TDoE V2 Chapter 27: Firepower

Admiral Wang Yong was on the same level of beefiness and size as Captain Hua Li. The difference in gender really didn’t mean shit when it came to hardcore bodybuilders, also known as Cultivators. Size didn’t always mean strength, obviously, but it did help to a certain extent.

The two of them were facing off against each other on the bridge deck. Although it was small compared to the Titanic Fury, that ship was still fifty meters long and fairly wide. Their fleet still had their sails up, so even though we were moving slowly, our propellers were still running in order to keep up with their pace. We didn’t circle them anymore, which meant that it would have been pretty easy for me to shoot anyone on the ship that was closest to us.

I asked “Hey Liara, if you fired an arrow at that douchebag, do you think you could kill him? Or would he be able to create some kinda magical barrier to protect himself?”

She cackled loudly, slapped me on the right shoulder and bragged “Fuck yeah I could! It ain’t like he’s a Master! Even if he had a life-saving defensive treasure, it would probably only block a few attacks… I’m a sailor under Captain Li’s command though, so if I did anything like that without her orders… Well, she wouldn’t execute me, but she might keelhaul me a few times and I would definitely be demoted.”

“Huh, good to know…” After hearing that, I casually pulled my rifle out of the case again and went back over to the window in order to watch the show.

That guy’s greatsword wasn’t very fancy, just long and straight. He wore a black robe with white runes Inscribed all over it. His hair was long and black, pulled back into a braided ponytail, while his face seemed freshly shaved. Judging by his lack of wrinkles and relatively ‘young’ appearance, I could tell that he was at least under a century old.

The beautiful ‘middle-aged’ giantess was wielding a golden trident in her right hand, while wearing a loose azure robe. She seemed overwhelmingly confident in her victory, but oddly enough, so did the Admiral.

I quickly used that monocular to look at the twelve other ships, scanning everyone I could see in order to accurately judge their strengths. Generally, under such a ridiculous situation, pretty much everyone should be panicking or freaking out. However, I did notice a handful of suspiciously ‘calm’ individuals.

One of them looked like a teenage boy, maybe fourteen or fifteen, but I couldn’t really tell for sure. Regardless of his youthful appearance, his aura seemed to be in the middle of the Adept Stage. That was a bad sign. It meant that they had allowed someone who was really fucking talented enter into a naval battle, where he could easily be killed at any moment.

I had a Dao Protector that was a Rank-A Elemental, and while that’s a pretty special case, that guy definitely had someone or something protecting him. Even if it was just a Rank-D Beast or a low-level Expert, it was still a shitty situation for us.

“Why the fuck does that bastard look so goddamn cocky?” Almost immediately after I said that, I noticed the suspicious old man who seemed to be hiding within the crowd of people on the boat closest to us. He had long white hair, a black robe and there was a thin silver rapier in his right hand. The reason Liara probably missed him was because first of all, he was really short and scrawny looking. In fact, even his aura was practically nonexistent.

While I was focused on finding the hidden ‘experts’ across those twelve ships, I could hear Captain Li and Admiral Yong constantly taunting each other. It made me wonder if the two of them were even going to fight.

“Did you honestly believe that your shitty Silver Sword School would be able to take advantage of the chaos and capture some of our ships? You’re nothing but a second-rate Faction in the Southern Islands!”

The first insult came from the lovely lady, followed promptly by a rebuttal from the douchebag.

“You ugly old hag! Do you seriously think that your pathetic Hua Jiang Palace will even exist in a few years?! Soon, all of the islands that haven’t been destroyed will be split among the White Jade Empire, the Divine Tortoise Conclave and The Demonic Legion. Even if you somehow managed to defeat me, it will only be a matter of time before you’re either killed or enslaved like the rest of your filthy people!”

She retorted “So what, you think your fucking garbage School is going to be spared? Ha! Once I shove my spear up your ass, I’m going to exterminate your entire Silver Sword Island!”

Considering that practically everyone of those assholes were wearing black robes and carrying their trademark weapons, it wasn’t all that difficult to find the single person who didn’t really fit their stereotype. Almost on the opposite side from where we were, there was a beautiful busty woman, wearing a pure white gown and a veil over her face. She had obnoxiously large and feathery pauldrons on her shoulders and there was a golden battle-staff in her left hand.

As soon as I saw her, she turned around and stared directly at me. I felt a sharp pain shooting through my mind and my monocular imploded. At the same time, all the veins on the nearly naked muscle-girl to my right bulged out violently. Her face turned from brown to bright-purple and she coughed up a mouthful of blood, while jumping backwards.

A shard of glass stabbed into my left eye and nearly penetrated my brainbox, but I quickly dropped the fucking broken telescope. Without hesitation, I looked down the iron sights of my rifle and aimed at my target. Not that ridiculously powerful bitch though, that would have just been a waste of time. Too far away and she definitely would have had some sort of way to deflect the bullet or some crazy shit like that.

I didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger, then ignoring whether or not I even hit anything, I quickly pulled the bolt back and pushed it forward again. Xiaotong screamed in agony, as if she was the one who lost an eye, but I didn’t have time to worry about her suffering. When I aimed at my second target, I was able to see the horrified expression on his face.

That ancient old man who was right next to him, was still standing, yet half of his throat was charred black and there was a small hole through the left side, spraying copious amounts of arterial blood all over the place. He wasn’t dead, but he also wasn’t nearly as much of a threat anymore.

My second shot hit the dead-center of that teenage brat’s face, piercing his nasal cavity and exploding inside of his skull. Both of his eyeballs flew out of their sockets and jets of fire erupted from his eardrums, yet his bones remained relatively intact. He was an Adept after all, so it wasn’t too surprising. Regardless, his brain was definitely mulched and burnt to a crisp.

It felt ‘good’ to release a bit of my fury on those two cuntbags, however, my sudden interruption of the scheduled duel had some pretty severe consequences. Captain Li roared “All cannons, fire!” as she leapt into the ocean and her opponent was subsequently hit by a rather large hunk of steel.

Admiral Wang Yong wasn’t a pushover though. His greatsword glowed brightly and literally sliced the cannonball in half down the middle. Although the two sides subsequently crashed into the deck behind him and created huge holes. That entire ship was almost instantly shredded apart and the pieces began sinking rapidly.

That first old rapier dude that I shot had an enraged expression on his wrinkly face, while glaring up at me and roaring “You bastard! You dare to kill the grandson of I, Grand Elder of the Silver Sword School, Level-One Expert Zhang Wei?! I’m going to slaughter-agh~!”

Yeah, I had one round left in my gun and he gave me plenty of time to reload, take aim, then fire it directly into his wide-open mouth. The bullet was able to embed itself in the back of his throat and subsequently explode, literally decapitating him from the inside out.

I snickered, muttering “So apparently, Experts aren’t as amazing as I thought they were, huh? No wonder the ‘Heavens’ decided that guns were way too overpowered, hehehehe~…”


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