malnourished, Dehydrated, Exhausted, Starving.]

Yes! I feel like I just won the lottery! Doesn’t this mean that I can start farming them?! Ah, but there’s still a pretty big problem though: How do I keep them from running away? It’s not like I have a fence. It probably wouldn’t matter anyway. This guy could totally climb or dig underneath of one.

Even if I can convince them to stay somehow… Wouldn’t they run away if they watch me eating them? Ugh, either way, I’ll deal with those problems in the future. For now I need to ‘tame’ this dude.

I think I’ll call him Joey.


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