Okay, here’s the thing about freedom of speech. I don’t have any obligation to read or care about overly negative comments. Every author learns this eventually, I figured it out a few years ago, but there’s a huge difference between helpful criticism and trolling.

For example, let’s say someone writes a few page long comment about how they hate your story, they think you’re childish, they don’t like your personality, they personally hate you, they disagree with your beliefs(Moral, religious, cultural or whatever.) and after that goes on to try and lecture you. It’s totally within your power to simply delete their comment and pretend like it never happened. I’ve done this many times before.

This is called ‘moderation’. When you own the website, you’re allowed to do this with impunity and unless you write a post about it, I bet the people who left the obnoxiously long hate-filled comment would never even know.

The purpose of this entire post is for future writers and new writers out there. Don’t let negative people into your lives and certainly don’t allow them to pollute your website. It’s ‘your’ website. They didn’t pay for it. They didn’t earn the right to berate you. And the most mature thing to do is simply ignore them and delete whatever annoying things they say.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all I had to say. Honestly, I don’t even remember the person’s username anymore and it only happened a few minutes ago… Back when I started out, I would get so upset whenever anyone said anything negative, but now I can delete it without even remembering the content and get back to writing again immediately afterwards :).

Oh, I remember something! The first thing they said was that the prologue of “The Dao of Eros” wasn’t funny. Well, it’s not really ‘supposed’ to be funny. TDoE is probably one of the most serious stories I’ve written. Even though Levi does have a sort of ‘carefree’ and ‘humorous’ attitude most of the time, the content is extremely dark in many ways. I won’t get into it though, because I might give spoilers.

Of course, I still think it’s hilarious at times, but I never once tried to write the story in a ‘funny’ way. “Hardcore OP-ness” on the other hand, yeah, that’s supposed to be funny. It’s what I would consider a comedy for the most part.

14 thoughts on “Comments

  1. i could write a mile long comment about how i like your writing and what i like in it …. but fuck it, you are a realy good writer, nuff said, keep up the good work and remember that theres always someone that likes your work.

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    • Thanks and yeah, I know there are lots of people who like my work lol. They are the reason why I bother to keep posting things on WordPress. I would just keep everything in Google Drive otherwise rofl.


  2. Won’t go on any kind of rant, just wanted to shout out that I’ve enjoyed and continue to enjoy your writing and hope that you continue to find enjoyment in doing so. Writing is definitely a personal expression and others are quick to attack when behind a convenient veil of anonymity, unfortunately. People seem to forget that they aren’t owed anything by you and that it is their choice to use and participate on this site.

    So keep on trucking, power to you man!

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    • Thanks 🙂 and you’re welcome :P.

      I have no plans to ever stop writing. I have so many stories that need to be finished too lol. Some of them are only getting started, while others are near the end. Like Hardcore Legacies, it’s practically over, I just need to write a few more chapters… Yet I haven’t gotten around to it for over 6 months. In the meantime I started several new series lol. Honestly, I’m starting to feel like the ‘God’ in the mythos of my story is actually me.

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  3. Thanks, Mike. I really like your writing style, subject matter, and craftsmanship. I’ve managed to read a lot of what you have on your site, and I really haven’t run into anything that didn’t delight me and simultaneously disappoint me that there wasn’t more! Please keep writing!

    I grew up reading SciFi and Fantasy, and it was a hardcore addiction. I’d mainline some Heinlein, and then chase it with some Alan Dean Foster or Anne McCaffrey! It was the books of Edgar Rice Burroughs that drove me to enlist in the Army Infantry, to grow from a semi-autistic geek into a somewhat muscular and confident man. I lost my love of the written word for quite a long time, but the internet is the library/porn shop of the world, and it got its hooks back into me through anime and manga. Your “Americanized” light novels (am I using that right?) just go down smooth, like good single malt scotch.

    Your “Vanilla God” story was fantastic. I’ve lived in Texas, Kansas and Missouri, and the simple speech and practicality of the main characters sound just like my family and friends. Are your planning on continuing your unfinished stories? Please add some more to the various books! Don’t let the stories die!

    Again, thanks for pouring your soul, I mean ‘pervy imagination’ out onto the screen for my enjoyment. Keep it up! And hard!

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    • Thanks, it’s comments like this one that revitalize my soul :). I actually never read any novels until a few months before I started writing “Immortal Soul” lol. And the majority of what I read is translated webnovels, novels and light novels from China, Japan and Korea.

      I’ve actually never read a proper novel before. I might eventually lmao. I’ve read a few pages of some Stephen King stories, but couldn’t get them. Even with the translated stories, there’s so many of them out there now days lol. I remember back a few years ago when only a handful of people were translating stuff and RoyalRoad only had a few writers. Since then, it feels like the webnovel scene has exploded. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in stories, since I read so many different ones at the same time lol.

      Anyway, “The Vanilla God” is still in the super early stages. However, the MC of TVG is actually in a bunch of the other series’ I’ve written so far. I’m kinda glad I took a break and didn’t just keep going with TVG back then, because I might not have fleshed out the character as much as I have now…

      Hell, I never even gave him/her a name within the actual story “The Vanilla God” roflmao!

      The main thing about TVG is that the protagonist is telling the story of how it survived and cultivated from birth until the present… Except the present is really really far in the future lmao. Even if I haven’t actually written any more of the story ‘yet’, I know a lot of things that are going to happen already. Because it’s been explained in a few of the other stories…

      Btw, I will never permanently stop writing any series. Once I get started, I will eventually finish it one way or another. What a lot of people don’t understand is that writing takes a long time.

      Many authors take years to write a single book. It’s only Chinese, Japanese and Korean authors that are so crazy lmao. Writing, editing and posting 3 chapters a day every day for a whole year? I would probably die lol.


  4. My favorite comments are the ones that just say, “WTF I hate this shit why are you even writing go fuck yourself” without even enumerating why they dislike the read. Sure, you may be self-aware of the weaknesses of your tendency towards a more random and sometimes nearly incoherent style, but they could at least attempt to state that as one possible reason they might dislike your writing.

    Most overly negative comments are complete and utter nonsense without even an attempt to identify an issue, much less be constructive about them, and thus are utterly useless, trite.

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    • This particular person went into great detail about everything that they hated, at least I think? I stopped after the fifth paragraph, because it was just a bunch of bullshit. I have no idea why they even felt the need to write a whole page or two of complaints about a prologue to a story that they said that they wouldn’t even read anyway.


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