TDoE V2 Chapter 26: Maneuverability

What did you expect? I obviously missed the first shot. It was mostly just practice though. You can’t become a marksman by being a hardcore first-person shooter specialist. Even if your reaction speed, reflexes and mentality are improved, you still need to train in reality.

“Hahahaha~, what the hell was that shit?! Well, if you were aiming for the ocean, then that was a great fucking shot! Hahahah~!”

I didn’t use the iron sights and even a monocular would be useless from that distance. Maybe if there was no wind and I had a fifty-caliber sniper rifle, I might have had a chance, but it was way too far. It’s not like our ship was stationary either. We were moving and rocking, the targets were also weren’t staying still. The people on the boats were running around for the most part, manipulating the sails, shooting arrows and fighting off the vicious aquatic Beasts.

From the very start, both me and Liara were fairly relaxed because there was literally no way that those silver warships would ever even be able to get close to the Titanic Fury. I couldn’t tell from so far away, but she told me “The strongest person in their whole fleet is probably that bastard with the big-ass greatsword… He looks like a peak-level Adept. Big Ray could easily wipe them all out if he really wanted to. I bet they’re counting on the fact that our cold-hearted Captain won’t care enough to help out our other two ships.”

As I pulled the bolt back and forward again, I somewhat copied Gangbang Girl’s way of practically aiming towards the sky. Of course, I didn’t have such an exaggerated angle, since my bullets obviously traveled way faster than her magical arrows. When I gently pressed the trigger, there was a loud *Bang!* and a decent kickback on my right shoulder. However, while my body was super-small, my strength was way above a normal adult human. The recoil was practically nonexistent in comparison to the noise in that confined space. My ears were ringing and my headache from sleep deprivation was only getting worse.

By the way, even though the Enchantments and Inscriptions were mostly for show, I still needed to charge the gun with a tiny bit of Qi or I couldn’t pull the trigger. It was basically just a safety and nothing else. Although, I do have to admit that the special effects definitely looked impressive.

As my mana flowed through the various etchings on that black metal, they turned from white to bright-green. Then a bunch of illusory roses appeared all over the walls of that watchtower. It was totally pointless and potentially harmful depending on the circumstances, but it could also be useful in certain situations.

Anyway, I was aiming at the closest enemy vessel. Not at any particular person in particular, I meant the entire fucking ship. I had to quickly grab the monocular to look for the bullet impact, but it was difficult to tell.

Cannonballs crashed against the wooden deck, punching giant holes into it. Those hunks of iron were even able to penetrate the steel plating on the sides of the ship. Not to mention the hundreds of ferocious fish that were tearing apart the bottom of the boat.

“Ah! Nice shot Kid! Wow, you actually managed to hit their main sail!” Once she said that, I was able to notice the scorch mark where the pommel of that sword emblem used to be. Of course, a few moments later, the ship capsized.

I asked “Hey Liara, shouldn’t we be… You know, like, helping them? Our friends over there are about to be surrounded and gangraped… I mean that literally and metaphorically.”

She snickered, looked down at me and patted me on the right shoulder. After that, she pointed down at the wake behind the Titanic Fury and explained “I’ve seen Captain Li use this trick dozens of times already… See those big fan-looking things that are slowly spinning underwater? Those are called propellers! Our other ships have them too. Now hold onto something, cause this is going to be rough…”

A loud foghorn rang out from the central crow’s nest, which was followed by something similar from our two boats in the distance. Then there was a deep rumbling of a massive engine and I quickly knelt down, holding onto a metal railing that was conveniently placed by the window. My rifle-case slid across the floor, so I had to crawl over and grab it. Just to be safe, I also placed my gun inside and closed the leather case up.

On the other hand, the giant almost-naked woman was casually standing by the window and holding her bow in her left hand. I ran over and looked down at the Titanic Fury’s main deck and saw at least twenty or thirty people who actually fell overboard. Not to mention the hundreds who were confused and terrified, screaming their lungs out while smacking into each other.

“Damn, this is why you can’t just conscript a bunch of dumbasses and hope for the best!” Liara was frowning as she watched most of the newbie crewmates panicking and freaking out. The men and women who fell into the water were either grinded up by the giant turbines behind the ship, or devoured by the hungry fishes.

All of the Apprentices were forced into the navy, but there were still a decent amount of Novices who voluntarily joined. Either for their country, family, revenge or simply because they wanted a chance to improve their social status. However, the fact remained that most of the new crewmembers had no fucking clue what was going on. Hell, I was one of them!

The Titanic Fury was usually pretty slow and stable, but once those magical propellers kicked in, our velocity became ridiculous. It reminded me of the few times that I rode on a speedboat, except the waves didn’t have as much of an impact due to the size and weight of the Titanic Fury.

Those enormous masts, including the one that we were at the top of, all began twisting. At one point, it seemed like the entire ship might tip over because of the wind resistance, but each of our sails suddenly vanished. They were sucked into a magical storage space within the rigging, making it possible for our gigantic boat to travel against the wind without being slowed down by much.

“Holy shit, that was intense!” Within seconds, the Titanic Fury had managed to close in on the left flank of that fleet. We didn’t stop though, because our three ships were essentially circling around the enemies, along with our swarms of aquatic reinforcements.

A deafening feminine voice bellowed from below our watchtower, “Surrender now, or we’ll blow you all to pieces! You have thirty seconds to take down your sails! One, two, three~, four~, five, six…”

The moment our Captain reached fifteen, a beefy, two-meter tall man leapt from one boat to another and quickly reached the closest deck to ours. Then he roared “Peak-Level Adept, Admiral Wang Yong of the Silver Sword School challenges you to a duel!”

“Peak-Level Adept, Captain Hua Li of the Southern Islands accepts your challenge!” Surprisingly enough, he was immediately given a reply.

The guy with the glowing silver greatsword shouted “If I win, you will allow us to leave unharmed… And also pay three-thousand gold in compensation for our losses!”

“Hahahah~! Bullshit! You want compensation?! Fine, but when I win this duel, the lot of you must surrender! I don’t want to get bloodstains all over my new ships!” Right after she said that Captain Li jumped off of the edge of the highest deck, flying fifty meters and somehow managing to land not far from Wang Yong.

I sighed dramatically, complaining “I honestly don’t see what the point in this is… Why can’t we just kill em all? From a strategic standpoint, this is totally meaningless and extremely illogical.”

However, Xiaotong was the first one to scold me, “Levi! This is all about honor! If a powerful woman like Captain Li refused that-that ugly man’s challenge, then-then, um, wouldn’t the Heavens be angry with us? Besides that, she can’t look like a coward in front of her people!”

Almost at the same exact time as the Spirit was grumbling in my mind, Liara chuckled, whispering “Don’t worry Kid, our Captain isn’t stupid or reckless… Even if she can’t win the fight, all she has to do is fall into the water and she’ll be totally safe. Actually, she pulls this trick all the time. She pretends to get hurt or fall into the ocean, usually the dumbass follows after her… Then, well, she’s an Aquatic Druid after all.”


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