TDoE V2 Chapter 25: Liara

Life is amazing; I honestly never felt that way in the entire twenty years I was on Earth. However, from the moment I arrived on Genesis, I could feel that there were endless possibilities waiting for me to… do something with?

Seriously though, it wasn’t until I met Mei that I was truly happy. Xiaotong is adorable, sure, but our relationship wasn’t exactly the same. Being able to see, touch and ejaculate inside of a person is totally different from having a skull-shaped lightning ghost eating and vomiting out mana within your Dantian. Trust me, the two things just aren’t the same.

Humans need sex to be happy. It’s not like I’m the only one who thinks that way either! Sure, doing it on a battlefield probably isn’t the greatest idea. I’m not talking about that kind of crazy suicidal bullshit though.

“Fucking before a fight is the best.” At least, that’s according to Gangbang Girl. She was a two-meter tall, extremely muscular and powerful level-two Adept. Her real name was Liara, but the first time we ‘met’ was when I walked into the barracks and watched her getting pounded by thirty different guys. Well, she only had so many holes, so they had to take turns and it was all pretty nasty.

However, it isn’t my place to judge. Actually, I was kind of impressed by her mentality. In her own words: “My people believe that sex is the key to unlocking Immortality. When we screw, our souls intertwine… We share our power, pleasure and pain with each other, sowing Karma for our future lives. That’s why I fuck everyone I meet! Hahaha~! Ah, don’t worry, you’re too young for me.”

She had dark-brown skin, long white dreadlocks and blue irises. Yeah, she wasn’t what I would normally consider ‘Asian’, at least not totally. Liara came from one of the Southern Islands, but their ancestors were supposedly from another continent.

It was early in the morning and the sun was starting to rise above the ocean. Under normal circumstances, I would say that it was the start of a beautiful day. Yet the peaceful ambiance was ruined by the roaring of cannons and screaming of dying sailors in the distance.

Gangbang Girl and I were together in the smallest of the four watchtowers. The one that was at the top of the mast, above the Captain’s Quarters.


I know what you’re worried about. What happened with Little Ares and the Shadow Dragon Egg in the fishbowl? Well, apparently, that egg only works during the nighttime. The moment that it started to get a little bright outside, those tendrils went back inside of the pebble and Little Ares was the apex predator again.

Also, I ejaculated directly into Mei’s vagina. She didn’t let me put my penis inside, but she got on her back, spread herself out as much as possible and yeah… The moral of the story is that I didn’t get any fucking sleep that night, so I was way too tired to be in a battle already.

Well, technically, ‘we’ weren’t the ones who were fighting. When I heard Captain Hua Li roaring out orders and looked out the back porthole window, I saw a dozen or so warships coming in from the… I don’t really know what nautical direction it was supposed to be, but they were to ‘my’ left.

The ships honestly didn’t look that impressive compared to the Titanic Fury, but there was a lot of them. Each one had black sails, with a single silver straight-sword in the middle. Hell, they didn’t even have any cannons.

Those boats seemed to be covered with steel plates and there were giant obsidian spears jutting out of their bows. I could tell that they also had rams on the bottom of the bows as well. They were definitely dangerous, yet we had a major advantage as long as they didn’t get close to us. Not to mention the huge horde of seamonsters between our three vessels.

Mei was unconscious and even when I tried to nudge her awake and told her “Goddamn it, we’re under attack!” she just continued snoring on our combined futons. I put on a decent black robe, then grabbed my belt with the forty-four revolver. The shotgun was basically useless under such long-ranged circumstances, so I only took my rifle case and left the room.

With one hand I held onto the handle and the other was used to keep me from falling off the ladder, as I briskly climbed up the mast. I muttered “Who knew that Di’s training would actually come in handy…” No pun intended.

“L-Levi, I’m scared… Are you sure those fire-sticks will actually be useful? I think you should have at least borrowed Mama Mei’s cutlass…” Xiaotong stayed inside of my Dantian, but she was wide awake the moment that she sensed the impending crisis.

I snickered, explaining “At this distance, there’s not a fucking thing that I can do. However, once we get closer to the enemies, I’ll show you the true power of these ‘fire-sticks’ hehehe~…”

When I finally reached the watchtower, there was a huge busty and bulky woman standing by the back-window of the tiny room. Liara was wearing what was essentially just a thin bikini, that barely covered her nipples and pussy. In fact, the first thing that I saw when I looked over towards her, was the majority of her asshole. There was only a thin golden string wedged in her crack and even her vaginal opening was pretty much exposed.

As for what she was doing at the time… Well, apparently she was an archer. She had a huge recurve bow that was as long as she was tall and her quiver was underneath the windowsill. In order to grab an arrow, she had to bend over a bit and reach down. She stood there and gazed out towards the ships in the distance for a few seconds, before letting out a sigh and turning towards me.

“Hmm, I thought that Captain Li wanted me to come up here alone… Oh well, hi, I’m Liara. What’s your name little guy?”


Anyway, our introductions devolved into random sex-talk within about five minutes. We didn’t really have anything better to do after all. The enemies were at least a mile away from the Titanic Fury and the two ships in the rear were doing fine on their own. Of course, they were also getting reinforcements from several thousands of aquatic Beasts, so neither of us was too worried.

As I opened my rifle-case and pulled out the Springfield knockoff, Liara asked “Is that one of those handheld cannons?”

I smirked, “Yeah, I guess… As long as they’re within a thousand meters, I should be able to kill them. Assuming that I can actually hit anything from that far away, without a scope and with so much wind…”

She chuckled, nocking an arrow and aiming towards the sky at a slight angle. After ten seconds of mild adjustments, the bow started glowing with lots of tiny golden runes. That formerly white string, turned silver and the wooden arrow began radiating what seemed like actual sunlight. I thought I was going to go blind after staring at it for a few seconds, so I used my right hand to shield my eyes.

“Watch this… You might not be able to see it from here, so use the monocular over there.” That’s when I realized that even if I didn’t have a scope attachment, it didn’t really matter. That long black telescope-looking thing was powerful enough to let me see the people who were on those distant ships pretty well.

When she released the arrow, there was a deafening explosion in the room and I may have yelped in shock. I know that Xiaotong definitely screamed inside of my head. Although it looked really fancy at first, most of the glowing projectile eventually disintegrated. The only thing left was a bullet-shaped arrowhead, which was travelling way too fast for me to keep track of at the time. I just saw some random guy’s head explode from the impact.

“Hahaha~, holy shit, that was awesome!” I was really impressed at first, until I noticed that Liara’s aura had diminished dramatically. She was panting in exhaustion, as she sat down cross-legged and immediately started meditating.

After a minute, she grinned at me and boasted “How about that? Can your fancy fire-sticks kill a man from a mile away?! Hahaha~, even those stupid cannons are useless more than a kilometer!”

I smirked, took my rifle out of its case and pulled the bolt back. Then I grabbed on of the speedloaders and placed it against the opened action, allowing the bullets to fall down into the internal magazine. Once I carefully placed the piece of metal back inside of the case, I pushed the bolt forward, loading the first cartridge into the chamber.

Honestly, it was the very first time that I had performed such an action, so my movements weren’t that fast or smooth. I probably looked like I was a total noob, but whatever, at least I didn’t have to waste any energy like a certain archer.

“I’m ten years old and I’ve never fired a gun before, so don’t make fun of me when I miss.”


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