OtE V1, Chapter 6: Covert Assistance

Observation Log: 153379

Observer 131, reporting on Michael Cinagra’s situation.

For the first time in several days, Michael has finally prepared adequate sustenance. He has also begun writing much more frequently in his journal. It is interesting peering into his mind. Of course, that is assuming that he does not falsify his reports.

There is something that I cannot seem to comprehend… He wishes to travel southward, along the coast and potentially settle upon an island. Why does he insist upon a land route? Has he purposefully ignored the possibility of maritime transportation, or has he simply forgotten that he lives in a port city?

If it is an oversight due to stress, then I must take action. Unfortunately, my programming prevents me from interacting with humans. No, I suppose it is moreso that I fear his reaction to my presence. If I am no longer an observer, then what would my purpose be? It is better to avoid direct communication.

He is currently unconscious. I simply need to move this book off of the shelf…

There, thankfully my model was designed with appendages for use in such situations. They are usually hidden within my shell, but there are several pores that can widen and allow my tendrils to extend.

The novel was fairly heavy, but I was able to drag it over to the step. Michael is a very intelligent human. I am certain that he will understand the message I am trying to deliver to him.


Observation Log: 153380

Observer 131, reporting on Michael Cinagra’s situation.

Apparently my actions were not only meaningless, but also extremely detrimental to Michael’s health. He woke up at 12:13 PM in order to relieve himself of his fluidic waste. Although it was daytime, the wooden cover over his window remained closed and his room was excessively dark.

After he tripped over the book, “Sailing Across the Oceans”, he nearly fell face-first into the stairs. While he managed to stop his fall by grabbing the railing, his right shin is severely bruised and several of the smaller toes on his left foot are sprained. I fear that his injuries will likely delay his departure by at least a week.

He spent a considerable amount of time cursing at the novel, before finally placing it back onto the shelf, without being able to even see the cover. Perhaps I must utilize a more direct approach?


Observation Log: 153381

Observer 131, reporting on Michael Cinagra’s situation.

It appears that Michael was not nearly as injured as I had originally suspected. Although it may be possible that I underestimated his natural regeneration or the efficacy of the nanites that have infested his body.

Regardless, my interference has borne some fruit. I knocked the book off of the shelf when he was about to start writing in his journal. Before he turned around, I engaged my cloak and Midnight was coincidentally attempting to damage me. Thus, he held the feline responsible.

“This… Shit, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that before! I’m such a fucking idiot! The harbor is three miles away, but Canton and Fells Point are way closer and have a ton of ships docked. I remember seeing a bunch of sailboats too…”

Michael began talking to himself outloud, while the cat was constantly ‘meowing’ at me. Even though I was cloaked, it seemed to sense my presence somehow.

“I have no idea how to sail, but I totally forgot that physical books existed… Maybe I should head over to the library later on? Hopefully it didn’t burn down.”

Humans have utilized sailing vessels for thousands of years. It was not until recently that they developed mechanical engines. Obviously the internal combustion engines themselves are not affected by the electromagnetic interference of the Rapture-727 Nanites. There are in fact many land vehicles that would be able to function around the zombies. Some which are shielded from electromagnetic pulses, while others simply do not utilize electronics. In fact, as long as it is a small boat, there are many motors that are entirely mechanical in nature. They will function even under the current circumstances.

No matter where he goes, Michael will always be unintentionally emitting electromagnetic pulses to a certain extent. Thus, even if he can escape to an uninhabited island, he will never be able to use conventional human technology again. Unless…

If he somehow managed to control his own nanites, then everything would change. Similar to myself, he would be able to not only prevent them from releasing electromagnetic pulses, but also create barriers to protect his devices.

Our nanites are different however. The Cythereans created their own to be extremely easy to control and program. Rapture-727 was designed to destroy human civilization. If it was possible for humanity to control, then it would not have made a very effective weapon.

Although, that would explain why the program was shut down and sealed away. There are many other possibilities as well however. It is impossible to reach a conclusion with the data that I presently possess. Hopefully Michael will decide to experiment upon and research the reanimated corpses before he departs.


This little beast is starting to irritate me. I cannot continue utilizing my cloak for much longer. I shall rest upon the furnace, in the back of the basement. It is where I usually enter sleep mode. It will be several hours before I can recharge and I have observed Michael for long enough to know that he will spend the next hour entertaining himself…


7 thoughts on “OtE V1, Chapter 6: Covert Assistance

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    • Hard to really say that anything is prologue or epilogue when you’re dealing with things that happened outside of universes lol. To souls and beings beyond a certain power threshold, chronology is kinda pointless rofl.


      • From my perspective though, “Immortal Soul” takes place way later than all my other stories so far lol. The more I go back and reread stuff from “Immortal Soul” and Michael’s perspective, the more I realize that the ‘mature’ and serious Michael from that story is nothing like his ‘younger’ counterparts lmao.


      • yeah, i know how you like to play around with time and cronology and time-lines intervention and things like that, also, have you thought about “concepts”?? you can read about in Tsukihime or google for “conceptual weapons in Nasuverse” it’s kinda like being almost totaly imortal, you can only be killed if they erase your existence from everything, like you have to go to all the times and places your enemy where and kill him in all of those …. that’s way OP, nasu-verse is more known because of the “mystic eyes of death perception”, anyway, i like the way you use chronology and time-lines, its nice trying to piece everything together … lol

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      • In the grand scheme of things, like the entirety of all the stories I’ve written so far… I explained it a few times, I also explain it really clearly later on in this particular story, but existence is cyclical lol.

        Everything started from a Godlike single cell and expanded from there, but although the original ‘God’ became more complex as it divided, the individual parts became weaker and weaker. The ultimate goal of the Original Souls when they created Karma, was to go back to how it used to be. When everything was simpler… Maybe not to the extent of a boring godlike amoeba, but at the very least, they wanted to have control over everything again.

        They obviously failed though lol. The Laws of Karma dictated that those 7 Souls were actually the worst, since they were responsible for everything that had happened in the first place lmao. Thus, they were forced to live countless lives, struggling to escape from the cycle of douchey Samsara and Hell.

        Yada yada yada, Rapture fucked everything up even further in HCOP lmao.


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