The Problem with The Vanilla God

This is a serious problem with other stories aside from TVG too… Basically, I just didn’t used to write down important information onto a separate document rofl.

Yeah, now do you understand why I basically can’t continue writing the story where I left off? I would need to go through the 9 chapters that I already wrote and then write down all the important information, like character names, what level of power they’re currently at, that kinda stuff.

I honestly have no idea how I used to write stories without keeping notes… Seriously, what the hell is wrong with past-me?!

It pisses me off, because I could totally write a chapter of TVG right now, but I can’t, because I don’t remember what the MC’s cultivation is at and it isn’t written down anywhere. I need to search through the chapters to find the last time it was written about lol.

Not to mention all the other characters I’ve written about so far in the story, which I don’t even slightly remember… Yet they’re all super important QQ.

Anyway, that’s enough complaining for now :P. ย Here’s some pictures of foxes, because… Idfk.

Image result for Inari okami

17 thoughts on “The Problem with The Vanilla God

    • The main things are: The MC’s current stage of Strengthening and how much power he/she/it has. Yue’s parents names, and basically all the names of every character that’s been mentioned so far lol. Yue’s current level of power and stage, along with other random tidbits that I would normally jot down.

      There’s probably some other important shit as well, but I can’t remember lol.


      • Nah, I’m just waiting to finish up some other shit first lol. It’s like, if I reread one of my stories or even edit a few chapters in a row, I usually get the urge to start writing it… Then I lose my writing-juice for the stories that I was working on? If that makes any sense lol.


      • Oh, okay. That makes sense.
        Then that means you dont have problem with TVG. You just put it on the back of the list. Because you have other project to do first.
        No problem at all. Just lack of time to do it all in the same time. Lol
        Dont worry. We wait. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      • So passive aggressive lol. Anyway, another reason is because well… Do you understand the chronology of my stories? Immortal Soul and Questing are in the ‘future’ at the moment, while TVG is like, in the ancient past. The MC of TVG is in Hardcore Legacies, The Dao of Eros, The Diary of Destiny King and a new story that I wrote recently but haven’t posted… However, the actual content of TVG takes place way way way in the past of all the stories. Of course, it’s being ‘told’ from the present(CC, TDoDK, TDD, TDoE.)

        Anyway, the point is that part of the reason that I stagger writing the different stories is because they’re all connected very intricately… And things that happen in one story, influence all of the other stories lol.

        Honestly, my end goal is to have all of my stories brought up to the same time-period as Immortal Soul, if that makes sense?


      • Havent post anything of it and yet you already shortened the Title, and even writing vol 2 already?
        Yeah, no wonder no time yet to read TVG back.
        TDD is your current project, right?
        Good Luck.
        While the muse are still on the roll. Lol

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      • True, my inspiration usually lasts for like 9 months as well. So maybe it’s more like milking the dick into the pussy and then milking the titties idfk.


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