Observing the End… Ended.

Okay, this might come as a surprise to many of you but… I just finished writing a series roflmao.

Yeah, I know. This is practically the first time in forever, but I actually finished writing a series. It was only 3 volumes long. About 100 or so chapters. Similar to Hardcore Legacies in a lot of ways… But still, it’s a series, I wrote it, and finished it.

Still not sure exactly what I’ll do with it though. Before I start posting everything here, I’m gonna check out my options. The most likely scenario is that I’ll be posting it here though.

Of course, nothing ever truly ends. Especially not my series roflmao. In fact, the characters are already involved in practically all my other stories… So if you wanna find out what happened after volume 3 of OtE, you can just read my other novels and you’ll be able to figure it out pretty easily lol.

For now though, I have a migraine, so I won’t be doing any more writing or any editing today.

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