Tower Defense Deities

Okay, so I wrote two stories in November. The first was obviously “Chaotica’s Coliseum”, which I’ve posted a few chapters of so far. I wrote a prologue and about 7 chapters of that, but then someone… Sigh, well, I was asked to write a new story.

At first I was like “No, fuck that shit! I’ve already got a fuckton of shit to do, I don’t have time to write a new story!”

Unfortunately, like always, inspiration fucked me in the ass and “Tower Defense Deities” was born somehow…

Power is relative. In a world without mana, someone who can use even the shittiest of magic, could be seen as a godlike being lol. The more people who have similar powers… Well, the less important the powers become.

Don’t read this part unless you want some minor spoilers btw…


So the concept behind this story is basically… Strategy Games. Build some buildings, make an army, then use them to fuck your enemies in the asshole, or something like that?

The trick is that the main characters have a Divine Legacy, a super-overpowered magical chess set, which allows them to do all kinds of awesome and fucked up shit.

In the first volume, the main characters are essentially just Azra and Yuri. However, a few more characters come into the mix later on, but I don’t want to give too many spoilers.

If you’ve read any of my other stories, you might already know who Azrael and Uriel are to a certain extent lol. I’ve just never really gotten around to writing a story about the two of them, because they’re usually just in the background.

Uriel or Yuri, has been responsible for innumerable catastrophes and disasters in other stories, typically biological in nature. She tends to end up causing more harm than good, even though she’s usually trying to ‘help people’, by genetically modifying them to be more efficient.

Azrael or Azra, is Destiny’s brother, Levi’s friend, Ailyn from Immortal Soul, and responsible for creating just as many cataclysms as Yuri. However, he typically prefers mechanical technology and veers away from the biological bullshit. He isn’t quite as ridiculous as Yuri most of the time, but he definitely has his fair share of issues as well…

Anyway, I’m going to post the prologue in a few minutes.

Here’s the Page Link for the story!

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