TDoE V2 Chapter 32: The Morning After

“Mmn~!” A high-pitched moan was the first thing that I heard in the morning, as I opened my only eye. There were some seagulls making noises and people yelling, but the most important thing was the beautiful woman who was laying on top of me. Even though she was unconscious, the two of us were ‘intimately’ connected.

However, even if we were literally having sex, I wasn’t very mentally aroused. In fact, it felt like I had just ejaculated at least three or four times in a row. My urethra hurt, my bladder was about to burst and my stomach was aching from extreme hunger. Then I noticed that my ass, stomach and back were drenched in a warm, pungent liquid.

Yep, I’m not sure if it was me or Mei, but someone pissed all over the fucking place. Our futons were soaked and smelled terrible. Fortunately, neither of us had shit ourselves, or it would have been a lot nastier.

“Un~, Levi, I had the weirdest dream… Ew! Why am I all wet?! Ah~! Ugh, what happened last night?!” My ‘girlfriend’ lazily opened her eyes and looked around at the puddle that surrounded our beds. Then she seemed to notice that my penis was inside of her vagina and hurriedly pulled it out, jumping off of me.

I groaned, my throat was super-dry for some reason, so I could barely mutter “We, had sex… I don’t even know, how many times though… Fuck, my dick is so sore. And my ass… Did I get stabbed in the rectum with a horn again? Ow~, shit, did… I think you broke a few of my ribs somehow…”

Even though I could remember that whole ‘Cultivation’ session, I honestly wasn’t sure if it had been a dream or real. I still have no clue what the two of us had been doing outside of the illusion. Yet, there definitely was some pretty damning evidence on the backs of our hands.

“What?! How did I?! No, wait, this isn’t right… Why did both of our levels drop?!” Mei was especially concerned, since she had almost fallen into the Novice Stage.

That’s actually possible by the way. If she had dropped down, her lifespan would have been sliced in half. The worst part was that since both of us were over ten years old, we obviously wouldn’t be able to breakthrough from the peak of Novice into the Apprentice Stage.

Fortunately, it was just a matter of mana depletion. Without even worrying about being covered in piss, the two of us immediately sat down cross-legged and began Cultivating. I only needed to breathe in and out a bit, before I reached level-two. However, my partner wasn’t quite so lucky.

As I started into her neon-red eyes, I asked “Hey, Mei, wasn’t your Innate Talent… Orange before?”

When she heard that, she quickly struggled to find a decent hand mirror in her luggage. Yet, the moment that she saw those scarlet irises, she screamed “Fucking bastard!” and threw it at my face.

Did I mention that it was made out of heavy reflective bronze, with an extremely tough ironwood frame and handle? Yeah, I also learned a fun lesson about how much sight matters when it comes to dodging projectiles. It was fine at first, but she threw the damn thing at the left side of my head. My left eyebrow was busted open and bleeding all over the place.

“What the fuck is your problem! Grah~! Stop it!” She didn’t seem to be satisfied yet and pounced on top of me, slamming my back into the ground and smacking the shit out of me.

Once her stomach started growling, she stopped her vicious assault and started wailing loudly. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that she got off of me and quietly sat back down, struggling to cultivate with what little Innate Talent she had left. After a while, she had to pull out one of her fancy prenatal vitamins in order to just barely reach the second level of the Apprentice Stage.

In the same amount of time, I was already back up to level-three, which seemed to make her even more depressed. I cautiously mentioned “That dream you had… What was it like?”

For a few minutes, she totally ignored me, but when her level managed to catch up with mine, she opened her eyes and gasped. Then she muttered “That’s not possible… My Innate Talent dropped by so much, so why does it feel like… This is weird.”

Finally, she frowned at me and grumbled “I can’t believe you actually had sex with me… You wasted your virginity on me and now, not only are you half-blind, but your Qi Level actually dropped by so much… It’s really weird. What did you do? No, what did ‘we’ do? Why does it feel like I’ve forgotten something extremely important…”

“Ah, well, I used a special Cultivation Method and some weird shit happened… Although, I’m not totally sure if that was real or not. Maybe it was all just a dream. For all I know, you could have raped me in my sleep and… Why are my ribs broken? Like, what the hell did you do to me last night?” She wasn’t the only one who was pissed off, but I guess I wasn’t quite as violent as Mei.

As the two of us were glaring at each other, there was a loud series of knocks at the door. We were both totally naked and drenched in piss, so I yelled “What is it?!”

A deep, feminine voice bellowed “There’s only five hours of shore leave left, so if ya don’t get your asses outta bed, ya won’t be able ta see land for a long time!” It wasn’t Captain Li or Liara. There were several beefy women with husky tones among the crew that I didn’t know too well.

After she left, I unsteadily stood up and walked over to the window. At first, I had thought that we returned back to the port we came from, but the scenery looked a little different. I turned around and asked “Hey Mei, do you recognize this place? Mei… what’s wrong this time?”

She gasped as she stared at the huge azure palace in the distance, there were loads of spires and the main structure was a giant golden dome. The rest of the town looked like a medieval castle-city for the most part. It wasn’t nearly as extravagant as that Hua Jiang Capital place we had set-off from, but it didn’t look too bad either. At the very least, it didn’t seem like people needed to throw buckets of piss and shit out their windows onto the streets. If you’re wondering how I knew that without even getting off of the boat… I didn’t yet, but does that really matter?

“This is… Hua Ri Keep, this is where I grew up. I guess I didn’t expect that our first stop would be, here…” Mei pouted, sniffing her armpits and gagging obnoxiously. Then she complained “Well before we leave, we definitely need to clean up our room. I’ll create the water, so you do the scrubbing.”

I’m just going to skip past that horrible hour and tell you the most important parts. We threw away the futons, because they were basically ruined. Like, not only were they drenched in piss, but there were rips and tears all over the place. Aside from that, I took a shot of that Demonic Jellyfish Juice and instantly healed my fucked up eyebrow, along with all the other random bruises, scratches, fractures, etcetera. Yeah, that stuff might have been expensive, but waiting for everything to recover ‘naturally’ would have taken way too long.

Also, I reached level four again. Mei was too busy playing with her water magic to cultivate though. She didn’t apologize for her furious bout of domestic violence and I didn’t regret giving her my virginity. However, as we were getting dressed, I casually told her “I love you…”

In response, she hugged my face into her cleavage and murmured “I love you too, Little Levi~…”

She was wearing a royal blue sleeveless dress that was basically split down the middle until her diaphragm. The material was similar to silk and I could totally see the outline of her nipples really clearly. It was also opened up on the back, all the way down to right above her asscheeks. Although it might have been super long, the front had a slit only a few inches underneath her pussy. Honestly, it was not the kind of clothing a person would normally wear without any panties on… Actually, forget it, fashion is different everywhere.

Besides that, my garments weren’t much better. I had no underwear either. It was just a generic black robe that was super-loose. While the sleeves were pretty long, my Lunar Pendant made it so that the space around me was constantly being cooled off. The difference in temperature caused a pleasant breeze to blow through my robe and keep me from sweating under the scorching sun and ridiculously high humidity.

Of course, more important than our attire, was our weaponry. Mei vehemently refused to take my ‘stupid tiny firestick’ or the belt that it came with. Instead, she used a bright-blue ribbon-like belt, which seemed really flimsy. However, it was strong enough to support the weight of her sharky cutlass. She was right-handed, so the sheath was kept on her left hip.

I didn’t actually have any melee weapons, so I only brought my forty-four revolver. Well, I also had my ammo-bag and the extradimensional money-purse. Before leaving the room, I checked on Little Ares and realized that I forgot to remove the ‘Shadow Dragon Egg’ from his fishbowl.

Yep, he was gone… There wasn’t even any water inside the container anymore. The only thing within the glass was that black pebble. After letting out a long, drawn-out sigh, I picked up the strange object and placed it into my pouch. Azrael’s guns were definitely some of my most valuable items, but I couldn’t bring them all with me everywhere. My magical cockroach and creepy monster egg were easy to carry around though.

As I placed my hand on the door handle, I felt a sharp pain behind my empty left eye socket. It was so bad that I closed both of my eyelids. A monotonous feminine voice echoed throughout my mind.

“Everyone has desires… Instinctive urges… The Seven Heavens and Hells are filled with both righteousness and corruption… All must follow a path, whether it leads to damnation or salvation… What do you seek? What do you crave more than anything else? To achieve anything, you must first possess the power… Once you have enough power, then you can alter fate, change destiny, break free of Karma’s grasp and create your own laws… The weak can only be devoured, raped and enslaved by the strong… That is the Eternal Dao of Domination. Remember, Little Serpent… Do not succumb to the temptations that power brings. Do not become callous and ignorant of the world around you… Karma does not know mercy, nor empathy. It is cruel and cunning. I hope that you do not disappoint me… Leviathan.”

Call it a flash of ‘enlightenment’ or perhaps some sort of deep and terrifying power wafting out of my soul, but I knew… I just instinctively felt that the next four hours were going to be really goddamn stressful. Sure, it was kind of obvious that some fucked up shit was about to go down, with the whole ominous message from that mysterious Goddess.

Mei asked “What’s wrong? Are you having phantom pains in your eye?” She actually seemed to be pretty concerned about my well being, for someone who threw a mirror at my face an hour before then.

I snickered, shook my head and turned towards the back of the room. Then I told her “It’s probably only hunger pains. Oh, and I might as well bring my shotgun… Just in case.”


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